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Who are Trump’s supporters? Here’s one, and he’s a doozy



If you watched Trump’s Phoenix speech on Monday, you probably noticed a guy standing almost directly behind him, holding up a sign that read “BLACKS FOR TRUMP.”

He wore a t-shirt referencing a website,, that brings us directly into the belly of the beast.

No White House press office would ever allow anyone wearing a T-shirt with a slogan and a URL to stand behind a President of the United States, giving a major speech, without explicit permission. So we have to assume that the guy, as well as his signs, had been vetted and approved by someone who reports to Gen. Kelly. Therefore, it’s acceptable to think that the Trump administration directly or indirectly endorses the website.

Well, what’s on it? Welcome to Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be  bumpy ride.

Look, I don’t mean to make fun of anybody’s beliefs. But really, this is a romp through something that is deeply disturbing. In case you didn’t know, “The Real KKK Slave Masters” are “CHEROKEE Indians (Hidden Babylonians)…GOD YAHWEH chose TRUMP to be President…to be the White & Black DELIVERER from the Babylon, like the Gentile King CYRUS.”

But wait, there’s more. “ISIS & HILLARY RACE WAR PLOT TO KILL ALL BLACK & WHITE WOMEN OF AMERICA WITH MS-13.” !!! And here, in case you’re wondering, is the “Cherokee Democrat Flag”:

Did you know there are “infiltraters [sic] in the Rep. Senate like McCain” who are “coming down with Great Wrath because their wicked time to block good policy is short”? Did you know that “Slavs are Canaanites…like our wonderful 1st lady Malania [sic] Trump”? Did you know that “Republican Senators who’re against Trump’s HealthCare Policy…are Mormon Cherokee’s [sic]”? Did you know that “Hillary is the true Racist”? Did you know that “YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH Taught Us to Vote Republican”? Did you know that “ROCKERFELLER [sic] IS NIMROD KING OF THE CANAANITES & SAUD THE KING OF THE ISHAMELITES MASONIC ILLUMINATI TRILATERALIST BIG BANKS KKK”?

Can you imagine Fox News’ reaction if President Obama had given a speech with a guy behind him wearing a t-shirt that led to an insane website? Hannity’s head would have exploded. Well, the website lurches on and on, ever deeper into paranoid, delusional weeds, so, as delightful as it is to write about this stuff, it’s time to return to sanity. I just thought it worthwhile to reveal the mindset of at least one very visible Donald J. Trump supporter. When those of us who believe that many, if not most, of Trump’s fans are deranged, it’s people like him we have in mind. But it could just as easily be a KKK admirer, or a camo-clad survivalist, or a homophobe seeking a Constitutional ban on gay marriage, or Jerry Falwell Jr., or a birther, or any of the others whose impaired mental state puts them in Trump Land. When The Resistance proclaims its intent to prevent America from falling into the hands of wackos, led by the lunatic-in-chief, it’s people like the guy we envision. It’s good that Gen. Kelly allowed him to have his 15 minutes of full-frontal fame, to let the world know just what is festering at the core of the Trump movement.

Hey kids! Want to troll Breitbart? It’s fun and easy!



I go to Breitbart most days. I don’t spend a lot of time reading it—it’s pretty much the same garbage as in National Enquirer. But I do like to post the occasional comment, especially lately, given Breitbart’s and Bannon’s “importance” (if that’s the right word) in the national political conversation.

I post 2 or 3 times a day. I happily confess to being what you’d call a “troll.” I pretend to be a fan—right wing fanatic, anti-Democratic in the extreme, pro-Trump, angry and violent. I spell incorrectly, use horrible grammar, and say the most outrageous things: “I hayte Killary,” “Presadent Truimp shud send Obummer to Gittmo,” “Lock up the libtard snowflak medea.” If you examine my comments from real Breitbarters, it’s nearly impossible to tell which are theirs and which are mine. But I’m doing satire, and they’re not. So who’s crazy?

This is my way of pointing out how pathetically stupid Breitbart addicts are. Sometimes they see through my ploy and tell me in no uncertain terms to go fuck myself, literally. They call me “liberal troll” and urge each other not to respond to me. But sometimes they do respond, which is really cool. I love when they tell me to go back to school and learn how to spell. Then I can respond, “Itts verry unfare of you to critzcize a felo consurvativ just becuz I don’t no how to spill.” My ultimate goal is to be a “Turing machine” on Breitbart, where nobody knows if my comments are satiric or real. No better demonstration of absurdity can be imagined.

