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Five days until the Election!



A lot has happened since pro-trump forces sabotaged my blog for a couple of days, resulting in a message that read THIS SITE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED for anyone who tried to get in.

It’s stupid, of course, for these neo-fascist hackers to imagine that through dirty tricks they can end all the anti-trump news and information flooding the airwaves.* They can’t, and this past week has been a notoriously bad one for trump (whose name I no longer do him the courtesy of capitalizing). Coming off the (alleged) Kavanaugh bump, which had us all worried, trump now is revealed to be the agent provocateur behind both the Sayoc pipe-bomb attempted assassination of the senior leadership of the Democratic Party, and the Bowers mass murder of Jews who, he believed in his tortured fantasies, pace trump, were inspiring illegal immigration.

One can only imagine the impact these revelations have had on the vast majority of American voters, who are decent, fair-minded people (I exclude the Republican base). The Hill reports that trump’s approval rating dropped a precipitous 4 points in a week, largely on the Sayoc-Bowers tie-in, but also due to the assassination of Jamal Kashoggi, which reminded Americans, in a most troubling way, that trump’s charge that “the media is the enemy of the people” has murderous ramifications, not only in our country, but worldwide. Sayoc, Bowers and Kashoggi all have been albatrosses on trump’s (and Republicans’) necks, demonstrating the sheer awfulness, danger and violence of trumpism.

I plan to watch T.V. on election night until the results are in, and I look forward to the moment when one of the news anchors says, “We can now report that the House of Representatives will return to the control of Democrats.” At that moment, a mighty cheer will arise across America, from the Pacific beaches to the East Coast, as our nation takes a deep sigh of contentment in the realization that trump and trumpism will now be checked. And maybe the Senate will flip, if the Blue Wave is more powerful than anyone now thinks. How amazing would that be!

trump supporters, naturally, will be very unhappy. They’ll be in a fighting mood, like a frenzied mob roaming the streets looking for a fight, and their leader, trump, no doubt will give them reasons to start shooting. He may cry “Rigged election!” He will probably cite “facts” that are utter lies: “this election had more illegal ballots cast than any other in American history!” or “We have evidence that Republicans were harassed at the polling places by Democratic operatives, possibly members of the Black Panthers.” He may insist on multiple recounts, which would place the election results into hiatus. He could do anything he wants—nothing will stop him—certainly not the craven Republicans in the Congress. One thing he will NOT do is graciously concede defeat. And his surrogates (particularly the human scurvy known as Donald Trump, Junior) will be out there in full-attack mode, lying on a massive scale, inventing “scandals” that exist nowhere except in Kellyanne Conway’s febrile head.

Another thing we can look forward to is the Mueller Report. The Special Counsel has been quiet for the last two months (as we knew he would in the period leading up to Nov. 6), but once the election is over, it’s Katy Bar the Door (an old-fashioned saying I like). It means trump and Republicans in general are going to be in roughly the same situation as Londoners were in the Blitz of World War II. Incoming bombs everywhere! Danger, danger! Take cover! Only there will be no place to hide, no shelter in which to protect themselves. All will be exposed: the collusion, the coverup, the obstruction of justice, the financial crimes, the perjury, the lies, the degeneracy.

What will white supremacists like Steve King do then? Hopefully, he will have been voted out of office, but there will remain some truly deplorable Republicans in the Congress, who can be expected to put on their hazmat suits and wade even further into the sewers to protect their fuhrer. In the lame-duck session before the new Congress is sworn in next January, rump Republicans will be capable of huge distractions and may even cause grave damage. But the American people will not be misled. Having just voted Republicans out of office, they will be on the alert for Republican schemes, and will reject them, further eroding Republican credibility except among the most radically ignorant white supremacists, neo-nazis, racists, homophobes and xenophobes who constitute trump’s base.

I’ve lived long enough to see the political pendulum swing back and forth many, many times. One almost gets used to it: Democratic to Republican and vice versa, ad infinitum. But this election feels different. It feels like we came closer to the edge of the abyss than ever before in my lifetime—and then common sense and love of country yanked us back to safety, out of trump’s clutches. That’s what I hope. Anyway, trump’s forces tried their best to take my voice away and they failed. Here’s to continued failure by Republicans until they reject trumpism and return to normal politics.

