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Trump out of the White House: how it might be


After he left office, Trump ran into all sorts of problems. When the moving vans arrived at Mar-a-Lago with his and Melania’s White House stuff, they were pelted with eggs and bags of feces, as angry Palm Beachers let the Trumps know how they felt about them. The West Palm Beach City Council passed a resolution stating the official opposition of the city to having disgraced Trumps live in their midst. Trump and Melania then took off on what his spokeman called “an extended vacation.” They were spotted in Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Zagreb. A local feature magazine reprinted a photo by papparazi showing both Trump and Melania having gained a lot of weight.

In Washington, D.C., New York, Bedminster, Stamford CT, Jersey City, Hollywood FL, Las Vegas and other U.S. cities, Trump hotels and golf clubs were picketed; some were forced to close, while others found themselves with civil lawsuits filed against them. Reports circulated that the Trumps were afraid to return to America. The Trump children, particularly the most recognizable among them (Ivanka, Donald, Jr. and Eric) were routinely confronted wherever they went. Donald, Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Gilfoyle, had to leave the upscale Tasca NYC restaurant, where they were dining outdoors, after other customers screamed and spat at them. Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, were asked to resign from their membership in the Temple of Israel synagogue, after 285 members signed a petition urging them to leave. The couple also had to stop shopping at their favorite stores near their Manhattan residence in Trump Tower after proprietors informed them they were no longer welcome. Eric Trump was no longer seen in public; a confidant, who requested anonymity, explained that he was taking anti-depressants and hardly went outdoors anymore.

And the lawsuits came rushing in. The Southern District of New York plunged ahead with its criminal charges of tax evasion and the payment of hush money. The New York State Attorney-General indicted Trump and six of his associates for various criminal violations. Twenty women filed civil charges against Trump for sexual harassment. The U.S. Justice Department, under Attorney-General Merrick Garland, announced it was investigating Trump and the Trump campaign in at least ten areas, including the unresolved charges against Trump stemming from the Mueller probe. The New York Times reported that Trump was having trouble finding reputable lawyers to defend him, and that his legal bills were already in excess of $12 million. When Rudy Giuliani died of a heart attack, Trump lost the only lawyer who remained devoted to him.

Trump is said by those close to him as being “depressed and almost suicidal.” Several sources revealed that, wherever he happens to be living, he has access to his favorite television station, Fox News, and to a range of newspapers. He is said to exchange hardly a word all day with Melania; the two dine separately and lead separate lives. The former president’s weight allegedly has ballooned to more than 325 pounds, as he stuffs himself on fatty junk food. Rumors that he was going to launch his own television network have quieted in recent weeks, as Trump apparently has lost interest, at least temporarily.

“He’s a sad, lonely, isolated and desperate man,” a source said. “He spends his days online, looking for proof that Hillary Clinton broke the law, that Obama really was born in Kenya, that Hunter Biden colluded with the Ukrainians, that he really did win the election in a landslide. Nobody dares to correct him. It’s a sad ending to a once-spectacular career.”

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