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Thank you March For Our Lives kids for giving America hope!

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I love this slide show from the N.Y. Times of March For Our Lives demonstrations from around the U.S. These millions of idealistic, mainly young people marched in cities large and small: from New York to tiny little Pacifica, on the coast south of San Francisco, where my friend Marilyn lives. Included in the roster of cities is my own town, Oakland.

Much commentary has focused on the similarities between Saturday’s marchers and the anti-Viet Nam demonstrators of the late 1960s-early 1970s. Certainly the two groups have much in common, but there are profound differences. For one thing, the legal voting age in America was not lowered from 21 to 18 until July, 1971, meaning that, until that November’s elections, young people between 18-21 years of age were denied the franchise. That is no longer the case; we can expect voters in that age bracket to turn out by the millions this November—and my bet is that they will be overwhelmingly Democratic.

For another thing, back at the height of Vietnam there was no social media: young voters had very little opportunity of speaking to their peers who lived in isolated, remote rural communities, who were more impacted by what the adults around them said. That is no longer true. A kid in Sartell, Minnesota (pop. 17,147) is just as tuned into what his age group is thinking as one in midtown Manhattan.

And what the kids are thinking is bad news for Trump and the Republican Party. These kids don’t like guns. They recognize that the Second Amendment exists, and that it probably protects handguns, but they also know that there’s no place in civil society for machine guns whose sole purpose is to slaughter large numbers of humans. And it’s not just guns the kids care about. They all have friends and relatives who are gay, or bi, or even transgender. They simply do not understand hating on somebody just because of their private sexual preference. They want (for the most part) to preserve a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion, and they want (for the most part) to protect the natural environment so that Earth will remain a pleasant place to live for their own children and grandchildren. The kids want, also, to live in a country that is free from religious domination, especially the irrational, hateful type of religion exemplified by evangelicalism. Finally, the kids—in their spirit of inclusion and compassion—welcome immigrants into their communities.

All of these concerns put the kids at odds with the Republican Party. Indeed, it would be hard to invent a political party more out of step with the younger generation than the Republicans. Kids take note of what goes on around them; Republicans wish they remained ignorant and unaware, but that’s not going to happen. Just the reverse. With every hideous act Republican politicians craft, with every disgusting remark, the party alienates more and more young people. And their leader, Donald Trump, in the eyes of young people is the most egregious of all. He’s just an overweight, amoral, nasty, bullying, sexually abusive old white guy who reminds them of every crappy adult they ever hated or were afraid of.

The March For Our Lives kids are an outgrowth of the Occupy movement that swept the nation in 2011-2013, but with a huge difference. Occupy thrilled me: even though it arose before the current era of Trumpism, it was in opposition to the nascent forces of reaction and fascism that gave birth to Trump. I welcomed it mightily, particularly since the West Coast version of Occupy was centered in Oakland, just blocks from my house. Unfortunately, what began with the most hopeful and optimistic of visions ended in self-inflicted tragedy: Occupy allowed itself to be overrun by a violent element of anarchists and refused to do anything to purge them. It quickly ran out of steam, as the vast majority of middle-of-the-road Americans, including me, grew appalled by its hateful, destructive behavior.

These March For Our Lives kids aren’t making the same mistake. In all of the hundreds of demonstrations last Saturday, there was not a single report of violence or vandalism. The March For Our Lives kids have leavened their movement with Love, adapting the peaceful techniques Gandhi and Dr. King preached. This is something the Republican Party scarcely comprehends, much less is prepared to grapple with. Republicans are being swept away by History; like yesterday’s trash, they are useless for solving today’s problems, and worse: they contribute to the problems with incredibly stupid, obstinate, exclusionary political positions dictated by the N.R.A., Christian fanatics like Franklin Graham, and the white supremacist-nationalists at Breitbart.

Thank heavens young people are getting their brooms out and sweeping away the riff-raff! It’s a wonderful moment to be alive.


The Shocking TRUTH About #MarchForOurLives



This blog can report that it has investigated who was really behind the so-called March For Our Lives demonstrations on Saturday, and discovered startling news: Nearly all of the alleged “students” who participated were political actors, controlled by nefarious outside forces led by—yes—Hillary Clinton.