* * *

*“Airwaves” is an almost obsolete term. In my generation, it referred to the broadcasting space through or over which television and radio programs were sent. My dictionary says its first known use was in 1900. It doesn’t give the precise situation, but 1900 was the year that, for the first time, the human voice was transmitted wirelessly, that is to say, over the “airwaves.”




Very short post today. After being down for days, my web hosting company has solved the problem and I’m back.

You may have noticed the disturbing headline when you tried to get in: THIS ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. What happened was, my site came under what my host describes as “brute forced attacks.” These overwhelmed my site’s server, so the web host shut it down (or it shut down automatically) until they could write and introduce new code in order to strengthen the firewall.

What was the source of these “brute forced attacks”? Impossible to say (or so I’m told), but my hosting company could not rule out the possibility that my site was specifically targeted (rather than being swept up in a generalized, broader attack on the servers). I have long suspected that there are individuals on the Right who wish to see this blog perish. It could be people from Breitbart (they regularly threaten me). It could be Trump associates, or people supporting Trump who have some computer skills. It could be Russians, or some wacko white supremacist group. Whoever it is, the Right obviously is in the business of suppressing independent journalism of the kind I produce. They don’t want real reporting of Trump’s crimes and aberrant personality. I personally believe that this recent attack originated with pro-Trump forces. But I can assure them, it will take a lot more than a stupid hacker to shut me down!

So thank you, readers, for sticking with me through this silliness. I’ll have a brand new post tomorrow (Friday) morning. Remember to vote on Nov. 6!!!!

Trump caused these horrible things to happen



Trump is complicit in both the Sayoc bombing attacks and the Pittsburg slaughter at the synagogue.

He caused the bombs to be sent. We can argue whether it was direct or indirect causation. It was not “direct” in the sense that (as far as we know) he did not personally tell Sayoc to make and send the bombs. But it was direct in that without Trump’s violent, vicious rhetoric against every single one of Sayoc’s intended victims, Sayoc would not have done what he did. Maniacs like Sayoc need prompting from some external source to carry out their nefarious deeds; and Sayoc got plenty of prompting from the president whom he worshipped, whose images he festooned his van with. As Hitler instigated the Brownshirts and the SS into bloodthirsty violence and murder through insane, incendiary speeches designed to inspire them to fury, so too has Trump inspired the least sane of his adherents to carry out their own acts of violence—in his name.

And the synagogue shooter, Bowers? While his precise motivation, beyond anti-semitism, isn’t clear yet, we do know that Trump created the atmosphere and the conditions in which Bowers committed his atrocities. The atmosphere is the hatred and sickness now rampant throughout the Republican Party, which Trump lit the match to and whose flames he continues to fan every single day. It is an atmosphere that tells unstable people that it’s all right to act out on their homicidal fantasies, because the president says so.

As for the conditions of Bowers’ mass murder, Trump has done everything in his power to prevent reasonable gun control from being enacted in America. There is no reason for any non-law enforcement person to own an AR-15. None whatsoever; it’s insane that a civilized country would allow private citizens to possess these weapons of mass destruction. Somewhere inside his paranoid, defensive mind, Trump must realize this—I’m sure that Melania and Ivanka do—but in his pandering to the N.R.A. and its ammosexuals, he has blocked all gun control, and therefore shares the blame with Bowers for this horrendous deed. When Trump expresses sympathy for the elderly Jewish victims, all one can do is recoil in horror.

So there it is: a president of the United States encouraging, aiding and abetting mass murder. In addition to all his other crimes—collusion, breaking election laws, money-laundering, profiting from the presidency, misleading the Congress and the American people with lie after lie after lie, perjury, obstruction of justice—Trump will be found guilty before the Bar of History with complicity in mass murder, and more: for deliberately seeking to undermine the stability of the United States of America.

What shall we do with him when he’s finally removed from office and at last answerable to the American people? He can’t be allowed to return to a normal lifestyle. That would be intolerable, after all the damage he’s caused to our nation (and to the entire world). It will be immensely pleasing when he falls from power and, embarrassed before the country, is reduced to sputtering, defensive babble. It will be lovely to see his nasty sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, rejected by large swathes of the population, as well they should be. But it would be galling wormwood to think of a fallen Trump still gorging on junk food on expensive china in the splendor of Mar-a-Lago, serviced by porn stars while a brooding, expensively-clad Melania pretends not to notice. No, Trump has to be made to suffer some kind of unpleasant fate.

