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A lot of these Twitter and Facebook pro-Trump posts look foreign in origin

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There are many suspicious pro-Trump tweets and posts on social media. By “suspicious” I mean pro-Trump comments that all follow the same pattern:

  • lots of graphic images (stars, American flags, fires)
  • @s and #s referencing pro-Trump things
  • the use of ALL CAPS
  • disgusting, vulgar caricatures of perceived “enemies,” especially women: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi
  • misspellings
  • violent insults
  • a general level of hysteria that seems manufactured to produce outrage

So similar in nature are these posts that it makes me wonder if they’re not all produced from the same source—which easily could be Russia—or at least from the same playbook.

Here’s one example from Twitter.

So Mexico’s President Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wants to build a Southern border wall to keep out criminals, drugs, and human traffickers from Central America, but we can’t build one to keep out the same evil elements from Mexico? Hipocritas!Build That Wall!@POTUS

Here’s another:

#MAGA MICHELLE LOVES ICE‏ @Trump454545 3h3 hours ago The EU aka freeloaders still don’t get that President Trump works for us not them!!! Pay up or SHUT UP!!!

And another, this one attacking Maxine Waters:

Michael💛‏ @TrumpTrainMRA4 3h3 hours ago  “ The MAXORCIST “ Seems as though The Poverty Pimp, Maxine “The MaxiPad” Waters and Her Low IQ has cut a deal with her Constituents, HollyHocks of Hollywood… The Gift that Keeps on Giving… @RepMaxineWaters Liberalism is a Disease and the Cancer of America #MAGA

And here’s a truly bizarre one. Who would have thought that the white supremacist neo-nazis of the far right would become the biggest Russia-philes in America?

REALTRUMPBUREAU® #BestPresidentEver #AMERICAFIRST‏ @REALtrumpbureau 4h4 hours ago

#MORELIBERALHEADS SET TO EXPLODE @KellyannePolls: “This president makes very clear that if there is an opportunity for Russia and the U.S. to work together in the furtherance of peace and prosperity around the globe, he will do that.” #BESTPRESIDENTEVER

I have no way of actually knowing who these posts are from. But I sometimes click through the posters’ names to their Facebook accounts, and you’d be surprised how many have no timeline, no friends, no information on “About,” no photos or any information at all. Doesn’t that seem odd? It makes me think that these are fake accounts–phony human beings that don’t exist. Mark Zuckerberg has promised us that Facebook is ending fake posts, and I think Twitter also has, but from what I can tell, they’re not.

There is one other possibility: Despite my suspicions, these posters may actually be real human beings, and American at that. That may be scarier than the possibility that they’re not. The level of anger, rage and sociopathy reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s character, Jack Torrance, in “The Shining.”

If they’re real, then there are a lot of truly insane, dangerous people on the loose in America. They love Donald Trump, they’re irrational, they hate with the fury of a Hitler, and they seem ready to commit any acts of violence in order to ethnically and religiously cleanse the U.S. of their enemies, who are Trump’s enemies. I’m not sure which is the more depressing and frightening possibility: either the Russians are just as active on social media as ever, or Trump’s cult is getting crazier and more violent by the day.

Breitbart mourns the death of Himmler’s daughter



Gudrun Himmler Burwitz died recently in Germany, at the age of 88.

She was the daughter of the notorious Nazi, Heinrich Himmler, the second man in the Reich, after Hitler. Himmler ran the dreaded secret police and the concentration camps. He surely would have been sentenced to death at Nuremberg, except that he killed himself by swallowing a capsule of cyanide after being captured by Allied soldiers in 1945.

Gudrun Burwitz (her married name) never renounced her father or the Nazi regime that launched World War II. Not only was she unrepentant, she was a member of a secretive group, Stille Hilfe (Silent Help), which promoted the cause of former Nazis and helped them escape justice. She also was a Holocaust denier.

All of this made Gudrun a heroine to the far right of many nations, including the U.S. The ties between America’s white nationalist-anti-Semitic-racist extremists and the Nazi party are well known; the Nazis who marched at the pro-Trump rally in Charlottesville, VA were but one piece of evidence of how far the Republican Party has wandered down the Nazi path. And now, Breitbart “News” is publicly mourning Gudrun’s death. In a recent editorial the online publication praised her as a “faithful daughter” and said “Her commitment to family values, in preserving her father’s honor, should be an example to all Americans, especially so-called ‘progressive’ liberals, who scorn family values and routinely mock those who believe in them.”

