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Republicans, Black Americans, and where we go from here


It’s amazing, isn’t it, how blatant the Republican attempts are to prevent Black people from voting. They don’t even care that their efforts are so obviously ham-handed. If anything, they seem proud of it. I guess these days, when it comes to racism, the philosophy is “Let it all hang out.”

Everybody knows that if every American who is legally eligible to vote actually votes, no republican would ever again win the presidency, or the Senate from most states. Trump himself said so. “They had things, levels of voting that if you’d ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again,” he said last year,“they” being Democrats and “it” being Democratic proposals to protect voting rights in America. In the gunsights of the republican party are such “things” as voting by mail, same-day registration, and early voting. These are all practiced by working-class Americans who aren’t given Election Day off as a paid holiday. Most of the world’s countries do that, or they hold Election Day on weekends, but in the U.S., conservative Christians have prevented weekend voting because they think it’s unholy to vote on God’s day. I don’t include Black Christian churches in this war on voting: for decades, their “souls to the polls” initiative, which began decades ago, “organize(d) caravans after church service on the Sunday prior to Election Day to transport Black congregants to early voting locations.” The result was an enormous increase in Black turnout in elections. We can credit the 2020 Georgia Senate elections, as well as Joe Biden’s victory, with this Black turnout—which is exactly why anti-democracy republicans want to end it.

These disgruntled republicans, egged on by Trump and his increasingly crazy children, want to go back to the good old days, when only white men who owned property were allowed to vote. In their heart of hearts, they want a return to slavery, or something like it, which they can’t publicly admit. Look at the faces of the maniacs who invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6.

These are the storm troops of the restoration of the Confederacy. Not a Black face among them, or an Asian or Latino. Probably not a Gay. These are not the faces of America. They are the faces of violence and death. These are the faces that the republican Senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, praised as true patriots.

Patriots! Violent racists, homophobes, religious maniacs, xenophobes and thugs who, if they were in power, would launch a massive purge of millions of Americans who, in their opinion, are the enemies of trump. Am I being hyperbolic? No. Study history. Study the rise of the Nazis. You know where that led. The symptoms in the republican party are exactly the same as they were in Germany in the early 1930s. Instead of the Gestapo and the Einsatzgruppen, we have the Oathkeepers and the Proud Boys and those fat militia pigs running around with their bear spray and revolvers. What happened in Central Europe in the 1940s can happen here; anyone who supports trump knows it, and is complicit in the conspiracy.

Fortunately, we, the American People, overthrew Trump legally in the last election. It’s true that Democrats lost seats in the Congress, and historians are going to have to explain why. (For example, was it because of the Black Lives Matter riots that turned violent? Was it because Democrats didn’t choose a progressive in 2020?) But in my view, Democrats are poised to recover those losses in 2022, and we have an opportunity to reduce the Republican party to permanent minority status. That won’t entirely eliminate the threat of these far-right radical fanatics. But it will keep them in their little corner, from which they can be observed and controlled, like ferrets in a cage.

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