My intrepid forensic journalists have actually discovered the room wherein Ms. Clinton controlled the marches. It is in an underground bunker located on the Clinton family estate, in Chappaqua, New York. There, Ms. Clinton sits in front of a gigantic apparatus, a system of computers, levers, switches, wires and glowing buttons. Like the Wizard of Oz, she is constantly twisting knobs and jiggling toggles, issuing orders through a headset to her minions across the globe. According to one source who was actually in the room as the Washington. D.C. march proceeded, when the alleged school survivor, Emma Gonzalez, was presiding over her moment of silence, Ms. Clinton was in direct communication with her, dictating her timing and telling her what to say and when to say it. (A spokesperson for Clinton did not confirm reports that the former First Lady and Gonzalez have engaged in a Lesbian affair.)

Moreover, my investigative reporters have discovered that Ms. Gonzalez is not the innocent Parkland student she claims to be. She is a Russian national, raised in St. Petersburg, who was trained as an agitator at a liberal think tank funded by George Soros. She is not only a bald-headed radical, she has Islamic terrorist ties, making her the perfect instrument for Crooked Hillary to use.

The liberal media—MSNBC and CNN—broadcast hour after hour of video purporting to show hundreds of thousands of marchers in Washington, D.C., but I have learned that these images are fake. My sources tell me that no more than 100 people attended the Washington rally. The photos and videos showing huge crowds were doctored, in much the same way as those that sought to minimize the inaugural crowd for President Trump, which, numbering in the millions, was the largest in history. Then there was that “Daniel Hogg” person. Such an arrogant radical. He pretends to be a “student” but in actuality he is a 34-year old transgendered socialist, trained by an anti-Second Amendment group funded by Dianne Feinstein’s wealthy Hollywood friends, including Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey.

And that supposed “granddaughter” of Martin Luther King? I have learned that the person who claimed to be 11-year old Yolanda King actually is a 24-year old Caucasian male midget in black face and Afro wig; the man works for Tom Steyer, and has been active in numerous anti-Trump dirty tricks campaigns. Steyer, in fact, paid to disseminate the false rumors of meetings at Trump Tower between Russian operatives and members of the Trump family.

President Trump was wise to leave town and play golf in Florida while the phony march was underway. No respectable politician would agree to be associated with this left-wing ploy to destabilize the administration and bring chaos and confusion to the nation’s political conversation. As Sen. Marco Rubio pointed out, the students “didn’t march for anything useful.” Even Barack Obama, a Democrat, denounced the student demonstration as “not helpful.” The former President praised the National Rifle Association as “good people” and said his own daughters, Sasha and Malia, are “NRA members in good standing” who “enjoy shooting the crap out of stuff with their AR-15s.”

It’s important for the American people to be able to distinguish fact from fiction. The reporting on Saturday’s marches reached a new high—or low—of phoniness and disinformation. Its symbolic moment came when that fake student, Samantha Fuentes, vomited during her speech. Fuentes, 35, is a well-known Democrat operative in South Florida who worked on Hillary Clinton’s social media team during the 2016 campaign. She also is associated with the Democratic porn star, Stormy Daniels.

If you really want to know what’s happening, you should restrict your news sources to Fox and Breitbart, as I do. If you’re super-busy (and who isn’t these days?) and have time for only one news show each day, I highly recommend Tucker Carlson’s. He reports the news in a fair and balanced way. Carlson, I have learned, is on President Trump’s short list to replace Gen. James Mattis as Secretary of Defense. This nation’s security couldn’t be in better hands were “Tuckie” (as he’s known affectionately in D.C.) to run the Pentagon. With the new National Security Advisor, John Bolton, America is headed in a bright, new direction, one of which Dr. King would have approved, as would Jesus Christ.

And speaking of Jesus, show me any evidence whatsoever that any of these “student” demonstrators are religious! President Trump, unlike the atheist-Muslim Clintons and Obamas, is a Believer. He has said he carries two booklets with him at all times: the Constitution, and the New Testament. In the words of John the Baptist, “There’s nothing wrong with having sex with a Playboy model or a porn star, as long as they’re Christian.”


Amen, brother!

What will Trump’s Fort Sumter be?