The editorial added that Breitbart had made “a sizable donation” to Stille Hilfe “in President Donald Trump’s name.” The amount of the contribution was not revealed.

At the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about the incident. “This President mourns whenever anyone dies. He sends his thoughts and prayers to Ms. Burwitz’s family.” Pressed to comment on the Breitbart donation to Stille Hilfe, Huckabee said the President has no desire to blame anyone for wanting to help “oppressed refugees.” Trump, she insisted, “feels that the events under discussion happened a long, long time ago, and it’s time to move forward.”

 President Trump’s ties to Nazis and affiliated organizations go back to at least the 1970s. In this undated picture, he is seen with his arms around Herbert and Evelyn Schweikart, the leaders of a white nationalist-Christian Ku Klux Klan chapter.

Trump has never explained his connection to the KKK, but his father, Fred, was a Klan member, and Trump’s two sons, Eric and Donald, Jr., have a long history of flirting with racist organizations. Most recently, Donald, Jr. retweeted Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet in which the former T.V. star compared Obama’s senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, to an “ape.” As for Eric, the Washington Post has published unconfirmed reports that he was a member of a whites-only fraternity at Georgetown University, and was once a guest of David Duke, the former KKK Grand Wizard (and Holocaust denier). Duke has called Eric Trump “one of the finest white people I have ever met” and urged Eric Trump to “store his sperm” so that “future generations can be replenished with pure, Aryan DNA.” Eric Trump has never addressed Duke’s comments.

The president’s wife, Melania, also has had troubling connections with fascism. Her father, in her native Slovenia, was a member of a far right nationalist group that sought to ethnically cleanse the country of non-Christians, especially Muslims, and while Melania herself has not publicly expressed racist or anti-Semitic views, the New York media often has noted that no Jews were ever hired to work in the Trump household after she and Trump were married, in 2005.

Backlash to Breitbart’s editorial among Republicans was feeble to non-existent. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, asked by The Hill to comment, ignored the question. House Speaker Paul Ryan told Politico, “It’s a free country.” One Senator who did speak up was Utah’s Orrin Hatch, who told the Washington Post, “Look, I might not have made the donation to that Nazi group. But from everything I’ve heard, Gudrun Himmler was a fine, decent woman. And Breitbart is a great news organization. These attempts to smear Breitbart are really indirect attacks on Donald Trump, who is turning out to be the greatest President in American history.”

Trump has a scary plan. Obama can thwart it



After Trump insulted 94-year old George H.W. Bush the other day, in a speech in Montana and then on Twitter, there was speculation that it wasn’t just some random rant, but a carefully calculated move to continue the process Trump started a while ago: disparaging the Republican Party and its icons as only he can do with taunts and smears, thus turning his followers against the GOP to which they long felt they belonged, in order to create a new political party based on loyalty to him: The Party of Trump.

He ran as a Republican, so why would he want to destroy his own party? Simple. For Trump, it’s not about party, it’s about him: his power and wealth. This is a man whose motives increasingly appear to be seizing control of the government and institutions of America, doing away with elections, and ruling as long as he remains alive.

Am I paranoid? Trump loves authoritarian dictators like Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi of China and Erdogan of Turkey, who are setting themselves up to rule their countries for life. As I blogged last week, his children—Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric—already are talking about inheriting the power after he’s gone.

And to judge by the reaction of his followers, he is succeeding. I read the comments on Breitbart. I hear what Trump cult members on Fox “News” say. Believe me, they are ready to accept a suspension of the Constitution and allow Trump unlimited, unchecked power. Not only ready, but eager: they’re so angry that they long for a dictator who will rule with impunity and punish his and their enemies with gusto and vengeance.

The unreal thing is that this scenario is no longer unimaginable. Two years ago it was. One year ago it might have been. But we are now in a situation where America is in imminent danger of collapsing into a fascist dictatorship, and there are very few obstacles I can see that might prevent it from happening. Even a devastating Mueller indictment might not budge the needle.

Are there any Republican-Trump defenders out there who will say they’re okay with him being defeated in 2020 (assuming he’s still in office)? I don’t believe Trump himself will do down without a fight. If he loses the election, he’ll question its legitimacy—and his radically conservative Supreme Court could easily side with him. He’s egging his followers on, and he believes his followers are more aggressive and have more guns than do Democrats—which may well be true.