What about a truth-and-reconciliation committee, like the one South Africa formed after apartheid? I say: Too late…not while Trump lives. We can explore truth and reconciliation with Republicans after he’s gone, but only if they denounce him utterly and clearly. This denunciation can’t be muddy or vague; it has to be explicit, by name, and it has to be expressed by the right people: not some little back-bencher from some Podunk district, but by bigtime Republicans like Peter King, Devin Nunes, Marco Rubio and Mitch McConnell—in other words, the very enablers who propped Trump up and did nothing while he destroyed America’s foundations. These are the ones who will have to apologize—grovel, to be frank–if there’s to be truth and reconciliation; for how can one reconcile with murder? How can one reconcile with complete, contemptible falsehoods? Do we split the difference with Republicans, with them admitting they went too far with the hatred and Democrats admitting that, Well, maybe Obama is a secret Muslim, and maybe Hillary should be jailed, if only for a short period of time?

No. Reconciliation is fine; compromising on integrity and truth is a non-starter. If I die with a single firm conviction in my last thoughts, it is this: Donald J. Trump began this spiral into national disintegration. Nobody else. Not Obama, not Hillary, not Fox “News,” not Putin, not Nancy Pelosi. The culprit was and is Trump. He is irreconciliable. We can never forgive nor forget what this catastrophe has inflicted upon us. Were we to do so, we ourselves would be complicit in the awfulness of Sayoc, and Bowers, and all the other evils visited upon us by Trump and his regime. As America cleansed its soul with the abolition of slavery, so too are we now called upon to wash away the stain of Trumpism in our time. It is a task we should rise to with joy.



Sayoc: The new face of the Republican Party



The Miami Herald reports that Cesar Sayoc’s former lawyer describes the would-be assassin of Democrats as “an unsophisticated loner who wanted to impress people but failed at everything he pursued…he’s been living this fantasy” [of] “acting on Trump’s vengeful rhetoric as a way to fit into American society.”

Other media outlets reported that Sayoc was a great admirer of Hitler.

These attributes pretty much describe all of Trump’s supporters. “Unsophisticated” doesn’t mean merely that Trumpites never got very far in school (although many if not most didn’t), nor does it mean they all live in trailer parks or in their vans (although many, including Sayoc, did and do). It means they lack what we call “wisdom.” The root word of “sophisticated,” the Greek sophos, means wise. But what does “wise” mean in our complex, fractured society?

Ever since the Greeks, we’ve had a pretty good notion of the meaning of wisdom. As Socrates expressed it, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” He placed value upon this self-examination, explaining it in clear, unambiguous terms: “There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”

Wisdom is true knowledge, based upon the close examination of self and life. All else is evil ignorance.

The ancient Greeks tended to disparage nations or tribes that did not live up to their standards of self-knowledge. They called them “barbarians,” who were “like children, unable to speak or reason properly, cowardly…cruel…politically unable to govern themselves.”

Socrates, it might be said, was an elitist: one of the more educated, articulate and intelligent of Greeks. Centuries later, Greece’s culture of erudition lived on in Great Britain, where Edmund Burke, the 18th century Irish statesman who supported the Colonies in the American Revolution, described barbarians as “the offspring of cold hearts and muddy understandings.”

Burke, too, was an elitist, as were all America’s Founding Fathers. America used to celebrate its elite: they possessed the knowledge, wisdom and vision to create grand institutions, including the grandest of all: The United States of America. These days, with the rise of a know-nothing class in the Republican Party, elites are hated (and envied). The Republican-Trumpite right wing glories in what they think of as the simple, manly virtues: formal education, they argue, only stagnates the mind and corrupts the natural instincts. Instinct, they allege, is a surer guide to living the good life than analytical thinking, which they view as a sort of evolutionary aberration from which strong men do not suffer.