Look, it’s important to gum up the right wing attack machine as frequently and powerfully as we can. They invented fake news, so when I throw it back at them, I’m only using their own methods. Fire with fire, baby. Besides, you’d be surprised how much creativity it takes to write a truly stupid comment. It appeals to the auteur in me.

And now, onto the news of the day: Phoenix, and Trump’s rant.

A Nuremberg-style rally. Angry and defiant. Platitudes wrapped in the flag, from a thin-skinned, paranoid, defensive, hateful narcissist. Lies about “We’re all together,” completely ignoring his continuing insults of half of America, from his birtherism to his slandering of immigrants, transgendered people, Muslims, Hillary, the Obamas, scientists, environmentalists, Democrats–who got more votes than he did. More slurs against “the dishonest media” that reports on his, and his family’s, profit from power, on his collusion with Russia, on his sexual predation, on his lies and bullying. No criticism of the “fake media” of his friend, the National Enquirer. More phony calls for “love,” “where my heart is,” from a man who has never shown love for anything, except money, sex, power and his family, whoever his current wife happens to be. Blithering nonsense about the right of children to play in safety. More bull about “God” from the most secular, immoral president in U.S. history. More cries from his frenzied, murderous crowd to destroy CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, even his own Senate Republican Party. More slanders about Democrats being communists, allowing rapists unlimited entry across the borders.All that was missing were the spotlights and “Heils.” Leni Reifenstahl would have enjoyed filming the hatefest.

History will record this disgusting Phoenix rally as, first and foremost, Trump’s continuing violent attack on the legitimate media, which means: attacking Truth. He could have tried to heal divisions. Instead, he threw raw, bloody meat to his racist, tea party fans, and, along the way, advertised fox “news” and the repellent Hannity. This was Adolf Trump, addressing his troops, indoctrinating them with propaganda, preparing them for battle.

Trump asks for unity? It’s not going to happen. #Impeach

Trump’s new Afghanistan plan: same as the old plan



Did you have any idea what Trump was going to say about Afghanistan before he said it?

I confess that I did not. This is a guy who’s been so fluid (to put it mildly) about issues that he could have announced anything and I wouldn’t have been surprised. He could have committed 500,000 troops. He could have withdrawn everybody. He could have invited the Taliban to Camp David. Or anything in between.

I give Trump and his regime (especially Kelly) credit for keeping his decision more or less secret, until the New York Times revealed on Monday morning that Trump was “expected to raise troop levels,” by at least “several thousand.” Trump confirmed this during his speech.

What I can’t figure out is why he thinks an additional 4,000 troops is going to do anything in Afghanistan, “the graveyard of empires.” He excoriated Obama for not winning in Afghanistan, after Obama (like George W. before him) found Afghanistan a tough nut to crack. Now, Trump’s finding out that winning wars is like healthcare or taxes: harder than he thought.

We already know what historians will say:


Donald J. Trump. Failed at everything, moved the country closer to civil war, sexual pervert, pathological liar, idiot, wrecked our reputation around the world

Meanwhile: Behind the scenes, I guarantee you senior officials, including in the Cabinet and in the Congress, are sounding each other out, discretely, about what to do when and if Trump is ousted, and what are the best means for hastening that day. We always see this kind of palace intrigue in tottering regimes. Franz von Papen, who served as Hitler’s Vice-Chancellor, and later as his ambassador to Turkey during the closing days of the Second World War, reports in his Memoirs how, in 1943, as Germany’s prospects for victory fast receded, he was approached “by…two National Socialists of long standing,” the chief of police of Berlin and the local government head in Potsdam. “They…disclosed to me the plans of a small group…who had made up their minds to remove Hitler.” The plot ultimately came to nothing, but that this meeting happened, at such a high level, shows how even supporters of leaders can turn sour when the perception fades that the leader is wise and powerful, and is replaced by the fear that he is leading the nation to disaster.

That twin perception now is growing in the halls of power in Washington, D.C. as everybody sees Trump’s incompetence and instability. Private conversations are being conducted among guarantees of absolute candor and secrecy. At the very least, the following individuals are involved:

  1. White House Chief-of-Staff Gen. Kelly
  2. Vice President Pence
  3. Secretary of State Tillerson
  4. Senate Majority Leader McConnell
  5. House Speaker Ryan
  6. Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford
  7. Defense Secretary Mattis

Each will have his responsibilities in whatever happens. The military chiefs will, of course, have to ensure the continuity of the nation’s defenses, as well as demonstrate the Pentagon’s loyalty to the Constitution and a replacement government. The Cabinet members will have to decide about the 25th Amendment; in addition, Tillerson must reassure foreign governments that our treaties and policies remain intact. Pence, as the presumptive heir, will take a more discrete role, but has to be kept onboard. The Congressional leaders also will be involved in invoking the 25th Amendment, and will have to keep their respective houses informed. (I do not think the Democratic leaders, Pelosi and Schumer, are involved, although they are surely aware of the rumblings.)