This trade war he started is an example of how far he’s willing to go to test his followers’ loyalty. It’s clear that the Chinese, Canadians, Mexicans and Europeans, in fighting back, are targeting Red states, through stiff tariffs on corn, soybeans, motorcycles, cars, pork and other products. It’s clear that tens of thousands of workers in those Republican states will lose their jobs. And yet, these soon-to-be laid-off workers say they don’t care how much they have to suffer because of Trump; they love him anyway. I can’t begin to fathom this mentality. It really looks like they’re in a trance, which is why Trumpism increasingly is referred to as a “cult,” as for instance here, and here and here. These citations all are negative; bizarrely, the Trump son who is most likely of all the Trump spawn to go to jail, Donald Jr., himself concedes that Trumpism is a cult.

I’ve argued for nearly two years now that if we want to understand Trump, Trumpism and Trumpites, we have to turn, not to history or politics or economics, but to the science of psychopathology. Why are some people attracted to cults? Why do they remain in them even when it becomes apparent that doing so is destructive to them and their loved ones? How can we intervene to rescue them?

This last question is perhaps the most vexing, because there doesn’t seem to be any way of getting through to Trump’s most ardent fans and convincing them that what they’re doing is wrong. They are beyond the pale: of reason, of compromise, of logic and fact, of morality. It’s a fruitless question to wonder which came first, their cluelessness or Trump’s baiting. Both conditions arose simultaneously, assuming shape over the years, until they morphed into each other. Trump, Trumpism and Trumpites are now a gigantic mass, a glob of protein fueled by resentment, refreshed by violence, filled with yahoo nationalism, and eager for a fight. And to judge by Trump’s behavior lately—that Montana speech was a real doozy—he’s tripling down on the stoking. In his head, he’s riding a big wave (North Korea, the economy, 90% Republican approval), and while some of us believe what he’s really holding onto is the tail of the tiger, we do not yet have any indication that the tiger is not predisposed to be friendly toward him.

Around the edges of this gathering storm lurks Barack Obama. Every once in a while, as if to confirm his “No Drama Obama” personality, he gives a private speech in which he quietly urges Americans to vote, as he did late last month at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

But Obama seems to have succumbed to the unwritten rules of the Former Presidents Club: Stay low-key, out of sight, and keep your criticisms, in any, rare and ambiguous. I wonder why. Nobody wrote that rule: former Presidents can say and do whatever they want. Joe Biden has been outspoken in denouncing Trump; so has Hillary Clinton; both are former presidential candidates. But Obama—the most popular Democrat of our time—remains largely invisible. I couldn’t agree more with the Hartford Courant when they editorialize that, “to the annoyance of many Democrats…Obama has largely floated above the political fray,” because he “doesn’t want to aggravate political polarization and wants to preserve his credibility by speaking out only selectively and on key occasions.”

I have a message for the former President: The country is already polarized. It’s getting more so, not less. The danger of the triumph of Trumpism—which is the death of our democracy–mounts by the day. The longer you remain quiet, the more your charisma fades into irrelevance. It’s time for some drama! What “key occasions” are you waiting for, anyway? You have your pick of dozens right now.

I would love to see Obama Arising, thundering across the cities and towns of America like an Old Testament prophet, sounding the alarm, bringing crowds to their feet—not at some fancy Beverly Hills fundraiser nobody can afford to go to, but in arenas, town halls, auditoriums, universities, shopping malls, wherever he can find a platform, eyes blazing, exhorting us to action, and action now. Every minute Obama wastes “not aggravating political polarization” is another minute for Trump to consolidate his forces. This is a race against time, people, and right now, The Resistance is facing formidable odds.



Why we hate the Trump sons



Because they’re spoiled brats. Because they’re snobs. Because they’re tone deaf. Because they’re the poster boys for clueless rich punks who grew up with silver spoons in their mouths or—to use the late Ann Richards’ beautiful metaphor about George H.W. Bush—were born on third base and think they hit a triple.

Because they’re mean. Because we’ve all known bullies like them. Because they feel entitled. Because Junior cut off that elephant’s tail and then posed boastfully with it, as if torture were something to be proud of—not comprehending the animal cruelty he had just committed.

