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Send back all the Republicans to their dark, slimy hole


Sometimes, things that Trump and his white nationalists say and do are so disgusting that even neo-fascist Republicans have to criticize them—or pretend to.

Trump’s “Go back” hate speech to The Squad was truly epic when it comes to overt racism: an historic, shameful new low for a U.S. president. Marco Rubio—“Little Marco” as Trump insulted him during the primaries—professes to be shocked, shocked by the Squad tweets, and also by the “Send her back!” slime that was screamed by that Republican audience, as Trump looked on with that self-satisfied, smug smirk of his.

But look at Little Marco’s tweet:

The tweet was wrong & the chant last night grotesque The left wing politicians & many in the media demanding outrage are self righteous hypocrites And the “outrage & response cycle” allows for only 2 sides & demands you pick or else It’s a stupid game that I refuse to play

Little Marco apparently doesn’t know how to use “periods’; is English his second language? Anyhow, he couldn’t even finish his comment before diluting it with an insult to Democrats, calling them “left wing politicians” who are “self-righteous hyopcrites.”

Why couldn’t Little Marco simply have condemned Trump’s tweets and the horrible insults and left it at that? Because he didn’t really mean his criticisms, that’s why. He had to say something critical—his hometown papers were demanding it, and he was hearing from his constituents that Trump had really crossed a line. But by immediately smearing Democrats in literally the same sentence, Little Marco was wink-wink-nod-nodding his rightwing colleagues: “Don’t worry about me. I’m totally on Trump’s side, and on yours. You know I have to pretend to be outraged. But I’m not. And just to prove it, I’ll slip in a little shade on Democrats.”

Trump also had to pretend to distance himself from the North Carolina maniacs who chanted “Send her back.”

Please! Does anyone believe for a second he really “wasn’t happy” with it? You saw the video while it was going on. He looked like Mussolini, his double-chin uplifted, bottom lip protruding, nodding—that is the body language of somebody who absolutely loved the hatred he was hearing for the women of color in The Squad (and the love he was getting from the racists in his audience). He said he “stopped it” as quickly as he could. But T.V. coverage shows him for 13 seconds eating it up before he began to speak again. Another lie!

Lindsay Graham, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, they’re all full of shit. They aid and abet a racist who is creating dangerous conditions in the nation—and endangering the lives of these women of The Squad. Trump didn’t invent racism and xenophobia in the Republican Party—it was already there. But he watered those evil seeds and tended the garden, feeding it the food it thrives on—hatred, resentment, suspicion—and when he was caught tippy-toeing among the flowers of death he pretended he’d accidentally wandered into the wrong garden and “wasn’t happy” with it.


I looked carefully at the faces of that North Carolina crowd as they chanted “Send her back” and it reminded me of nothing so much as the faces of the Nazis during those big Nuremberg rallies for Hitler. Ugly faces, white faces, contorted with violence and hatred, but also something far more troubling: joy. They feel joyous now that Trump has liberated the inner Nazi they’ve had to hide for so many years. He’s given them permission to express it openly, because they know he feels the same way. They are horrible, terrible, awful people, shameful before the God they claim to worship. We defeated them in the Civil War but they haven’t given up. They’re looking for a fight.

Please have a safe, happy, peaceful weekend. Don’t despair, don’t give up, Resist! We will end this felonious regime.

The attack on truth costs a man his job


William Latson was until recently principal of Spanish River Community High School, a public school in tony Boca Raton, Florida. He appears to have been a real American success story: got his Bachelor’s degree in education at the University of Florida, rose his way up in academia starting out as a coach at a Catholic school, then served as principal of several public schools before landing at Spanish River, winning several teaching awards along the way. On paper, a decent, hard-working guy.

So why did the Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent decide to fire Latson last week?

Because of what Latson said about the Holocaust: namely, that it is a “belief” and not a “fact.” When a shocked parent told him that “The Holocaust is a factual, historical event. It is not…a belief,” Latson replied, “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened. And you have your thoughts, but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs.”

