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REVIEWS:New Classic Winemakers of California

New Classic Winemakers of California

New Classic Winemakers of California
Conversations with Steve Heimoff
Foreword by H. William Harlan
$27.50 hardcover
Available Now
292 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 27 b/w photographs, 1 map
November 2007, Available worldwide

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The New York Times
The Pour, by Eric Asimov
It’s Just Fine to Drink and Read
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

“New Classic Winemakers of California” is included in
Eric Asimov’s Top Six Book Reviews for 2007

“New Classic Winemakers of California: Conversations With Steve Heimoff… is a fascinating peek into the lives of winemakers. Mr. Heimoff, an editor at Wine Enthusiast magazine, offers a question-and answer format and manages to penetrate the marketing mythology… Mr. Heimoff stands back as his subjects reveal their industry and themselves. Some seem to be thoughtful and well-rounded, others are fun-loving and down to earth, and a few come across as rampaging egotists. Ego in the wine business? I’m shocked.”

USA Today
New Classic Winemakers of California: Conversations
With Steve Heimoff, by Jerry Shriver
(University of California Press, $27.50)

“In this era of globalization, when wines increasingly taste homogenous and devoid of regional character, it’s comforting to read about the still-distinctive people who work in the industry, particularly the Californians. Winemakers can be an interesting breed: Some are chemists with artistic souls, others emerged from a hippie ethos and became bedrock farmers, and still others are just plain divas and rock stars. Heimoff’s profiles reveal what makes them tick. The question-and-answer format allows the 30-plus interviewees to speak for themselves, but Heimoff deftly steers them toward a variety of issues facing the industry, thereby avoiding sameness and lending substance to the discussions.”
Real Winemakers Worry About Soil, Climate, Rot, China
By John Mariani (December 3, 2007)

“When I started reading Steve Heimoff’s new book, with the oxymoronic title ‘New Classic Winemakers of
California,´ I was prepared for a tough slog through 26 ‘conversations’´ of winespeak. Instead I came away amazed by the breadth of opinion among men and women for whom making wine is strictly business….while the book clearly shows winemaking to be an agricultural endeavor backed by hard-nosed marketing decisions and buoyed by outrageously expensive, glamorous cult wines, every one of the winemakers here exudes a passion for what he or she does that strikes me as different from the pronouncements of garlic or potato farmers.”

San Francisco Chronicle
Intoxicating reads for armchair boozehounds
November 23, 2007: SF CHRONICLE: #2 BEST WINE BOOK OF 2007!
“New Classic Winemakers of California” (University of California Press, $27.50)

Steve Heimoff offers insights into the personal histories and viewpoints of America’s top winemakers. Readers have front-row seats as the Wine Enthusiast editor recounts his candid conversations with prominent winemakers of the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. It’s worth noting that he made sure to include the industry’s female groundbreakers. Heimoff takes special care to not send readers slogging through long rants on wine technology; he keeps it personal yet informative, and brings wine’s major players to life. This is a rich read for anyone who adores California wines. – Elizabeth Gruse

St. Helena Star
Here are some last-minute suggestions for gifts
for your “enophillic” friends:
By George Stark, December 6, 2007

“Steve Heimoff… has a book just off the press titled “New Classic Winemakers of California.” The book is a collection of fascinating conversations Heimoff had with some of California’s current top winemakers. Heimoff got the idea from a similar book published in 1977 by Robert Benson, Professor of Law at Loyola University. Heimoff’s book is an update of Benson’s book.
Wine Buy the Book
By Gerald D. Boyd, December4, 2007

“New Classic Winemakers of California is an intimate read about what makes the California wine industry work. It will appeal to wine fans who want detail and inside information.”
Wine Skinny Hot Titles February/March 2008

“The interviews are chatty and personal, rather than technical, making the book eminently readable. … New Classic Winemakers is a fun read – with nearly thirty interviews that average about eight pages each, in question and answer format. And each one contains something surprising or funny or just plain interesting.

The Wine News

“Casual, conversational, wide-ranging.”

Wine Enthusiast

“A fun read, and a humanistic glimpse into the travails and triumphs of winemaking in the 21st century.”

Wines & Vines

“The encounters with winemakers make absorbing oral histories for anyone seriously interested in California wine.. . . The content ranges all over the intellectual wine map, from missed or seized career opportunities, to why a winemaker is more passionate about one varietal than another, to what part of Russian River has the best Pinot Noir vineyards. . . . Heimoff is a well informed interviewer who knew good questions to ask, and he seems to have put his subjects at ease enough that they opened up to him. So it’s no surprise that these new classic winemakers had plenty to say.”

Kirkus Reviews

“After talking to the industry leaders, the grassroots vintners and the visionaries who promise to keep the California wine business booming, Heimoff presents a clear argument for what makes this industry so special.”

Paul Lukacs, author of The Great Wines of America

“This book is intellectual eavesdropping for wine lovers. Steve Heimoff asks all the right questions, and then wisely lets the winemakers take center stage.”

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