Because they’re snide wise-ass honkeys. Because they’re not even good-looking although they think they are. Both have wide, unflattering hips and recessed chins. Junior inherited his father’s Dutchman’s horse face and Eric looks like a thug out of A Clockwork Orange.

Because they’re think they’re cool fashion icons, as in this sad photo that just appeared in Twitter:

and because they allowed this photo to be posted by a friend of theirs who labeled it “46 47” as in “The forty-sixth and forty-seventh Presidents of the United States.”

Whaaatt? Even as a joke it’s not funny but it has to be taken in the context of their sister, Ivanka, boasting earlier this year that she would be the first female President and that her husband, Jared Kushner, would follow her.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they think this is some kind of banana republic? Do they really lay in bed at night on their 4,000 thread-count sheets, with servants hovering around them, fantasizing about following Daddy into the White House? The hubris is stunning. It would be one thing if they were being facetious about this stuff, but no, they actually believe they have political futures, which is evidence that they suffer from the same delusional megalomania as their father.

Presidential kids have always been targets of the media, of course, but what Ivanka, Junior and Eric are doing with their lives makes them really unlikeable–the worst Presidential spawn ever, people you wouldn’t want to have a drink with. Even Trump supporters don’t like the sons. If they have any fans on the Right, I am not aware of it.

I love the response on Twitter to the stupid photo and the “46 47” nonsense. Here are a few. Enjoy!

Number of days they’ve worked in their whole life

Dick size, in millimeters

How many Russians they’ve met during the election season

Inmate numbers

Revealing their individual IQs is cruel!

That’s the highest they can count

# of days before they’re sent to prison

Number of times they lie in a day

That’s how many kilos of cocaine they snort every year

Number of endangered animals killed

# of tax law violations

Times they blew each other

There are way too many hysterically funny images for me to download here, but here’s a good one:

Beavis and Butt-Head really do look like Junior and Eric, don’t they?

The twitter feed is highly encouraging. It shows that Americans see this president and his klepto family for the embarrassments they are. Check out the feed and have yourself a good laugh. We just got rid of Scott Pruitt, the crookedest Cabinet officer in American history, and we’re going to get rid of the rest of the cult.

Have a great weekend!



They said it on Breitbart



Something a little different today, a peek inside the soul of the Trump movement, although “soul” perhaps isn’t the right word. More like the lunatic asylum.

The hatred and anger on Breitbart never cease to amaze me. At the risk of making you puke, here are some samples from yesterday—Independence Day! The context of these posts doesn’t matter—it’s the content by which you can judge the mental state of the writers. I repeat each comment as it was posted, errors and all. After each post, I offer a comment. The names, by the way, are real: when someone posts on social media, they’re on the public record and thus fair game.

Stephanie Powell Dallas’ mayor Mike Rawlings removed a statue that had been there since the 1930’s, in the middle of the night, without voter input, at a cost of over $700,000.00 of tax payer money. DALLAS IS THE NEXT SHITHOLE LIKE VENEZUELA!!!! DEMOCRATS PISS ON EVERYTHING IN THEIR PATH!!!!!!!

My comment: Don’t you love the dirty words? These rightwingers are obsessed with bodily functions and excretions. When good old Stephanie complains about Dallas, do you think she’s objecting to the white people who live there? I think not. It’s people of color she (and white nationalists like her) hate.

Leo Gimignani Why Scarlett Johansson? I would more likely believe someone like Rosie Odonnell who already looks like a beast!

My comment: The insult to Rosie O’Donnell, a good woman, is obvious. Makes me wonder if Leo himself isn’t carrying a few extra pounds…or his wife…or his mother…or his daughter. But that’s Republicans for you: insults, smears, bullying. Just like their obese president.

Red Filipp Thoughts of a Veteran…….. then by all means pack your bags and leave , many great men have gave their lives for you and this Fine Nation so you can sit and bitch . But this Veteran has had enough of everyone whining and crying if you do not love it simple take Your ass to Another country that you think suits your way of life and sissy feeling

My comment: Thanks for your service, “Red,” if that’s your real name…and if you really did serve. But true servicemen don’t rant about taking your ass to another country. They understand that America is big enough for us all (even you). As for “the sissy feeling,” these rightwingers are also obsessed with homosexuality. I wonder if “Red” isn’t a closet case. Usually these homophobes are.