Yesterday was a weird day for me. I had been summoned for jury duty—for the first time, actually, in my life. I never knew how tedious it was. You sit in a jury room—and sit—and sit—as the hours while by. In the end, I was dismissed. Walked home (the morning rain by then had given way to sunshine, although it was chilly). Stopped by the old noodle house, in Chinatown, for some shumei. Funny how boredom makes you so hungry. Got home, exhausted; Gus was waiting patiently to go out for a walk. I told him to make it quick. I was so tired, I felt like I’d collapse right there and go to sleep on the rain-wet grass. Got back home; fell into a two-hour, dreamless sleep. Tuned into the news, which I’d been away from all day, and learned about the latest craziness: McMaster out, that idiot Bolton in, Dowd out as Trump’s lawyer. With the appointment the other day of DeGenova, Trump is lining the White House with Fox News fanatics. Hannity for Secretary of Defense! Lou Dobbs for Treasury! As bad as things have been with this administration, they’re about to get worse, much worse. Trump is now mostly unrestrained. We know what that means.

Even I have my limits: there’s just so much bad news I can take. I was still drowsy: an afternoon nap, meant to refresh, sometimes can sap the life out of you. I decided to watch some diversionary T.V. Went through Netflix and found Ken Burns’ “Civil War” documentary, which I’d never seen. Right at the beginning, the moderator, David McCullough, says that the Civil War at least settled one thing: Americans, who never thought it could happen, concluded afterwards that it could never happen again. And that’s when I switched off the T.V. and began typing these words.

Six hundred thousand Americans died in the Civil War, more than any other war in our history. More men died at Cold Harbor than in all previous American wars together. The States fought about slavery, ostensibly, but the war was about more than that. It was about state’s rights versus national governance, about the clashing cultures of northern city and southern plantation, about differing interpretations of freedom. Its roots extended back to well before America’s founding. The fights among the Founding Fathers at our Constitutional Convention were the Civil War’s contributing DNA. These nerve-fibers of tension and mistrust existed then; they exist now. Another Civil War is not impossible, as David McCullough suggested. It may even be imminent.

Perhaps mine are the musings of a tired, somewhat irritated old man, wearied after this jury-duty rigamarole caused by the bureaucratic stupidity of a system that forces scores of adults to sit idly in a drab room for hours on end, with no guidance or explanation, in the name of Obligation. Surely, with the Internet and smart phones, there’s got to be a better, more efficient way to organize potential jurists than this colossal waste of time.

In my fatigue, my mind and body are least resistant to dire dreads. But I am not the only one living in continuing disgust of what this current president has wrought. The Right wanted a disrupter, a rude man who would insult the system they despise and disrespect. They got what they wanted. So did he: an ironclad base. The worse he gets (from my point of view) the better he gets (from theirs). This only serves to heighten his worst instincts. Today’s personnel developments are manifestations of worse to come.

In the current issue of Harper’s—a fine magazine—is an article about the possibility of Trump being re-elected in 2020. Entitled “Four More Years,” it outlines, in chilling fact, how Trump’s base might return him to office despite everything—or because of everything—disgusting, rude, dishonest, low and nefarious he’s done and is. As I read the article, my blood curdled. The author, Thomas Frank, warns the anti-Trump Resistance that we may easily miss the boat: in our fear and loathing and self-righteousness, we may fail to understand that Trump is doing exactly what he said he would—and the Right is eating it up. This doesn’t guarantee Trump’s re-election (after all, Mueller is still out there). But it means Democrats have only a “fair to middling” chance (in Frank’s words) of toppling this regime.

And this is why my blood runs cold. I know about our American Civil War. I’ve studied it all my life. The 153 years since it ended are a mere blink of History’s eye. It might have been yesterday. Remembering the lessons of History may not be enough to avoid repeating it. David McCullough, I fear, is wrong. The Civil War, Part 2, could happen again.

Give me one reason why not.

Have a lovely weekend

From the personal diary of DONALD J. TRUMP



All this fake news about me having sex with prostitutes and porn stars is just another example of the Deep State making up lies in order to discredit me and impose sharia on the American people.

Let me state frankly and unequivocably that I have never cheated on my lovely wives! When I was married to Ivana I was faithful to her! All those stories about an affair with Marla Maples were invented by the liberal New York media that were jealous of me. Later, when I married Marla, we were very happy, and I never cheated on her. Then I met Melania, and I fell in love with this sweet, charming, modest little girl from Slovenia. People say she was a paid escort, but I never paid her, although I did pick up the tab when we were dating. And in the thirteen years we’ve been married, I have never even once had sex with anyone else. I haven’t even looked at another woman! Dear Diary, would I lie—me, the epitome of truthfulness?

