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Good riddance to bad rubbish


He’s irrelevant. Trump, I mean. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

My name is Trump, King of Kings;

Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

There is nothing left but ruins. His kleptomaniacal family, especially the sons, are still out there, ranting, waving the neo-nazi flag, egging his insane followers on to some kind of civil war. His freakish slaves, like Lindsay Graham and Devin Nunes, are urging him to fight on. Like Confederate soldiers who lost the Civil War, they’re screaming, “Trump Will Rise Again.”

But nobody cares anymore. The world has moved on. Foreign leaders have all congratulated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. George W. Bush wished Biden well. They’re glad to wash their hands of this horrible, crazy person, Trump. Even Fox “News” cut off one of his cultists yesterday; when she started lying about a stolen election, the anchor in essence told her to STFU. Imagine! Fox has been Goebbels to Trump’s Hitler; for an anchor to repudiate a Trump propagandist is the ultimate symbol: Trump is yesterday’s garbage. All that’s needed is for the truck to come by and take him to the dump.

Now these Republicans are saying Trump needs more time to “absorb” the fact that he lost. Again, nobody cares what he absorbs, or how long it will take. We don’t give a damn about his digestive process. It doesn’t matter. If he’s in pain, fine; he deserves it. All that matters is that the process legally continue. Let President-Elect Biden be given the money he’s entitled to to fund the transition. Let the Electors meet (in their mysterious, un-transparent way) to certify the election results and declare Biden the winner. Let life in Washington proceed normally (or as normally as Washington is capable of). Trump can play golf and gorge on Kentucky Fried Chicken and watch porn and tweet and do whatever else he wants, until Jan. 20, 2021. Then he can move to Mar-a-Lago, or go to another country, as he threatened to do if he lost, and live out his life hiring strippers and bullying everybody.

Or—another delightful scenario—he can bankrupt himself on lawyers. He’s going to get his ass sued all over the place. As USA Today just reported, numerous people are suing Trump civilly for defamation of character. His niece Mary Trump is suing him for cheating her out of her inheritance. He’s being sued for using his Trump Hotel in Washington for violating emoluments laws regarding his hotel. He’s being sued by Michael Cohen for non-payment of legal bills. The New York State Attorney General is investigating him for fraud. And the Manhattan District Attorney is conducting a criminal investigation into what looks like Trump’s fraudulent business dealings. Even if Trump wins all these cases, which is unlikely, he’s going to be embroiled in them for years. It’s going to cost him tens of millions of dollars for lawyers—and he won’t have the Department of Justice to protect him anymore or the RNC to siphon money to him.

Well, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. We’ve all waited years for Justice (also known as Karma) to catch up with Trump. And now, it is. Tick…tick…tick…Jan. 20, 2021 is less than 2-1/2 months away. Plenty of time for Trump to stew, to worry, to sweat, to be paranoid. Plenty of time for him to lie in bed, in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, and envision a horrible future. It’s an apt reward for what he’s inflicted upon America, and the world. “As a man sows, he shall reap.” And the 70 million Republicans, including a majority of white people, who voted for him? Frankly, I don’t give a damn. They’ve been infected with a fever dream. Now that Trump has been flushed down history’s drainpipe, I believe the fever will break. Slowly, they’ll come back to their senses. They’ll go through a Kuber-Rossian period of denial and bargaining and then eventually they’ll reach acceptance. President Biden is such a decent, moderate man, they’ll have nothing to hate him for. (Progressive Democrats are another story!) Sooner or later, the Republican reaction will be, “You know what? Biden’s not as bad as we feared. And he is a pretty spiritual, religious guy who respects traditional family values.” Not all Republicans will come around. The worst of the deplorables are literally unregenerate. But I don’t care about them. So let’s go on to win two Senate seats in Georgia, fire the repulsive McConnell, and begin to fix the damage Trump and his cult have inflicted on our country!

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