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After more than four years, it looks like The Resistance has won!


On August 22, 2016, I wrote my final post about wine on my blog. I told my readers, “Going forward…I will frequently write about politics… and I will certainly do my best to demolish the Republican Party, which deserves it.” My wine blog, which I’d been writing for more than eight years–since May, 2008–had been one of the most popular in the country. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands or, who knows, hundreds of thousands of folks read it. It added inestimably to my reputation, which already was considerable. I fully realized that, by switching directions, there would be consequences. “I’m sure I’ll lose readers, maybe a lot of them,” I wrote. “But I may also gain some new ones. Be that as it may.”

I stopped writing about wine for two important reasons. First, I’d just retired, at the age of 70, so since I was no longer working in the wine industry, it didn’t make sense to write about it. Sure, I could have assumed the position of the wise elder statesman, pronouncing on heady issues in the wine industry, and I’m sure lots of people would have welcomed that. But the second reason was more compelling: I felt morally compelled to do everything in my power to resist Donald Trump.

Trump had secured the Republican nomination for president. As a New Yorker, I knew who, and what, Donald Trump was. He was a ridiculous joke. He’d led the anti-Obama birther movement, one of the most insidious political phenomena in modern history. He was a vile person, amoral, a serial adulterer, a blowhard, a narcissist, a fool, a pathological liar, a mean, nasty con man. It was important for me, in the summer of 2016, three months before the election, to join what eventually became known as The Resistance and do my best to aide it, however humble that role may have been.

I spent the next four years doing whatever I could to express my horror and outrage, as Trump went from nominee to president-elect to president and proceeded to strive to create a neo-nazi, white supremacist, fascist regime under his authoritarian rule. It was very difficult for me, as I’m sure it was for millions of other Americans, to hear his lies and slurs on a daily basis. It was absolutely horrifying to witness so many people in this country rally to him. As a student of the rise of the Nazis in Germany, I saw terrifying similarities in America. There were moments when, in despair, I came close to giving up. But I never did. Always there remained in me the spark of righteous indignation. I knew he was an evil man. I knew he represented the end of our democracy. I knew he was the coming dictator our wisest pundits feared. I knew how much I loved my country. I knew how perverse his followers were. And so there was no question: I had to continue writing about him, attacking, demolishing, exposing.

Republicans taunted people like me. “You’ve let Trump live rent-free in your head,” they said. Yes, it was true that I was obsessed with Trump. But it didn’t bother me. Some things are worth obsessing over. Lincoln was obsessed with saving the Union. I never for a moment thought that I should forget about him and move on to something else to write about. No. I believe in our American democracy. It’s not always easy living in a democracy. As Churchill said, “Many forms of Government have been tried…No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time…”.

So for me, after some 1,200 anti-Trump posts, written over four years and two months, here we are, on the cusp of a Biden-Harris victory. It’s not a done deal, as our fraught nerves well know. The Coney-evangelical-radical Catholic Supreme Court, with its bigoted religious fanatics, could still weigh in and overturn the will of The People. There remain plenty of battles ahead. We, The Resistance, can take enormous pride in what we have accomplished: the overthrow of an illegitimate and criminal president. But we mustn’t rest on our laurels. The other side is still out there, plotting, lying, fomenting civil unrest. It’s still our moral duty to fight them.

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