The truth is, I respect women too much to treat them like ho’s. That Billy Bush tape from Access Hollywood? We now know that that voice wasn’t mine. That tape was produced by the Democratic National Committee, directed personally by Crooked Hillary, to hurt me during the campaign. You didn’t see me actually utter the words, right? Before Billy and I stepped off the bus, we had been talking about Mother Theresa and what a role model she was for humanity. I was telling Billy that my highest goal in life was to be like her: humble, pious, and devoting my life to the poor. But then it was time to step off the bus, where the cameras were waiting—and you didn’t see me do anything improper or inappropriate with that bimbo, did you? No. I was and am a model of civility. Ask any woman who’s ever known me! Ask Ivanka! She’ll tell you I’m a perfect gentleman.

As for this “Stormy Daniels,” I never even met her! My lawyers tell me she’s an evil, sick gold digger. There’s no proof we ever met—no pictures, no emails, nothing! Besides, she’s a dog—even if I was tempted to be unfaithful to Melania (which I’m not!), I would never do it with someone so fat and ugly. And as everybody knows, I’m a Christian! Always have been. I always carry two booklets with me: the Constitution, and the New Testament. Jesus was my kinda guy. People say I don’t give money to charity. Bull! I give a lot of money to charity. It’s all there in my taxes. Of course, I can’t release my taxes to the public, but believe me, all the proof you need is right there about how generous and compassionate I am.

And now they’re complaining that I’m too nice to Putin. Why not? Vladimir is the Jesus of Russia. He could have made a lot of money in the private sector, only he decided to sacrifice his life for his people! I don’t believe the rumors that he has billions in a Swiss bank account. Those are Democrat lies. He told me he lives on his government salary, and I trust him. Of course, there are people I don’t trust, like Oprah Winfrey and that awful Mayor of Oakland, what’s her name, “Liberal Libby Schaaf” I call her. If it was up to me, they’d both be in Gitmo—and I might send them there, when I replace Mr. Magoo at the Justice Department with Don Jr.

Anyhow, Dear Diary, you know that all these women are lying about having sex with me, just to make some money. They’re not Christian. They’re not American. But they are liberals—bad people, selfish and unpatriotic. Every one of them—every one!—has been hired by the Deep State to take me down. I have proof that the Obamas are in on the conspiracy. Nancy Pelosi is the godmother of this liberal click. I have plans for them—oh, boy, do I ever. But I can’t reveal them just yet. Soon. A few months, maybe. Then they’ll see.

The deeper meaning of Facebook’s problem: bad news for Trump



I’ve known a lot of people over the last five years or so who are alarmed by the possibility of their private lives and data being snooped on by nefarious entities who might misuse it.

People are rightfully concerned that the U.S. government is constantly spying on them. They’re worried that gigantic media companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon know about every facet of their lives. They fear that their every move is caught by cameras, every website they visit is noted by somebody, someplace, every email or text they send is read by someone other than the intended recipient.

Indeed, for those worriers, we’re well into the Brave New World Aldous Huxley warned us about 86 years ago.

Of course, all the things people worry about are true—in other words, they’re not just being paranoid. The government really is spying on us continually. If we’re online—and who isn’t?–we have to assume that there’s no such thing as privacy. We might not fully understand how these things work; I sure don’t. But I figure that anything I do involving a computer is being monitored.

The latest scandal to hit the news concerns Facebook, where “The…controversy centers on whether Cambridge Analytica, which helped the Trump campaign in 2016, collected and used without permission data from the accounts of millions of users obtained through a Facebook app…”. My own feeling is, I essentially gave up on any hope of online privacy when I began using social media about ten years ago. I figured then, and I figure now, that the horse is out of the barn: it’s too late to do much about it now, so I might as well just assume that my everything I do on Facebook—every comment I make, every “friend” I “like,” even how long I linger on a particular post—is known. Somebody is making money off what I do, and that’s okay with me. I don’t pay to use Facebook, but somebody has to come up with the money to pay Facebook’s employees, so if they want to use their enormous data collections to make a few billion bucks and send ads my way I never look at, it’s all right with me.