Michael Blume Boy Scouts of America? Huh? I believe that organization is no longer in existence. Didn’t it become Unisex Scouts , or Youth Scouts, Young Scouts, The New Order of Scouts, or something along those lines? The accused, if found guilty, should get 9mm to the head sentencing.


My comment: In this category of violent homophobia we must place Michael Blume. His hatred of gay people is bad enough, but he also is apparently obsessed with summary justice, guns and vigilantism, and shooting people through the head. Just another NRA ammosexual spouting his murderous impulses.

Lois Petrek You still have all black colleges. If you had an all white college the government would be up in arms. You have NAACP, BET all black groups.

My comment: Uh oh, Lois, your racism is showing. How do you accessorize those white sheets for your KKK rallies

Nicole Takahashi I have been to Boise, Idaho, and it breaks my heart to see an all-American town become another Somalia like Minneapolis. Democrats are hell-bent upon destroying the culture that made America great.

My comment: I must assume that Nicole is either Japanese-American or is married to a Japanese-American. Do I really need to remind her that Japanese-Americans were rounded up and interned during World War II because white people hated and feared them? It’s so ironic when a person who has suffered from racism turns out to be a racist!

Vernon Baugh go after the dems,, start arresting them ,,, start using your power, to its fullest,,, fire any and all dems you can,,, clean house, pass some laws,,, etc

My comment: What a sweet thought from Vernon! Arrest Democrats. Fire them from their jobs. Clean house. Maybe ole Vern can personally kill them. Would you like that, Vern? Then you can throw the bodies into the ovens and give the MAGA salute. Don’t forget to get the gold out of their teeth.

And finally, this:

Gene Cease Just as long as we keep the liberal, thumb sucking, fetal postion laying, safe space seeking, RADICAL, MILITANT, Antifa loving, snow flake from sucking the LIFE out of this country*****

My comment: Reading through these Breitbart comments, I often suspect they’re fake posts from Russian bots and operatives who continue to try and undermine our country. No real Americans could possibly post this crap. Could they?

Senate Intel report slams Trump, Nunes



Last April’s House Intelligence Committee’s report on Trump-RussiaGate was an unmitigated disaster for American democracy, a clumsily transparent attempt to assist Trump in covering up his crimes and misdemeanors. Devin Nunes, the Committee’s Republican chair, colluded with Trump and most likely obstructed justice, a federal offense. As for his fellow Republicans on the committee, they should be retired by the voters and repudiated by history—and they will be.

The entire report was a whitewash. Perhaps its biggest lie was this: “We reviewed every piece of relevant evidence provided to us and interviewed every witness we assessed would substantively contribute to the agreed-upon bipartisan scope of the investigation.” Bull. Nunes and his Republicans did not interview every relevant witness. They did not interview Michael Flynn nor did interview the 13 Russians whom Mueller indicted nor did they interview Trump himself, who everyone might agree is able to “substantially contribute” to the case. Nor is it remotely true that the committee “reviewed every piece of relevant evidence.” At the time, they didn’t even have the seized material from Michael Cohen. If they really had reviewed “every piece” of evidence—and done it fairly—they would have reached the same conclusion the Senate Intelligence Committee did yesterday. More on that in a moment.

As for the witnesses they did interview, CBS News reported that the ranking Democrat on the Committee, Adam Schiff, “said the committee had obtained only incomplete — and, in some cases, potentially incorrect — testimony from a spate of other witnesses, including Donald Trump, Jr., Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, outgoing White House communications director Hope Hicks and Trump associate and Blackwater founder Erik Prince.”

This makes a complete joke of Nunes’s statement: “We have found no evidence of collusion, coordination, or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians.”

 Well, we all knew that the House Committee’s Republican spin was garbage, and now their Senate counterparts have weighed in with proof. Yesterday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released their own report directly contradicting the House’s report. It unequivocally upheld the conclusion of the intelligence community that Russia developed a ‘clear preference’ for then-candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election and sought to help him win the White House.” Although the report reached no conclusions about possible collusion between Trump, his family and the Russians, “The Senate panel’s overall investigation into Russian election meddling is also still ongoing,” reports The Hill, and “is still in the process of preparing the classified report detailing its conclusions about the ICA,” the “intelligence community assessment” that includes the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency, or NSA. The infamous dossier—the Steele Report, which includes reporting of Trump’s bizarre encounter with prostitutes—is a key part of that assessment.

