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Sen. Feinstein must step down in the next 10 days!


It’s looking increasingly likely that Governor Newsom will be recalled in the upcoming election. I sincerely hope he isn’t, but because it could happen, we have to make contingency plans. If he’s throw out of office, then the Republican who succeeds him (whoever it is) will be able to appoint California’s next U.S. Senator, should anything happen to Dianne Feinstein, who is 88 years old.

Although the radically rightwing radio talk show host, Larry Elder, is said to be the frontrunner among Republicans to replace Newsom, any of them would be a disaster. They’re all confirmed Trumpers: anti-choice, homophobic, anti-science, anti-immigrant, and in favor of cutting taxes on the rich. Most of them have vowed to do away with all mask requirements, and to make proofs of vaccination illegal. We do not want any of those people to be Governor of California!

And yet it might happen. If it does, what about Feinstein? Everybody knows she could drop dead at any moment. With this in mind, she should resign immediately, giving Newsom the opportunity to name her successor well before the Sept. 14 recall election date.

She may not want to: she’s stubborn. A lot of people urged her to resign before the 2018 election, but she refused. That was then; this is now; the stakes are far higher. Dianne has had a good, long run in the Senate (nearly 30 years), has earned her place in the California history books, and is very rich. With whatever years remain to her, she could retire to a comfortable life, perhaps writing a memoir. Her mansion in Pacific Heights and lavish oceanfront home in Stinson Beach provide her with plenty of comfort. She can be proud of her stellar career.

If she steps down, Newsom would have a wealth of potential replacements from the House of Representatives: Adam Schiff, Eric Swallwell, Jackie Speier, Ro Khanna, Ted Lieu, Karen Bass, Linda Sanchez all come to mind (I’d love to see Maxine Waters in the Senate, driving the Republicans out of their minds, but we need someone who will remain there for a long time, and she’s already 83. Ditto for Barbara Lee, who’s 75).

There’s another good reason to vote NO on the recall: if God forbid a Republican is elected, government in California will instantly come crashing down into total gridlock. The Democratic-controlled Legislature will rightfully refuse to cooperate with a rightwing neo-fascist Trump supporter. This would be an ugly situation, and the ultimate losers would be the People of California.

If you agree with my thinking, please help to advance this message. Contact Feinstein and respectfully ask her to resign. I’ve been a strong Dianne supporter since she was Mayor of San Francisco; I was a young political activist working on transit issues, and she always took my calls and was very helpful. She’s done a great job over the decades as Senator, especially on gun control. But there comes a time in every career when it’s time to step aside and let a younger generation take over. For Dianne Feinstein, that time, urgently, is now.

  1. Monica Bey says:

    That you think Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Ro Khanna, Maxine Waters et all are fit to hold their offices, let alone be a U.S. Senator, says it all …

    Truly frightening! And you’re not a young man, based on your photo. You should have acquired some wisdom by your age!

  2. Dear Monica Bey, next time you’re hanging around Mar-a-Lago, tell your fuehrer, trump, that he sucks.

  3. Ronald S Ross says:

    I can’t find the answer to this question anywhere.
    IF Gov Newsome is recalled, can he REPLACE Sen Feinstein
    after 9/14 (and before the election is certified)? IF she retires OR can he only replace her if she retires BEFORE 9/14? AND I think the best choice to replace her is KATIE PORTER!!!!!!

  4. I don’t know the answer. But Feinstein has plenty to answer for.

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