The concerned parent was flabbergasted when she read Latson’s concluding comment: “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.” What she did next is a textbook illustration of political activism. Asking “How do you pick and choose history?”, she launched an effort to publicize the incident. Public pressure built up, especially in Palm Beach County’s sizable Jewish community. An online petition went around demanding his removal. After a year, Latson’s opponents forced the County School District to “counsel Latson about the impropriety” of his Holocaust equivocation. Latson was compelled to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum, after which he issued a statement calling the Holocaust “one of the most horrific events in human history.”

It was groveling, but it wasn’t enough. By last week, the Superintendent had had enough: he announced he’s firing Latson. (In response, Latson blamed the parent, claiming she had made false statements about him!)

According to Latson, he never claimed that he, personally, didn’t believe in the Holocaust. To the contrary, he has told people he does believe it’s an historical fact. He appears to have come to the misguided intellectual conclusion, though, that because “not all of our parents” believe it is a fact, he, as principal, felt he had to remain neutral. His critics pointed out that, by doing so, he was enabling actual Holocaust deniers and giving them credibility, thus reducing the historicity of the Holocaust to a he-said-she-said equivalence with denialism.

This is what it’s come to in the age of Trump. When the history of this dreadful administration is written, there will be many stains on Trump, but perhaps the prime one will be the ease with which he denies proven and provable facts, sowing skepticism among uneducated people, and people with biases, who figure that “If the president says it’s not true, then how can it be?”

As the group Americans United for Separation of Church and State puts it, “Objectivity is paramount; rather than deferring to some sort of ‘both sides’ debate about facts, a growing problem exposed and highlighted by the president of the United States, schools must reaffirm commitment to truth and genuine, historical knowledge.”

I don’t know what Latson’s religious beliefs are, but from everything I’ve read, I think he’s Christian. I wonder if, in his devotion to neutrality, he considers the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection “beliefs” rather than “facts.” After all, “not all of our parents” believe in the literal Christian interpretation of the Bible (mine certainly did not).

The problem with this false equivalence of views, of course, is that are people who deny facts, and would have others deny them, for purely political, economic or religious reasons (climate change being the obvious example). When you have a president who insists on such absurdities as having the largest inaugural crowd in history, or that Hillary Clinton’s three-million vote plurality in 2016 was due to non-citizens, you see in raw, living color not only the ridiculousness of denying facts, but the danger.

Is William Latson a bad man? No. But he made a bad, indeed a horrible choice. Maybe, after a lifetime of career struggle of hoisting himself up the greasy pole to become principal of a respected high school, Latson, a Black man, had made so many compromises in order to avoid controversy and stay out of trouble that he no longer dared to take a position on anything—even something he knew was true. If so, he is not a culprit, but the victim of a terrible trend in this country. That trend was not started by Donald Trump. But it has been infinitely boosted by him and—let’s not forget—by his Republican Party, both of whom will be answering for their attack on truth for decades.

Are Christians “persecuted”? Don’t make me laugh!


I got an email yesterday, called “Save the Persecuted Christians,” that made me laugh out loud. (I couldn’t find a web link for the email, so I cut and pasted it at the end of this post.)

This email is comedy at its driest and wittiest. It claims that Christians “are being persecuted simply because of their faith. They are being tortured, enslaved, raped, crucified, driven from their homes and murdered in the most horrific ways imaginable.” It accuses “some Americans” (hmm, who could that be?) of “enabling” this “odious behavior.” This group, “Save the Persecuted Christians,” actually held a series of rallies the other day, “To hold anti-religious persecutors and their enablers accountable.”

The maximum leader of Save the Persecuted Christians is a fanatical neo-con, Frank Gaffney, who has long lurked in the more hateful, conspiracy-theory extremes of conservatism. Gaffney is especially known as an Islamophobe; his political career began under Reagan. Today, he writes for the crazy rightwing Newsmax. Gaffney’s closest political colleagues include such delightful white neo-fascists as Newt Gingrich, John Bolton and Jared Taylor, a white nationalist who wants “voluntary racial segregation”, since legal segregation is now illegal. Taylor is a huge fan of Donald J. Trump, whose election, he wrote, was “a sign of rising white consciousness.”

These people all profess to be “Christian,” but then, so did Hitler—who was only trying to appeal to his Christian supporters, but the same is true of Trump, who also claims to be Christian but who for most of his life showed no signs of being so.

