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A phone chat between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Steve Bannon


[This is a transcript of a conversation between the controversial Republican congresswoman and the indicted Trump supporter. I obtained it through a friend with a high position in the American security community, who requested anonymity because h/she was not authorized to disclose the information to me. This conversation was recorded on Thursday night, beginning at 7:54 p.m. California time. Neither Taylor Green nor Bannon knew they were being taped.)

Majorie Taylor Green (MTG): Steve? Is that you? Can you hear me?

Steve Bannon (SB): I’m here, Margie. I can hear you just fine.

MTG: Oh, I’m so glad. I need someone to talk to.

SB: I can only imagine!

MTG: I’ve been stripped of my committees!

SB: I know. I’m watching C-SPAN.

MTG: What the hell happened to the Insurrection? You told us it would all happen on Jan. 6 and the next day we’d be in control of the government.

SB: Yeah. I know. I’m as disappointed as you are.

MTG: That’s all you have to say? Q put ourselves out on a limb. I expected to be meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office that night. I don’t need this shit.

SB: Well, welcome to the Big Leagues, Margie.

MTG: So where do we go from here?

SB: “We”?

MTG: You know damn well what I mean. Q.

SB: I don’t know what to tell you, Margie. I mean…

MTG: We have been working for this moment for four years. The moment to destroy Democrats, to kill them if necessary. But it’s been a disaster for the last three months. We lost the Senate. The Democrat Party held the House. We lost the damn presidency. And now I’ve been removed from all my House committees!

SB: Well, I know. I feel for you, Margie. Nobody ever told you it would be easy.

MTG: But Steve, tell me the truth: is our thing still happening? Because it seems pretty depressing.

SB: Margie, I promise you, it’s happening.

MTG: Really?

SB: You have my word. This was all in the plan.

MTG: You mean–?

SB: The setbacks. We foresaw these bumps in the road. But I guarantee you, we’re still on track to victory.

MTG: Meaning–?

SB: A white, straight, Christian AmeriQa, governed by Jesus Christ, with zero tolerance for our enemies, foreign or domestic.

MTG: Oh Steve, your words make me dizzy with delight!

SB: A country where Franklin Graham, not that whore AOC, has a seat at the top. A country that doesn’t cater to queers. A country where we get rid of Jews, except for our friends in the Hasidic community. A country where Muslims are deported, where liberals are thrown in jail, where we own and run the media. A country where you could be President of the United States of America! Or should I say, the Qunited States of AmeriQa.

MTG: Oh, Steve, stop joshing.

SB: I’m not!

MTG: You don’t mean that I could be president, do you? I mean, little old me, who was doing manicures just a few years ago?

SB: Yes! Absolutely! Don’t forget, Hitler was a housepainter when he was your age. You’re exactly what we’re looking for, Margie. Someone so ordinary, so ridiculous, so unlikely, so incompetent, so breathtakingly banal, that no one would ever take her seriously. That’s what Adolf was in 1921. That’s what you are in 2021.

MTG: Me and Adolf Hitler? OMG. What a compliment.

SB: It’s true, Margie. Take yourself more seriously. You’re just starting this ride.

MTG: Steve, I will never forget you. No matter how high I soar, you will always be in my rear view mirror.

SB: Excellent, Margie. But you’ll have to excuse me now. I have a conference call with McCarthy and Trump.

MTG: Some day, I’ll be on that conference call. Hell, I’ll be leading it.

SB: I know you will. Take care, Margie. Heil Trump!

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