These conversations may come to nothing, as they did with von Papen and his friends, but readers should suffer no doubts that they are occurring. What is interesting is that Trump also knows they are occurring. For a man already inclined to paranoia, this must put him into full-fledged frenzy. But what can he do? And with all this, Mueller: tick tick tick. The most interesting role is that of Kelly. On the one hand, he has to serve the president and help create an environment in which Trump can carry out his policies (however incoherent they are). On the other hand, he must keep the Constitution in mind, and understand that his most profound loyalty—especially as a military man—is not to Trump but to America.


Inside Trump’s Head: “When they go low, we go lower”



So now they’re saying I’m “isolated.”

There’s CNN, with their fake news headline:

Trump isolated as US military, business and political leaders condemn racism

And that traitor, NBC, with more fake news.

Trump More Isolated Than Ever After Worst Week Yet

And that elitist NPR is also calling me isolated (memo to self: Look into defunding those libtards). Even Newt is piling on me.

Gingrich: Trump more isolated than he realizes

Gingrich! That skanky loser. He actually thought I’d make him Secretary of State. As if! So did Romney. That was a lot of fun, making the Mittster look like a trained seal, dragging his butt to the Tower only so I could reject him. I love making people look stupid. And the bigger and more pompous they are, the more I like taking them down. I did that to Christie, too. I can do that to anybody I want, because I’m POTUS.

So they think I’m “isolated”? I’ll show them isolation. Maybe I’ll take Pyongyang out with 50 megatons. Mattis wouldn’t like that, but I can always give him the old Bannon treatment. Same with Tillerson. Oh, sure, I know Ivanka and Jared wouldn’t like it—and I can’t Bannon them—but really, sometimes those kids get on my nerves. I mean, I love them, but….Like, Jared would bomb the hell out of Hezbollah but he gets all dewy about Korea. He’s a good kid—a real success, reminds me of myself when I was his age—but he’s poofy. Cares too much what other people think. And always in the gym! I mean, he won’t even eat a Big Mac! Bannon was right about him.

Isolated, crap! I’m out there every day, on the green, or flying my helicopter, meeting with my top advisors, giving pressers, working rope lines, tweeting. Why, just this week I’m speaking to that group in Arizona. [Memo to self: Who are they? Ask Kellyanne.] How isolated is that? Obummer spent months up in Martha’s Vineyard, letting the world go to hell, while he drank Chardonnay with the Dems at Warren Buffett’s “cottage.” At least when I stay places, I own them. I’m not schnorring off some billionaire.

So now Bannon is threatening a “war.” Ha ha, doesn’t bother me in the least. Well, maybe a little, but I’m not going to lose any sleep. Well, maybe a little, but then, I’ve never been a sleeper. Like Melania says, when they go low, we go lower. You hit me, I hit you back ten times harder! There were times I wanted to punch Bannon’s pimply little marshmallow face, make him bleed. I mean, that guy is arrogant! Well, screw him. He didn’t get me to the Oval Office. Screw Breitbart. I have the people behind me. And they’ll stay with me. Like I said, I could go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and start killing, and the people would still love me. Hey McConnell: What do you think about that? Ready to get primaried?

So, “isolated”? I don’t think so. They’re gonna see and hear a lot more of Donald J. Trump. I’m not going anywhere, maybe not for a long time. When push comes to shove, remember: I’m commander-in-chief. I give the order, and I have a million soldiers locked and loaded. What’s Mueller gonna do when I haul him off to Gitmo? “Isolated”? We’ll see, CNN. We’ll see, NBC. We’ll see, Newtster. Look, I’m gonna make America great again and nobody can stop me! I am Queens tough! That I can tell you!

Multiple Choice Time



This is your Friday quiz, kids. While the world continues to spin out of control, what do you suppose Trump was doing for most of yesterday morning?

  1. Eating junk food
  2. Playing golf
  3. Tweeting
  4. Talking to his lawyers
  5. All of the above

The correct answer is (c)! Well, to be honest, the correct answer may be (e), but this is an assumption. What we know, based on the evidence, is that from about 6:15 a.m. to about 9:15 a.m. East Coast time, Trump shot out eight tweets.

What were they about? Issues of national security, such as war, climate change, the threat from domestic nazis? Nah, nothing that heavy. Here’s the breakdown: 3 tweets on Confederate statues; a boast about “job numbers”; an attack on “Flake Jeff Flake”; an attack on “fake news”; and a two-tweet attack on Lindsay Graham.