So are Christians really persecuted? It’s true that in some Moslem countries they are, but so are other religious minorities: Sunnis persecute Shia and vice versa, and both persecute Jews; and in India, Moslems persecute Hindus and vice versa. In the U.S., no claim can legitimately be made about Christian persecution. Christians founded this country; they’ve run America since before the Revolution, and they still run it. Christianity, if anything, is gaining power in America, because of the rise of religious fundamentalism. And let’s not forget that the worst persecutors of the rights of LGBTQ people, of Muslims, of immigrants, of Native Americans and of non-Christians in general are Christians.

Which makes “Save the Persecuted Christians” a joke. In countries like Nigeria, where Gaffney’s friends in the American evangelical and Pentecostal cults have been trying for years to convert the population, anti-gay violence is on the increase due to their hate speech and indoctrination of children. Trump’s born-again vice president, Mike Pence, has been active in this Christian missionary work in Africa, thereby violating the spirit if not the letter of the law that says America is a secular nation and ought not be promoting any particular religion.

Now, remember that “some Americans” quote, above—the one that accused some of us of “enabling” anti-Christian behavior? Who could this smear be referring to? Like all inuendoes, this one is long on implication, short on detail. I would wager that in the eyes of these “Christians” the chief enablers are Democrats and liberals. To conservative, rightwing Christians, inclusiveness is a dirty word. Rationality doesn’t fit into their world view, because rational people understand that the “facts” of the Bible are superstitions. The world is not 5,800 years old, as Pence and other Biblical literalists allege. Thus Democrats, who sincerely believe in inclusiveness and in science, are the enemy of rightwing Christians.

These people—the Save the Persecuted Christians members—and their ilk are preparing for war here at home. They have formed a strange-bedfellows alliance with ammophiles (the NRA), white nationalists, home schoolers, anti-government types , para-militarists and just-plain haters. We call this alliance the Party of Trump. It has temporarily found a home in the Republican Party but this mustn’t be viewed as permanent. If it finds a more hospitable home someplace else, it will instantly migrate there. It’s always existed in America: the Know-Nothings in the 19th century epitomized its ignorance, the America Firsters who opposed our involvement in World War II because of their infatuation with the Nazis continued it, and it has found new expression in this century in the Tea Party.

We should learn from history that this strain cannot be wiped out. It’s just too entrenched and stubborn. Nor, unfortunately, can its adherents be reasoned with, since (as I pointed out), reason is one of the first things they threw when they join it. What then? Politics. These people can only be beaten electorally.

How dare these “Christians” complain? They have run things in the West for two thousand years. They have burned, crucified and tortured their opponents—and there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that they would burn and torture us again, if they ever get powerful enough. Every American President has been a Christian. They run the country, and now they’re complaining that they don’t have enough power? Please.


Nationwide Religious Freedom Rallies Set for Today in 15 Major Cities—Including San Francisco

Rallies Hosted by Save the Persecuted Christians and Nations in Action Will Highlight Religious Persecution That Is Nearing Genocidal Proportions

WASHINGTON—Next week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is convening the largest human rights event in State Department history—the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom. This topic is a priority for President Donald Trump and his administration, but too many Americans are still unaware that, around the globe, hundreds of millions of people are being persecuted simply because of their faith. They are being tortured, enslaved, raped, crucified, driven from their homes and murdered in the most horrific ways imaginable. The majority of the persecuted are children, with girls and women being among those most violated.

To raise awareness of these outrages and to hold accountable those responsible, Save the Persecuted Christians (STPC, www.SavethePersecutedChristians.organd Nations in Action have joined forces with an informal coalition of other advocates for religious liberty to hold the persecutors accountable and create costs for their crimes against humanity. STPC advocates for hundreds of millions of persecuted Christians worldwide, along with partner organizations who also work tirelessly, so believers can pray, worship and witness freely and without fear. To that end, the groups are organizing more than a dozen Religious Freedom Rallies nationwide today to bring attention to the sufferings of brothers and sisters in Christ globally.