And now, consider Sayoc. Certainly this was a man who did not overthink anything. Whether he “thought” at all, as we commonly understand the verb, is questionable. Information disappeared in inside him, and out came violence. What transpired in between? God only knows, except that it cannot have been rational, or “good” as Socrates understood the good, for if it were good, Sayoc would not have succumbed to the cult of Donald Trump and tried to assassinate Democrats.

Whenever Trump blew a dog whistle, Sayoc (like most Republicans) heard beneath the vibrations the message in its cruel, sickness: Liberals and Democrats are animals. They do not deserve to live. You must stamp them out ruthlessly. Lock Hillary up! Sayoc, “unable to reason properly, with muddy understanding, vengeful and cowardly,” took the message literally. He forged bombs and sent them to the Democrats Trump had urged him (personally, in his warped mind) to kill. And he did so with a “cold heart.”

In Sayoc we see “the unexamined life” reach its awful peak (or perhaps “nadir” is more accurate). This was a man who did not examine himself, his motives, his conclusions, or the truth or untruth of what his Leader claimed. Perhaps he could not, because he was mentally deranged. What we can say is that Sayoc represented the worst dregs of American culture, a truly deplorable and reprehensible human being; we are much better off that he will never see the light of day outside a prison cell.

But poor Sayoc was hardly alone. He is a member of a tribe, or a cult, as evil (in the sense that Socrates meant) as any this country has known: Republicans. To paraphrase Howard Dean, on T.V. last Saturday morning, “Republicans are evil and Trump is evil.”

Harsh words, yes, but true. Socrates would have understood; Edmund Burke would have understood. There is something horribly degraded in Republican minds: an absence of intelligence, of “sophistication,” of morality, of “heart,” “unable to govern themselves.” I don’t believe they constitute the majority of our population, but they are a sizable minority, and like any diseased population that represents a threat to the healthy majority, they need to be quarantined, to keep the plague from spreading.

How do we quarantine them? We can’t do it physically, obviously. Nor can we shut them out of public discourse, for there will always be disease vectors, like Fox “News,” that spread the germs throughout the general population. But what we can do is to isolate those malignant voices by calling them out for what they are—evil. We can confront them when they lie, oppose them when they march, sue them when they defame, defend ourselves when they attack, and bring them into the Courts of Justice when they commit crimes, as we’re doing now with Sayoc. And the ultimate form of quarantining them is political: We can vote them out, at every level: local, town, county, district, state, so that they’re reduced to insignificant pustules of infection that can be controlled, as we control chronic diseases by medication, even if we can never fully eradicate them.

So let “Sayoc” be the face of the Republican Party: psychotic, homicidal, infantile, diseased, evil, deplorable—a surrogate for the original germ itself, Patient Zero, the source and carrier of the infection: Donald J. Trump.

The face of the Republican Party


Ten Republicans



  1. Devin Nunes.
  2. Orrin Hatch
  3. The Koch Brothers
  4. Rudy Giuliani
  5. Tucker Carlson
  6. Mike Pence
  7. Jared Kushner
  8. Mitch McConnell
  9. James Woods
  10. Donald J. Trump

The bombs: Did Republicans just fire the first shot of Civil War 2?



Does anyone doubt who sent the bombs? We may not know who they are, but, let’s face it, we know what they are: Republicans.The targets all were Democrats, or perceived as liberals. The targets, moreover, all have been slandered and smeared by Trump at numerous points: “Lock her up,” “fake news,” “worst president ever” and so on.

We know this, too: the perps are white men, Trumpites, armed and dangerous, paranoid and racist, affiliated with insurrectionist groups like The Proud Boys and the KKK, admirers of Hitler and David Duke, hate-filled, despising people of color, gays and women (whom they have no use for, except for breeding, cooking and housecleaning). They’re  thieves and robbers, bullies and sexual assaulters, cowards and haters of democracy–and now, they’re would-be mass murderers.

