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Trump’s final “strategy” is completely insane


I could hardly believe my ears when I heard that the new Republican legal strategy to overturning the results of the election is to claim that in four states that Joe Biden won, the reason no fraud has been found is because Democratic officials passed laws making fraud impossible to detect.

Yes, you read it right. The fact that no fraud has been found anywhere is proof, according to Republicans, that fraud was rampant.

This latest absurd lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court by the ultra-rightwing attorney-general of Texas, the tea party wackjob Ken Paxton, who was joined by the Republican attorneys general of 17 other U.S. states and who also is under indictment and is probably fishing for a presidential pardon. They’re demanding that the Supreme Court nullify the results from Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. If granted, SCOTUS thus would take away Joe Biden’s convincing victory and hand over the election to the man who lost it, Donald Trump. Keep in mind that Trump has been saying for a long time that “his” Supreme Court eventually would decide who won the election, not the voters. That’s been his ploy for years—to appoint justices who would be amenable to his wishes, even if that meant breaking the law by overturning the results of the safest election America has ever had. Trump has always known he was going to lose the election (both the popular vote and the electoral vote), so his strategy has been to somehow throw the election to individual state legislatures or to the U.S. House of Representatives, both of which have Republican majorities. In that way, and only in that way, could Trump pull off his coup d’etat and get himself “re-elected” or, more properly, appointed president, thereby thwarting the will of the majority of American voters who fired him with cause on Nov. 3.

Most Supreme Court analysts predict that this bizarre project of Texas and its 17 rightwing state allies has little to no chance of succeeding, despite the presence of religious extremists like Alito, Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh and Thomas on SCOTUS; even though they dislike the concept of democracy, and would rather install a Christian fundamentalist government in this country, evidently there are outrages even they are unwilling to accept. But push is coming to shove. These extremist Christians have it in their heads that the rapture is coming, and they may be willing to shred the Constitution, overturning more than 200 years of American democracy, if they seriously believe the Second Coming is imminent (and they may be crazy enough to believe just that). At this point, we have no way of knowing what they’ll do. But we can get ready: in the unlikely event the conservative majority on SCOTUS does overturn the election, American patriots are going to have to respond in the only way that Republicans understand: power.

That means the streets. But if we do man the barricades, we must avoid making the same stupid mistakes that Occupy and Black Lives Matter did, which was to wantonly destroy the Democratic cities in which they protested. It’s beyond me to comprehend how those protesters believed that burning down Oakland, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and so on would accomplish their goals; if anything, their criminal behavior did the exact opposite. I can only think that their anger blinded them to reality, or perhaps they were just stoned; and certainly many of them are mentally unstable. At any rate, “taking to the streets” means peaceful, massive demonstrations throughout America. Of course, the other side—the fascists who support Trump and buy into his lies—will also take to the streets, and they probably have more guns than we do. But there are more of us than of them; that’s why Democratic presidential nominees always win the popular vote. So if it’s simply a matter of bodies vs. bodies, we’ll win.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Let’s hope that the Republican stooges on SCOTUS do the right thing. But gird yourselves. Steel your loins. Get ready to defend our Constitution, our democracy, our freedoms. There are a lot of maniacal Christians, white supremacists and just-plain crazy people who want to steal America. We cannot allow them.

  1. I expect the Supreme Court will quickly shut this case down. Although I despise many of the views of the right-wing justices, I do have some faith in them to obey the law. Maybe that’s because I’m a lawyer.

  2. I have less faith in them than you do. If the radical Christians believe that this is an apocalyptic situation, they’re capable of anything.

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