WHO:         Save the Persecuted Christians and Nations in Action

WHAT:       Religious Freedom Rally—San Francisco 

WHERE:     275 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

                     *Rallies of various sizes are also planned for Atlanta, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Tampa, Tysons (Va.), Washington, D.C., and West Palm Beach (Fla.) 

WHEN:       8 a.m. PT Wednesday, July 10

WHY:          To bring attention to the sufferings of those persecuted for their religious beliefs, as well as to call out persecutors—and their enablers—and hold them accountable

HOW:       Rally In-Person. Attend the rally in-person in San Francisco or one of the other cities, bring a sign, and take a stand to end worldwide religious persecution while hearing from experts and leaders. RSVP by city here.

                     Rally Online. Create awareness on social media by sharing and re-tweeting posts using the hashtag #Free2Pray, as well as call into local talk radio shows and write letters to the editor to highlight global Christian and religious persecution. Sign up online here.

                     Learn more about the nationwide events at, where religious persecution photos and news as well as downloadable resources for the rallies are available, or visit or

The mission of Save the Persecuted Christians is to save lives and save souls by holding the persecutors accountable for their crimes against humanity. To that end, it will disseminate actionable information about the magnitude of such crimes and bring to bear a movement of concerned Americans determined to hold persecutors accountable for such crimes and create real costs for perpetrating them against those who follow Jesus. 

Because most of these crimes are not covered in the media, Save the Persecuted Christians developed a dedicated news aggregator——to capture current instances of persecution and to provide readers an easy way to share these heartbreaking stories with others.


To interview a Save the Persecuted Christians representative, contact, Patrick Benner, 610.584.1096, ext. 104, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.

Epstein’s sexual depravity provides a glimpse into Trump’s secret life


The only reason Jeffrey Epstein’s sex scandal is big national news is because of this longstanding ties to his old friend, Donald J. Trump, whose own sexual scandals are mounting.

If not for Trump, Epstein would only be the latest rich white guy accused of sex trafficking and having sex with minors. The fact that Trump has defended him—and his (Trump’s) own Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta, may have helped Epstein get off light last year, when Acosta was a U.S. Attorney—has pushed this case into the national spotlight, although you’d never know it if your only “news” sources are Fox and Breitbart, which isn’t even reporting it.

When Kamala Harris said there’s a “predator living in the White House,” she knew exactly what she was doing. If Democrats are to defeat Trump next year, it won’t be on issues, like immigration, taxes, the economy, foreign policy or global warming, about which the public is split. No, it will be on the question of Trump’s character, or lack of it. Most Americans are deeply troubled by his amorality. Even Trump’s supporters know, deep down in the privacy of their own thoughts, that he’s an asshole, although of course, they can’t admit it. But there can’t be a person alive today who doesn’t understand Trump’s severe mental and sexual problems.

This is why Jeffrey Epstein’s recent arrest is so threatening to Trump.

Consider this: What if the Feds are squeezing Epstein? They say to him, in effect, “You have two choices, sir. You can go to jail for the rest of your life. Or you can give us information on Trump. Did he also molest underaged girls? Did he engage in sex trafficking?”

I think this is the real reason why the Southern District went after Epstein. We all know that the Southern District is looking into all sorts of irregularities concerning Trump, his family, businesses and foundation. Maybe their chain of evidence is closing in on Trump, and all they need is a final confirmation of Trump’s amoral, criminal sexual behavior.

You know how we’ll get more understanding of this? When Trump starts to badmouth Epstein, his former good friend, on Twitter. Whenever Trump trashes an ex-associate (Michael Cohen, for example), it’s because he, Trump, is afraid of what that person might testify under oath about him. I admit there’s a possibility that the Southern District went after Epstein purely and simply due to the horror of his crimes—13 year old girls! But I have a feeling this case is tied into the larger one, of driving a man from the presidency who is manifestly unfit for that, or any public, office.