These people post vulgar rants on Breitbart. They love Rush Limbaugh. They get off on Sean Hannity, but their favorite television pundit is the handsome, effeminate, winsome Tucker Carlson, whom they see as one of their own, but polished, with a college degree. Individually, these criminals have performed foul deeds on many occasions. One (I hypothesize, but you get the point) set a homeless encampment on fire. Another deals Fentanyl to schoolkids to make extra cash. A third shoots cats and dogs with his R51. A fourth beats up his wife when he’s drunk on PBR, which is most of the time. A fifth graffittis the walls of synagogues with swastikas. A sixth leaves bags of dogshit at police stations. A seventh sends anonymous threats to Rachel Maddow. An eighth and a ninth—buddies—cruise gay neighborhoods on Saturday nights and beat up homosexuals.

And now, a tenth, or more, builds bombs and sends them through the mail to Democrats. These are Trump’s foot-soldiers.

In my headline, I referred to “the first shot.” It was a reference to Fort Sumter. Every Civil War has a starting point; yesterday’s bombs may well have been the start of our next one. The incidents constitute the most violent, widespread assassination attempt on American political officials since the John Wilkes Booth team’s attacks on the Lincoln administration. This is the Big Enchilada, friends.

Well, to be fair, maybe the bombs weren’t the first shot. Credit for that goes to the White-Nationalist-in-Chief, Trump. His twitter feed and public statements have been the gasoline that bred the anger and resentment; the men who sent the bombs merely threw on the lit match. Trump wants a civil war—I’m convinced of it—he believes his side (the angry white men) are stronger, tougher, better armed, more daring, and more numerous than his “enemies”: the media, liberals, people of color, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, Mexicans, “elites.” When the fighting starts, he fancies himself tweeting orders to them, like Eisenhower at SHAEF headquarters directing the invasion of Normandy.

What do they imagine they’re accomplishing, these fake “Christians” who sent the bombs? Hillary and Obama obviously don’t open their own packages. CNN has total security. There’s no way some Breitbart freak in a double-wide is going to make a homemade bomb and blow up CNN. More probably, they fantasize that the bombs will lead to a Charlie Manson “Helter Skelter” scenario. All they have to do is perform a few high-profile assassinations, and the Deep State will come tumbling down. The queers, the Jews, the coloreds, the liberals, all will be evicted from the New America, which will once again be that shining city on the hill, where straight white Christians live in perfect harmony under Jesus Christ. Maybe they’ll let a few Negroes in, to serve as their janitors. Maybe they’ll seize some ACLU and Planned Parenthood employees to pick the crops. Maybe they’ll even let a few fags stick around, to redecorate the houses they seize from the liberals they exile or jail. They can do whatever they want, these overlords, this master race of Nordic ubermenschen. Never mind the beer bellies! Never mind the illiteracy, or the drug addiction, or the diabetes and hypertension, or the domestic violence that rocks their trailers. Never mind the failure of everything they’ve ever attempted, which has led to their shame at being lower-class, while the coastal liberals are making money and looking down on them—literally—by overflying their poverty-stricken red counties at 40,000 feet. If they can kill Democrats—if they can strike a blow for their fuhrer by causing liberal blood to flow—then their lives will have been worth it; their children and grandchildren will bless their names and plant flowers on their graves.

And the rest of us—sane, hopeful, idealistic, peaceful, knowing the real meaning of America—what do we do now that they have struck this blow? We can’t count on the FBI or the Justice Department to get to the bottom of this. They belong to Trump, his Gestapo. He wants this to go on. He wants the civil unrest to start as soon as possible, so that he can crack down, declare martial law, suspend civil liberties, declare himself president for the duration of the emergency, and rule by fiat.

Do I rave? Am I the paranoid one? No. You know Trump’s plan as well as I. You know exactly who and what he is. You know what he wants, and what the stakes are. You know the shit is hitting the fan and everybody’s going to have to take sides. And you know that on Nov. 6, you have a powerful opportunity to Resist and strike the second, retaliatory blow. Anyone who votes Republican at this point supports the political assassination, the wiping out of Democrats. If they deny it, they’re lying.

Good luck.




The drama of this election, tick tick tick…



For those of us Democrats following the drama leading up to the elections, it’s been a time [alliteration alert!] fraught with frenzy. A few weeks ago, things looked great: Dems were guaranteed to take the House, were making a strong case for the Senate, and rising politicians like Beto O’Rourke and Andrew Gillam were exciting us with visions of “the new Obama.”

