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Trump’s up to something. We don’t know what it is…


Trump is plotting something. We don’t know what. But we can start from this premise: he has no intention of going peacefully. So, while we don’t know the details of his nefarious plot, it’s looking more and more that it might constitute a coup d’état.

What is a coup d’état? In French it means a “blow of [or to] the state.” In other words, an illegal overthrow of an existing government, in most cases by violent means. The United States has never had a coup d’état, although they seem to be the norm in African countries, and sometimes in South American and Middle Eastern countries—what we sometimes call “banana republics.” In the case of Trump, perhaps coup d’état is not the most precise term, because Trump currently runs the American government; he can’t overthrow himself. But what he can overthrow are institutions that have protected our democracy for more than 200 years, including such things as the results of presidential elections.

I saw a journalist on T.V. yesterday who said that if he were to say to Trump, “You can have a second term, but only if this is the last presidential election we ever have in America,” Trump would say “Okay.” Look what Trump did this week in Detroit, where his Republican henchmen tried, and thankfully failed under public pressure, to decertify the largely-Black Democratic vote. Look what he did in firing Chris Krebs, the country’s top election security official, for stating accurately the the 2020 Presidential election was the most secure in history. Look at what he did in firing the top ranks at the Defense Department. Look at his tweets, where he hysterically screams that he won the election, despite Biden’s landslide victory. Look at his ridiculous stooge, Giuliani, running around the country filing baseless lawsuits and lying outrageously about rigged elections. Look at everything this would-be fascist tyrant has said and done over the years to satisfy his followers blood-lust and get them in a mood for violence. There can be little doubt that Trump is putting the pieces into place to remain in power by whatever means necessary, despite having been fired by the voters.

I realize that I’m catastrophizing, something I’m prone to do anyway, a tendency exacerbated by the pandemic and, of course, by the situation with Gus, which is really wearing me down. Most probably, Trump is just getting in a few last-minute tantrums, and will go away, however unwillingly, on Jan. 20, 2021. Most probably the Trump cultists in the Congress will gradually recognize the incoming Biden administration, although for the diehards, it will be like going cold turkey after a serious smack addiction. Most likely there will be few if any acts of violence on the part of rightwing psychopaths like the proud boys. Most likely, by next Spring we’ll all be looking back at this era as an unnatural eruption of a smoldering disease that almost killed America—a bullet we narrowly dodged. Most likely…

But if we’ve learned anything from the Trump years, it’s that only fools make predictions. Right now, I’d say the odds are about even that Trump is planning some spectacular stunt to remain in power. He’s a clever man—he has the reptilian intelligence of a lizard, and he often, in his layered, Gemini mind, is working on more than one level. If he can’t remain in power, his plan includes a poisoning of the well for the incoming Biden administration: worsening the economy, worsening COVID cases and deaths, worsening the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, so that Biden will face an immense struggle from day one—a struggle he would not otherwise have were Trump to do the normal thing and cooperate in the transition. It’s likely that Trump wants to hobble the Biden administration not only because of personal pique, but because Trump—or one of his spawn, most likely Junior—already are eyeing 2024. Would Trump deliberately harm America in order to boost his and his family’s political and financial interests? Duh.

Whatever Trump’s up to, there are two things potentially standing in his way: the U.S. military, and the Republican Party leadership. It was encouraging the other day to hear Gen. Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, make his startling and historic announcement that the military swears allegiance not to a man, but to the Constitution. (Whether or not the rank and file of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard agree is another question.) As for the Republican Party, only they can talk down angry white nationalist yahoos itching for a fight. Will a Republican Senator like Ted Cruz (to use one of the worst of the breed) tell the open-carry militiamen of Texas that Biden really did win the election and that they really shouldn’t be doing anything to cause civil unrest? I don’t know, but I do know that the outrage of Blue states and the opinionators of the New York Times and MSNBC don’t have the slightest influence on the right wing, which listens to no one but their now-overthrown fuehrer.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  1. “Will a Republican Senator like Ted Cruz (to use one of the worst of the breed) tell the open-carry militiamen of Texas that Biden really did win the election and that they really shouldn’t be doing anything to cause civil unrest?”
    I wouldn’t use Cruz as an example. He’s the worst of the worst. But hopefully some others will step in.

  2. Cruz is almost the worst. I’d put Graham as the worst. We strongly suspect Trump has something on him, possibly sex-related, which is ironic, given that Putin almost certainly has some sex-related dirt on Trump–probably the pee tape.

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