This is why Trump is stepping up his attacks on his own security agencies. We all know how viciously he’s slimed the FBI. Now, his own National Security Agency is the target of his smears. Yesterday he tweeted that the NSA is a “disgrace and accused it of being part of “the Witch Hunt.” The NSA, it should be recalled, is part of his own Department of Defense, reporting directly to the President of the United States. So we now have the president claiming that his FBI, his NSA, and his Defense Department and who knows who else are all part of a coordinated conspiracy to overthrow him.

This sounds like a classic case of paranoia, but I don’t believe it is. Donald Trump suffers from several personality sicknesses, including narcissism, megalomania and sociopathy, but he is not paranoid. He doesn’t really think his own security apparatus is after him, but he does know that the Republican attack machine has convinced a majority of Republican voters that “the Deep State” is the enemy. It’s after Trump (and therefore after them), and it must be taken out. Of course, that same government is going to be the vehicle (via the Mueller investigation) that levels serious charges against Trump when the Report comes out. So it makes sense that Trump would  undermine his own government’s credibility, in order to protect him from prosecution by it.

We are in very, very serious waters, my friends. The President of the United States has committed major crimes. Chief among these is colluding with foreign powers to weaken America. We will never be able to depend on Republicans in the House, like Nunes, to rise to the defense of their country, because they are have sold their souls for money and power and thus abandoned democracy–exactly the same way as ordinary Germans did for Hitler in the early 1930s. We may be able to depend on Senate Republicans to take a sensible, patriotic approach (to judge from the Senate Intelligence Committee report). But those damned Trump voters are proving to be scoundrels and traitors of the worst sort. They can’t be reasoned with. They can’t be negotiated with. Their minds (such as they are) are made up, ruined by the adroit propaganda of rightwing media. What does a country do when a third of its adult population is insane?

Sadly, I don’t have an answer. Happy Fourth of July!


A conversation between a midwestern farmer and his wife



Joe Matthews is a second-generation soybean and corn farmer in western Indiana. He and his wife of 32 years, Cecilia (“Cis”), live in the small town of Fairview Park, not far from the Illinois border. They have one son, Joe Jr., who lives in nearby Covington. Joe Sr. voted for Donald Trump in 2016; it was only the second time in his life he voted for a Republican (the first was in 1988, when he cast his ballot for George H.W. Bush). Cecilia has voted Democratic all her life. Both are Christians; Joe favors a more conservative, evangelical flavor, while Cecilia was raised Roman Catholic. The couple have their differences politically. They allowed me to record them one recent evening after Joe returned from the fields and they sat around their kitchen table over coffee.

Joe: Looks like Trump really stepped in it with this Harley Davidson business.

Cecilia: Didn’t he though. First he praise them, then he goes and put them tariffs on stuff and Harley has to fire workers and move to some foreign country. Now he’s threatening them.

Joe: Well, they’re the ones oughtta stay here and keep them workers busy. They don’t hafta go abroad just so’s management can get richer.

Cecilia: I dunno, Joe. Look like Trump want it both ways. Make sense to me if he put them tariffs on European stuff then they would put tariffs on American stuff. Retalia—whatever it called.

Joe: I guess so. But you gotta believe Trump know what he doin’. The boys down at Duffy’s Tavern still back him up.

Cecilia: That true? ‘Cludin’ Big Al?

Joe: Big Al Sisley?

Cecilia: Yup.

Joe: Yeah.

Cecilia: Because his boy, Reed, work down at the big Harley plant in Bloomfield, don’t he?

Joe: Yeah. Big Al say he probably gonna get pink slipped.

Cecilia: How that make Big Al feel? I mean, he was Warren County chairman for Trump, wasn’t he?

Joe: Yeah, he was. He pretty torn up ‘bout Reed, but I don’t think he any less supportive of Trump.

Cecilia: And you–?

Joe: Well, you gotta dance with the one what brung ya. I reckon I’ll stick with him.

Cecilia: We gonna have to get a new combine next Spring, Joe. I heard Lally down at the general store say Trump’s tax on steel gonna push the price up a lot.

Joe: Mebbe so.