Then things started getting dicier. The Kavanaugh hearings surprised many of us; it seemed obvious that he was an odious man who had probably done bad things to women in college, but even worse was his deplorable testimony in which he came across as just another vengeful, hateful white guy in the Trump mold. Even though his Republican enablers in the Senate chose to confirm him anyway (no surprise there), I would have thought the overall hearing was a net-negative for Republicans. But instead, the opposite seems to have occurred: it stimulated the Trump base, and now Trump’s approvals are up and the Senate looks unwinnable.

But still, I have very high hopes that the House will flip. Yesterday, Nate Silver’s website, 538, reported that every time you hit ‘refresh,’ Democrats’ prospects in the House tick up.”

I like statements like that! They reassure me (and Democrats), at a time when we need reassurance. (But when do we not?)

There is a little uncertainty about this House optimism, though. According to 538, some of the most competitive races have “little to no polling,” making predictions nearly impossible. The near-mythic “Blue Wave” still is likely, 538 predicts—but the lack of polling in key districts “is currently our biggest blind spot.”

However, let us rejoice as we can! Things are looking good. I, myself, have no particular horse in the race for a new Democratic Speaker. I have no problem with Pelosi, but if the Caucus chooses someone else, fine by me. Won’t it be wonderful to have a House counter-balance to the religious fanaticism and neo-nazi fascism that has frothed to the surface under Trump?

This election really is personal for us. Issues aside, we Democrats are appalled at the vulgarity and indecency of the man in the Oval Office. He is as nasty a piece of work as has ever occupied that hallowed place. We are constantly appalled by the things he says and does—every day, it’s like, He said whaaat? (Now it’s his war on transgendered people.) And his Republican base follows him lemming-like off the cliff.

Remember during the campaign when Trump dropped hint after hint that he had little or no interest in LGBTQ issues? I was waiting for him to go on the attack, but aside from a few token appearances at rightwing evangelical “colleges” (they’re really Christian madrassas, not centers of higher education), he kept his fat little fingers off that hot button.

That was back when he calculated that he could win the homophobic vote without being overtly homophobic because he was pandering to those people enough as it was. Now, with a close election at hand, Trump has to turn out every damn single homophobe in the country of voting age. Peel them away from their QVC screens, get them to put down the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Fentanyl long enough to stagger to the polling place and vote “R” straight down the line. How do you do that? Kick one of the letters: L, G, B, T, Q, it doesn’t matter which one, just reassure the “Christians” that you hate the queers as much as they do. That’s what motivates them. “Why, he may be a billionaire New Yorker and an adulterous, lying, cheating sonuvabitch, but he hates them fags, the way a good Christian should. So, Clyde, gas up the Camaro, clean the beer cans and donut boxes from the passenger seat and drive me down to the Court House to vote for our President’s hand-picked candidates. And bring me my MAGA hat!”

I joke, but that’s about the sum and substance of it. These homophobes remind me of the Japanese soldiers who remained holed up in caves on those God-forsaken Pacific atolls for decades after World War II ended. They refused to recognize defeat even after their country was shattered and atomized to smithereens. At what point does continued resistance morph from admirable idealism to psychotic denial of reality? In the case of the Christian homophobes, most of them still believe that the Supreme Court will repeal Obergefell v. Hodges and once again ban same sex marriage. Now, while it’s true that SCOTUS has some very nasty rightwing Catholics (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Alito, Roberts, Thomas), and there’s plenty of evidence that (a) their attitudes towards homosexuality are dictated by the Vatican and (b) they were chosen by rightwing presidents precisely because of those attitudes, still the concept of stare decisis should prevent them from overturning a law which, if ended, would throw the country into a grave, and likely violent, social crisis. As much as the Catholic Justices may privately loathe the LGBTQ community, one would hope they have enough common sense not to toss a wad of spit that big into America’s eye.

But you never know! If there’s a gigantic civil upheaval out there sometime in the near future, lots of things could trigger it—including overturning Obergefell. Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Meanwhile, if you’re a Democrat and you’re feeling queasy about Nov. 6, remember this: We’re still extremely likely to take the House. And that’s enough—for now. Then we can get on to the good stuff–like dealing with Mr. Nunes (if he happens to get re-elected) with the idea of possibly bringing criminal charges against him.

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