Nice to know that POTUS is on the job!

It’s common for people to observe what a thin skin Trump has, but I like the thought that Trump gets all crazy-pissed off when he’s under attack. He’s spent his entire life pushing “little people” around, with no one ever standing up to him, and now he’s finally getting his come-uppance. This is known, in India, as the immortal law of karma, and it has its counterpart in the western Bible: Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

I understand this universal truth. You understand it. Normal people understand that we can’t go around harassing, insulting and bullying people without some kind of blow back. So we check ourselves. That’s not to say we don’t think uncharitable thoughts from time to time. But we don’t express them publicly, or act on them, because there’s a part of our minds—call it conscience or superego—that warns us when we’re indulging in bad thinking.

Lincoln understood this, too, which is why he referred to “the better angels of our nature” in his first inaugural, as he tried to sway the nation away from the imminent Civil War.

Lincoln’s words were so eloquent:

We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.

They came from a place deep within him, of anguish, fervent belief in God, intense love for the Union, a great heart, and sadness. Every American, indeed every peace-loving person in the world who reflects on Lincoln tunes into those sentiments, which is why Abraham Lincoln has become a universal symbol of human greatness.

Compare Lincoln’s heartfelt words with Trump’s lie last weekend when he read his scripted drivel about “love and affection.” Nobody in the world believes that Trump has love and affection for anyone, beyond his family, or that he will ever be capable of love and affection as he grows older and senile. Nobody believes that Trump’s heart, or what’s left of it, is filled with anything except resentment and fury. Honestly, to know that Trump sits in the same White House as Lincoln is such an affront, one can’t even express the disgust.

Well, we all get worked up over this stuff, and here I am, sending my blood pressure through the roof. Time to calm down, take a deep breath, re-center. But those of us in The Resistance can take comfort knowing that the vast majority of Americans know Trump’s game. It took some of them a little longer to figure him out than it should have, but they got there. He’s toast. We don’t know the end game (I’m still betting on the 25th Amendment), but he could quit, or be impeached and found guilty. However it happens, he’ll be gone, and then Phase 2 starts, as his enablers—the Pences and Preibuses and Kellys and Sessionses and Chaos (as in Elaine) of the regime—are brought into the dock, to answer for their crimes.

Have a lovely weekend. Stay safe out there.


The Republican obsession with “identity politics”



Last night, it was reported that Steve Bannon said he would “crush the Democrats” for talking about “identity politics.”

What is identity politics?

Sometimes we find different phrases used to describe the same thing; people with different points of view will prefer one or the other. The old adage “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” is an example.

Another is “identity politics.” When it’s used by right-wingers, as it was Monday in the Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial, it’s pejorative: “identity politics…seeks to divide Americans by race, ethnicity, gender and even religion” and, as such, is a “poison” and a “pathology,” the editorial thunders.

There is, of course, an entirely different way of interpreting the phenomenon, and that is in terms of the freedoms promised by America’s founding documents. The Declaration of Independence declares that “All men are created equal” and are “endowed” with the “unalienable Rights” of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” And the Constitution provides “We the People” with “a more perfect Union…in order to establish Justice.”

It is through these founding documents that the importance of what Dr. King called “the arc of the moral universe” must be appreciated. America started out as an exclusive white men’s club, in which others had no rights. Over the course of centuries, groups that had been disenfranchised have successfully lobbied for, and attained, their share of “Justice”: non-land-owning men, women, blacks, gays, children, Native Americans, the handicapped, immigrants, religious minorities, transsexuals and so on.

Surely this has been a happy development in our history. Greater freedom and liberty for all! The “shining city on a hill” Reagan loved. The “new birth of freedom” Lincoln celebrated in the Gettysburg Address.

So is the continuing struggle for Justice for all Americans a treasured part of the nation’s inheritance? Or is it the Wall Street Journal’s “poison” of “identity politics”?

It cannot be both. I choose to interpret the fight for freedom as the highest, most idealistic promise of what America always has aimed for. We are all Americans, yes, but we each of us also are members of many sub-groupings, and you cannot have justice in America if you take away the fruits of liberty from any of those groups and reserve them for the privileged few. I am a member, myself, of several sub-groups that have long suffered under the oppressive yoke of straight white male Christian dominion. I celebrate that we have managed to throw off that yoke, to lighten its load so that Americans everywhere can breathe more freely.

Yet Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal takes an opposite point of view. For them, the struggle to liberate each American represents an “obsession,” a “problem,” a “cudgel” of “identity politics,” which is “the politics of division.”