I understand why some would disagree, and I’m sure that there will be Congressional hearings at which lawmakers on both sides will express anger and concern about breaches of data, and claim that the American people are entitled to the expectation that their privacy will be respected. Of course, such talk will be political baloney. I don’t think Congress gives a damn about our privacy—that conversation ended on Sept. 11– but more surprisingly, I don’t think most of us care about it, either. These questions of privacy do not seem to be high on the list of things Americans are worried about. Most people seem to share my feeling, which is essentially: Oh, well, there’s nothing I can do about it anyhow, and if I’m not actually doing bad stuff, I don’t have anything to worry about, in terms of the government coming after me. Nobody can force me to buy stuff I don’t want, so if advertisers want to waste their money by paying Facebook to steer their ads to my feed, let them.

For me the real concern about Facebook is how foreign and domestic data manipulators used it to get Trump elected through bots, trolls and spreaders of fake news. That’s why this current brouhaha is bad news for Trump. It feeds into the increasingly widespread perception, even by Republicans, that some nasty players infiltrated social media companies, including Facebook, so that false “facts” (such as Hillary’s allegedly poor health) could filter through the electorate and get Trump elected.

We know that one of the things Trump fears most is that History will record his election as “illegitimate.” It drives him literally crazy to think that his name will be followed by an asterisk: * the 2016 U.S. Presidential election was compromised by Russia, on Trump’s behalf.  I totally believe that was the case: there had to have been hundreds of thousands of voters in key states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan) who were turned off to Hillary by phony, outrageous things they read on Facebook (which then were repeated endlessly on Fox “News,” InfoWars, Rush Limbaugh and similar Republican propaganda outlets). Those fake items were created by Russian operatives, ultimately controlled from the Kremlin, and precision-guided by individuals close to the Trump campaign; were it not for them, Donald Trump would not be President. So this is the good news about the current Facebook controversy: it is delegitimizing Trump. I don’t expect it will result in any meaningful solutions to the problem of fake posts, but I welcome it to the extent it foreshadows what History will say about this wrongfully-elected, felonious imposter of a President.

From the personal diary of PAUL D. RYAN



Dear Diary, Janna, my dear wife, is giving me hell for not coming out against Trump. Well, she’s a Democrat, which doesn’t mean I love her any less, but it does mean I don’t take her political advice seriously!

But I have to admit, it’s getting harder and harder to defend the guy. Like Janna points out to me all the time, he’s a really nasty piece of work. Sure, I see the womanizing, the lies, the bullying. I wouldn’t leave him alone with Liza, my beautiful daughter, for 5 seconds; he’d have his hands all over her. I wouldn’t trust him to walk my dog—he’s a dishonest guy, who has cheated his way out of every contract he’s ever signed. To tell you the truth, even my pastor at St. John Vianney has shared his views with me—very privately, of course—that Trump is probably going to Hell. So, yeah, I “get it” when it comes to the majority of Americans who dislike the President.

But what am I supposed to do? I mean, he supports my—I mean, our Republican agenda! He got tax cuts enacted. He’s in the process of demolishing the E.P.A., which should have been done a long time ago. He appointed Gorsuch, and he’s appointing conservative federal judges in record numbers. He’s building up the military and sacking the left-leaning State Department. He’s getting tough with our enemies, especially North Korea. Well, he’s not particularly tough with Russia, for some reason, but you can’t have everything. In general, Trump’s been a model conservative President, much more effective than George W. Bush ever was. So what if the guy’s a total asshole?

Oops, I promised Janna I’d put a dollar in the cookie jar every time I swear, so there goes another one! Anyhow, I’m torn. I really am. It’s hard to see any of my friends anymore, because they all know I’m making excuses about Trump. As for the media, when I see them coming, I head the other way. Am I a “moral coward,” as some say? Am I, too, going to burn in Hell because I lacked the courage to speak truth to power? Sometimes, when I’m shaving, I see my eyes staring back at me in the medicine cabinet mirror, and I just don’t know what to do. Those eyes…my eyes…they scare me, because they know what Trump’s doing to the Constitution. My own eyes are accusing me of letting my country down! God knows, I love my country, and I want to see her succeed. But if I came out against Trump, the Left and the media would have a field day; my life would be thrown into turmoil, and what’s worse, I might not even get re-elected in November!