Meanwhile, the Great Untold Story out there is how does Trump procure women for his sexual gratification now that he’s in the fishbowl of the presidency? For the answer, we need the Secret Service to leak. I do not believe, and I don’t think you believe, that Trump gave up consorting with strippers and porn stars when he became president. His sex drive is intact, maybe stronger than ever. Melania? Don’t make me laugh. She likes the money, the servants, the private jets and high fashion and the fawning media, but she and Trump are no longer sexually interested in each other. Nor is Trump ready to live the life of a celibate monk. He surely knows that, were he to get caught with a stripper, it would be the biggest scandal of his presidency. But he also knows that (a) he would be able to deny it and call whoever leaked the tidbit a liar, and (b) his supporters wouldn’t care anyway, because they’ve already factored his infidelity and amorality into their judgment of him.

Jeffrey Epstein is a predator. Donald J. Trump is a predator. That’s Kamala Harris’s message, and it had better be the message of all the Democratic candidates running for president. We have to keep challenging the moral beliefs of Christians who support this president. Many of them are wobbly. Keep at it, Democrats. Remind them over and over of his indecency. We may be able to persuade some of them not to vote for him again, which in essence is equivalent to voting for a Democrat. And when, after Election Day 2020 Trump is toppled, we’ll be able to say, as Gerald Ford once did, “Our long national nightmare is over!”

Dems risk the election if they bash cops


Did you hear about that incident over the weekend where a Tempe, Arizona Starbucks barista asked five cops to leave the store because a customer said he or she “did not feel safe” in their presence?

A hashtag, #DumpStarbucks, immediately started trending on Twitter. I must admit to being stunned and offended by this story. By all accounts, the cops were doing nothing except peacefully enjoying their coffee. We know almost nothing about the customer who didn’t feel “safe,” but we can infer quite a lot about him or her.

My city, Oakland, is filled with similar people. They hate cops. Some call for completely defunding the Oakland Police Department. They put up flyers cursing cops and occasionally you see graffiti advocating violence against the police. In fact, in casual conversations, you hear anti-cop sentiment on a daily basis in Oakland.

I myself, when I see a cop on the beat, always thank them for their service. They seem startled, at first, but after a second they hear my sincerity—they realize I’m not being sarcastic—and they see my smile, and they thank me. It’s a small moment, but a precious one, for both of us. They know that not everyone in Oakland despises them, and I feel better for giving them a little gratitude.

I can’t put myself in the head of someone who would “not feel safe” in a coffee shop just because some cops are there. I’d feel safer! What is wrong with that person? I hope he or she is identified and asked by the media to explain such a bizarre attitude. Probably they’d say something about cops being oppressors, police brutality, Black Lives Matter, etc. Granted these can be issues: cops are only human, and all humans can be assholes, even—especially—the current President of the United States.

But let’s also remember that the majority of cops are fine, upstanding, decent and law-abiding Americans, who put their lives on the line every time they wear the uniform. And for what? To serve and protect US. The Starbucks customer who complained ought to be more fearful of getting assaulted by a criminal, not by a cop. And who’s the first person she would call if she were assaulted? The cops!

If Trump wins re-election, God forbid, it’s going to be because of accumulated instances like this, which turn into national memes that can supersede larger issues, like climate change or war. The vast, overwhelming majority of Americans on both sides of the political aisle respect the police. We do not want to see them vilified or ridiculed or hurt. I consider myself a lifelong liberal, but this growing barrage of resentment against cops is really turning me off to the extremists in my own Democratic Party who engage in this anti-cop rhetoric.

I loathe the rightwing radicals in the Republican Party who voted for Trump and continue to support him. I consider them clear and present dangers to our way of life. I think many, maybe most, of them are crazy. But if you’re a Democrat, you have to acknowledge that we have our crazies, too. They’re not quite as obnoxious or numerous as the rightwing crazies, but they’re pretty bad. And cop-bashing is one way to identify them.

Some police reformers would argue that there’s no room for a single bad cop, but the truth is, there are always going to be some. The Oakland Police Department is engaged in a long, serious struggle to weed out bad cops, and to engage in extensive training, including de-escalation techniques, community policing, sensitivity classes and the like. What more do the anti-cop types want? That Starbucks customer who “did not feel safe,” what does she want? She probably doesn’t know, herself, beyond some shopworn platitudes.

I’ll be voting Democratic next year, but every time I hear things like that Starbucks customer hating on cops, I understand a little more about why so many Obama voters switched their allegiance to Trump. And I’m not entirely unsympathetic to them.

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