It might be well to understand this recalcitrance in light of Murdoch’s own situation. He is a white man. An old, straight, rich white man, upset at seeing the old order of his yesteryear shifting. It’s only natural for him to watch his hold on power disintegrate and find it “poison.” He is a Christian apologist, strongly pro-Catholic, a subscriber to a religion that has spent the last thousand years purging perceived heretics, often through murderous means. I suppose if I were an old, straight, rich white Christian man, with no capacity for moral empathy, and little respect for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, I might feel the same way. “What right,” I might ask, “do these bumptious minorities have to ‘destroy democratic trust and consent’ [the Wall Street Journal’s words] in our great America? Why must we suffer these fools, with their marches, divisive demands and fake news?” I might, if I were mentally impaired, join one of those white supremacist Christian nation clubs and fire up my tiki torch to march under the banner of the swastika.

But that is not who I am, thankfully, nor do I think it is who you are, or the majority of us. But as we have seen, that is who some Americans, represented by the likes of Steve Bannon, are, and, far more dangerously, it is who and what our current president is. So the next time you hear somebody complain about “identity politics,” understand what you are really hearing. It is a screech of protest by selfish people afraid of losing their hegemony. It is the rage of disbelievers in the American commitment to “justice for all.” It is the cry of moral monsters.

Charlottesville: The aftermath



Give yourself a pat on the back, anti-Trumpers. Your powerful, united Resistance to this nightmare is bearing fruit.

Yes, I know the battle is far from over. He’s still there. Still insane, still disgusting, still dangerous. And from the sound of yesterday’s “both sides are to blame,” moving further and further into Bannon lunacy. And, yes, his followers are as psycho as he is, with their stupid nationalism and white supremacism and violence.

But we made him put out that second Charlottesville statement! While it’s true that every word of it was a lie, we know that he had no choice but to say it—and how that rankled him! We forced him to stand down, to look like a befuddled fool—which he hates–and in the process, he ticked off the very white supremacists who constitute his base, who accused him of caving to libtards. Yesterday, of course, he walked back his “moderation” speech and allowed full vent to his inner nazi. Well, good. All the world sees him in his true colors.

You can be proud that our Resistance has become the most significant political movement of this still young 21st century America. You don’t agree? Name me another that has had so much momentum, that arose from the grass roots even before Trump was elected, and now is rolling, rolling across the nation like a mighty wave. Occupy? It came and went. The tea party? A close second, but in our Resistance to Trump we see the tea party in its death throes.

The tea party, you see, was tactically successful for a while, but they committed a huge strategic blunder: They failed to dissociate themselves from the nazi-KKK-fascist elements that always have infested their ranks. Many Americans are very conservative, especially right wing Christians, and their calls for smaller government, law and order, self-reliance and more diligent immigration policies have a certain intellectual coherence. Truth is, many Democrats are on the same page on these and other issues.

But rank and file conservatives are extremely ill at ease with images of angry white men wearing nazi regalia and carrying weapons while calling for people of color to “go back where they came from.” It would have, and should have, been easy for the tea party to denounce these extremists from the get-go, but they chose not to. In this, the tea party made the same mistake as Occupy, which failed to evict from its ranks the “black bloc” of masked thugs and vandals who, frankly, turned off millions of middle-of-the-road Americans (including me) who might have made Occupy a movement of true historical importance. Occupy committed suicide, by refusing to cleanse its ranks; and we see the same happening today within the tea party. Its fringe crazies are killing it.

So, fellow Resisters, weary not! Last Spring I heard many of you sigh in despair, “What can we do?” My answer was, “Anything you can. Write a letter to the editor, tweet your congress person, donate to a political candidate, talk to your family and friends.” That is still the best advice. Individually, we are small to the point of powerless. Collectively, we are America.

More than 25 years ago I wrote this cover story in the East Bay Express:

“The Nazis Next Door” exposed the stupidity and fatuousness of local Nazis and white supremacists who wore camo clothes and fought paintball battles in the East Bay woods, preparing for the day when they would slaughter Jews, communists, liberals, blacks and homosexuals. The three men I met, who let me get to know them (for which I was grateful), all were losers. Who knows where they are today. Dead? In jail? Perhaps they were in Charlottesville. Wherever they may be, their younger versions, who were complicit in the murder of Heather Heyer, also are losers, led by the loser-in-chief, Donald J. Trump. Resisters, you are winners. Future generations will hear of your heroic exploits in standing up to this regime, and compare you to the freedom fighters in occupied Europe who resisted Hitler’s nazis, and the civil rights marchers of the Sixties. Be proud! Remember these glorious days.

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