Of course, as Janna reminds me, if I don’t get re-elected, I can always have my pick of lucrative jobs. I could just go to some corporation, think tank or law firm, get some cushy gig where I don’t have to work too hard, make millions of dollars a year, and finally give Janna the life she’s always dreamed of, but has had to sacrifice, in order to support my career. It would be nice to haul down, say, $50 grand a week.

But let’s face it, Dear Diary, there’s one thing I value more than money, and that’s power. I am the fucking Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (oops, sorry, another dollar in the cookie jar). I am literally two heartbeats away from the Presidency itself! That’s heady stuff, Dear Diary. Heady stuff, indeed.

So you can’t blame me for not saying anything. It’s a lot easier to go along to get along—to let Trump get away with his shit (another dollar!). I don’t think he’s doing any lasting harm to America. Is he? Who knows? I don’t have a crystal ball. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but in the meantime, we’re turning this country so far to the Right, you won’t even recognize it in another year or two. That’s all we need, really. One more year or two, until the 2020 general election. By then, we’ll be able to get all the conservative legislation and appointments we’ve always wanted. We won’t need Trump anymore. Of course, there is one teeny weeny little danger: that by 2020, he’ll have grabbed total power, undone the Constitution and appointed himself President-for-Life.

But I don’t think that’ll happen. It’s too far-fetched. I mean, America isn’t China, for chrissake. (Another dollar.) Our leaders are limited to two terms in office. Ultimately, things are going to work out okay, even though right now, it looks pretty bleak. So I shouldn’t worry about Trump. Right, Dear Diary? Right…?

Trump wants to reshuffle Mueller’s team with his own picks



President Donald Trump took to Twitter again yesterday, to complain about the Mueller investigation. For the first time, he mentioned the Special Counsel by name:

“Why does the Mueller team have 13 hardened Democrats, some big Crooked Hillary supporters, and Zero Republicans? Another Dem recently added…does anyone think this is fair? And yet, there is NO COLLUSION!”

Trump implied that he would cooperate with the investigation if Mueller were to include Republicans on his investigatory staff.

What are the facts? has investigated, so that you can decide for yourself.

Here are the people on Mueller’s team, with their political registrations, if known, in a list compiled by the Washington Post:

Brian Richardson. Party: unknown.

Ryan Dickey. Party: Democrat.

Kyle Freeney. Party: Democrat.

Scott Meisler. Party: unknown.

Zainab Admad. Party: unknown.

Greg Andres. Party: Democrat.

Rush Atkinson. Party: Democrat.

Michael Dreeben. Party: Democrat.

Andrew Goldstein. Party: Democrat.

Adam Jed. Party: Democrat.

Elizabeth Prelogar. Party: Democrat.

James Quarles. Party: Democrat.

Jeannie Rhee. Party: Democrat.

Brandon Van Grack. Party: Democrat.

Andrew Weissman. Party: Democrat.

Aaron Zebley. Party: unknown.

Aaron Zelinsky. Party: Democrat.

Trump, therefore, is misleading when he claims there are “ZERO REPUBLICANS” on Mueller’s staff, since he has no way of knowing about four of them. Mueller himself is a Republican! And to call the others “hardened Democrats,” rather than simply “Democrats,” is just a way of slurring their reputations and playing to his “hardened Republican” base. It impugns these lawyer’s reputations to suggest that their political affiliation automatically makes them biased.

After all, every lawyer, in every case, votes one way or another. Every judge, every juror votes one way or another. Under our jurisprudential system, we require—and trust that—men and women of good will shall leave their politics outside the courtroom door.

Trump has compiled his own list of whom he would like to see on the investigation staff. Here are Trump’s choices:

Allan Hiller, vice-chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Robert Patterson, hynotherapist, psychic.

Capt. Benjamin “Benjy” Molini, U.S.A.F., retired.

David Duke, tanning salon proprietor.

Ann Coulter, hostess and blogger.

Tea Party guy, survivalist and white nationalist.

Pierre P. LaWayne, porn star.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the President’s press secretary, told the Associated Press that the people on Trump’s list “are the true Americans, not hardcore Democrats of the type that the Special Counsel has deliberately chosen to persecute this President.”

The Special Counsel, Mueller, did not return my repeated messages for an interview.





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