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It’s All Over, Baby Trump


So now, the Insurrectionists are planning a Million MAGA March on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day. (In some instances, it’s being called the Million Militia March.) For the record, I call it the Million Moron March.

Isn’t that special? All those nice, patriotic Americans who celebrated Trump on Jan. 6 are coming back to Washington. They had such a nice time, they’re doing it again.

Look: We just had an attempted coup d’état that came perilously close to becoming a mass casualty event in the Capitol. The thugs got away with it because the Capitol Police—whose leadership in my opinion was in cahoots with them—allowed them to run amok. Fortunately, the Nation rallied in time to drive the criminals back, and now the F.B.I. is rounding them up. The conventional wisdom is that, while the days preceding Jan. 6 offered tons of warning about what the thugs were planning, “security officials” didn’t catch on.

This time, the warning signals for Jan. 20 are abundant. The Pentagon is going to have to turn out regular troops of the Army to protect the Inauguration, and not just a few troops: thousands and thousands of them. And they have to be aided by thousands and thousands of National Guardsmen, thousands of cops from Washington, D.C. and nearby Maryland and Virginia municipalities, and a helluva lot of F.B.I. and D.H.S. muscle. In short, the government will have to assemble the biggest domestic military presence in U.S. history. That will upset the poor little rightwing coup plotters, which is ironic: they’re always droning on and on about law and order and how much they love our men and women in uniform. But when our men and women in uniform are out there protecting the Constitution, suddenly Trump’s maniacs are screaming for their scalps. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.

Personally, I hope that a ton of white supremacist ammosexuals do gather for their Million Moron March. That way, we’ll have them all in one place, where they’ll be easier to round up, instead of having to hunt them down in every trailer park in the country. It obviously won’t be possible to arrest all of them (although it’s a nice thought…), but we can pick off, say, a few thousand. And we can have mass trials: hell, Trump had mass trials for immigrants from the South, thereby establishing the precedent. How fitting that Trumpers themselves will be tried en masse. Picture, in your imagination, some of those ugly, distorted faces from the Trump Insurrection:

They were so bold and brave when they were surrounded by their ilk. But what will they look like when they’re having their mug shots taken, or when they hear the Judge announce their sentences:

“For the Crime of participating in an Insurrection against the United States of America, this Court sentences you to forty years in a Federal prison.”

I may be a little more vengeful than some, but I suspect that most Democrats, and a good many Independents, share my feeling. I’ve been active in The Resistance since before it was called The Resistance. I’ve written hundreds of posts showing the criminal insanity of Trump and his cult; I’ve been calling for his imprisonment for years. Now, finally, his karma has caught up with him: he’s disgraced, with no political future, his business empire likely to be in tatters. Wherever he decides to live, his neighbors will make life unpleasant. He could easily lose his freedom and find himself in the pokey (that would be my preference). Yes, Trump finally overstepped the boundaries. For years, he drew the line further and further out, making us wonder if he’d step over it, and he always did—and got away with it. No more. He’s not getting away with this. The Era of Trump ends with a Bang.

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