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May their names be cursed in History


It’s a weird time in America, which is really saying something, since it’s been weird here for a long time.

But this current time is weirder than usual. We have the vaccines out—but few can get them. COVID seems like it’s winding down—but there are all those “variants” that could fuel it back up again. The economy is in a shambles; how it compares to the Great Recession, I don’t know, but I’m glad I’m retired, because if I were still working, I might be unemployed. Then there’s the drama with trump (may his name be cursed in History) and the freaks who love him.

Another Impeachment! Of course the traitorous Republican Senators will never, ever convict him (may their names be cursed in History), but trump’s name will forever be stained as the Worst President Ever. It’s the least we can do to him. And what of his family? You know, I know, everybody knows that these spawn—Donald Junior, Eric and Ivanka, in particular—are really disgusting human beings. They’re bullies. They have that entitlement that some—not all—lucky sperm kids show in such an ugly manner. I hope that they end up on the defendant side of criminal and civil cases, and oh, by the way, may their names be cursed in History.

One Republican defense of trump—his lawyers used it yesterday, but it’s often trotted out by the conservative right—is that “liberals” hate trump and have been after him from Day One. Well, as one of those liberals, I’ll ‘fess up. It’s true. I do hate trump. Everybody I know hates trump. The Republicans forget or ignore two things: (1) they invented the modern hatefest when they went after, first, Clinton and then Obama. Democrats never hated on George W. Bush the way Republicans hate on all Democrats. We opposed some—not all—of Bush’s policies, and we always said he seemed like a decent enough guy (when he wasn’t taking his orders from the evangelicals, with their hideous homophobia). The other thing Republicans refuse to acknowledge is that we oppose trump because we know what he is. The dude is bad news, always has been, always will be. It was one thing when he was just a rich real estate developer/reality show personality, but when he took over our country, we got to work on The Resistance. There’s nothing wrong with identifying a threat to your country, hating it, and working to get rid of it. That’s what the Founding Fathers did with Great Britain and George III. It’s what the Allies did with Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. So we Democrats have plenty of glorious precedent for our hatred.

As I write this, on Wednesday morning, nobody knows what the ultimate Senate vote will be on Impeachment. It should be at least 56 for Impeachment and 44 against, the former figure including the six Republicans who voted yesterday that trump can still be removed from office and prohibited from holding future elected office. The conventional wisdom is that there may be a few other Republican Senators who will side with Democrats—Richard Burr, even Mitch McConnell—but I doubt it; they certainly won’t get the 17 Republicans they need for conviction. Those Republican traitors have their heads so far down into the trump toilet, they’ll never see daylight again (and may their names be cursed in History).

Most people I know think that trump is going to fade away. Let him be the Monster of Mar-a-Lago, playing golf, summoning porn stars, gorging on junk food. As for his insane supporters—the “proud boys,” Bugaloos, Oath Keepers and the other militant cults—I will say about them what Melania Trump’s jacket said about the caged Central American children: “I don’t really care. Do U?” Let those white, rightwing fascists stew in their own juices. They exist on the fringes of decent American society; they can’t possibly keep up their anger levels much longer, as the demands of life—work, family, mowing the lawn and keeping the car running—catch up with them, as they catch up with all of us. Thank God Facebook and Twitter have banned trump. He has no public voice anymore; sooner or later, he too will get bored. He’s going to be 75 years old on June 14, and with his physical condition—obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure and who knows what else (hemmorhoids, hernias?)—his energy is flagging. Plus, with all the lawsuits coming his way, he’s going to have to devote what little energy he has to his defense. So screw him. Screw his fascist friends. Screw them all.

Anyhow, time to watch the Impeachment Trial of Donald John Trump, may his name be cursed in History!

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