Cecilia: And that mess with the Wall. I mean, he promise Mexico pay for it, but nobody believe that no mo’ except fools.

Joe: Well, Trump say there’s ways to make Mexico pay for it.

Cecilia: Such as?

Joe: Don’t know. But Trump a smart guy and like he said, he surround himself with the best people. Gotta believe he know what he doin’.

Cecilia: We’ll see. I gotta say it don’t set right with me the way he separatin’ those kids from their parents and all and puttin’ ‘em in jail.

Joe: They ain’t jail, they nice tents with T.V. an’ games an’ such. Anyhow, they done broke the law. If I go into Spencer’s and pull a gun and rob the damn place they gonna lock me up too.

Cecilia: Joseph, watch your language.

Joe: I’m just sayin’ Trump doin’ what he supposed to be doin’. What’d Obama do about that border? Just left it wide open as a barn door and let them rapists in.

Cecilia: Joe, your own crop supervisor is Mexican. Juan ain’t no rapist.

Joe: I know, but he a good Christian man. Lots of those illegals, you gotta believe they bad people. MS-13 and what have you.

Cecilia: Sometimes I just don’t recognize this country no more. Things so complicated. Why, down at the church bazaar Mrs. Hazelton and Mrs. Rooney ain’t even speakin’. They so upset with each other.

Joe: Over what?

Cecilia: Mrs. Hazelton come in wearin’ her MAGA hat and Mrs. Rooney just about hit the roof. ‘Course, those two been at it for years over abortion. You know, Mabel Rooney dead-set agin it and Grace Hazelton a member of Planned Parenthood. Funny thing, too, because I’ve known Mabel since she moved to Fairview Park, gotta be 40 years ago, and I remember when she was ‘bout 16, 17, that boy Parker Stanfield—remember him? He played football for the Gators and got hisself killed in Iraq—he done knocked her up and Mabel went “on vacation” to Mexico for a couple weeks. We all knew what was up. Now that she’s beyond her child-bearing years, she all huffy ‘bout other girls gettin’ an abortion.

Joe: Well, even your Pope against abortion.

Cecilia: I know, but he a good man, and I sometimes think he not really, in his heart.

Joe: Well, I am. And Trump is. And now he got that chance to pick somebody conservative for the Supreme Court and I hope it’s a damn righteous person who will rule against that damn Roe versus Wade.

Cecilia: Joseph, your language.

Joe: What get me is how these liberals are against anything Trump do just because it’s Trump. How that make sense? They was even against his tax cuts.

Cecilia: How much we gonna save this year on his tax cuts, Joe?

Joe: Well, I ain’t sat down and figgered it out yet. Not much, likely. On the estate tax, Joe Jr.’s gonna save some when he inherit the farm.

Cecilia: At Sunday service Rev. Wooley asked us all to pray for Trump. Say if anybody need prayer these days, it Trump.

Joe: Amen to that. He gonna need plenty of prayers if that, what’s his name, special prosecutor hit him up on charges.

Cecilia: You think that gonna happen?

Joe: Dunno, but you gotta figure if it’s takin’ this long, he must be diggin’ up some pretty serious stuff. I mean, the guy’s reputation gonna be shot if after all this he say Trump didn’t do nothin’.

Cecilia: ‘An what if they say Trump broke all kinda laws? You stick with him?

Joe: Cross that goddamn bridge when I come to it.

Cecilia: Language, Joseph. Well, look to me like he did do somethin’. Colliding with the Russians, like.

Joe: Colluding. But don’t it make sense Trump want America and Russia to be friends? I mean, we been at each other’s throats for so long, we don’t even know anymore why we fightin’. Remember, Cis, Trump did say he gonna drain the swamp.

Cecilia: And he drainin’ it by putting all them billionaires in his cabinet.

Joe: Well, I ain’t gonna hold it against no man just ‘cause he a billionaire.

Cecilia: Nor me. But what Trump doin’ don’t appear to be drainin’ no swamp.

Joe: Guess we just gonna disagree on that, Cis. Anyhow, what you got cookin’ for dinner?

Cecilia: Oh, I made yo’ favorite: You mama’s pot roast with creamed corn. Jes the way you like it.

Joe: Dayum, Cis, you sho do pamper me.

Cecilia: Language, Joseph. You may like Trump, but you don’t hafta talk like him.

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