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Curry and Gates. Hooray for decent people!


Steph Curry interviewed Bill Gates for Steph’s new interview series, and it was so inspiring to see these two wealthy, powerful people talking thoughtfully about important things.

Mr. Gates spoke passionately about global poverty, disease, inequality, education, telemedicine, climate change, a green economy, and how the COVID pandemic has set back global philanthropic efforts for years. Mr. Curry brought his usual intelligence and passion for the poor and disadvantaged—which those of us in Oakland are familiar with—to his questions.

What a contrast with Republicans. They blather about family values (while violating them), cutting taxes on rich people, denying science, and rightwing fox “news” conspiracy theories like Hillary’s emails. No concern whatsoever from the Trump cult for the concerns of Americans. Watching the Curry-Gates exchange, I tried to conjure up a Republican equivalent, and the best I could come up with was Tom Brady interviewing one of the Koch brothers.

Brady: So, Mr. Koch, what is your most important goal?

Koch: We have to lower taxes on white billionaires like me even further because poor people are lazy and stupid and deserve what they get. We have to get government out of everything except making war and banning abortion. And we need to rely on dummies like you to shovel up our propaganda to the masses.

I don’t know if Steph is doing this interview series with a view toward his post-basketball life, but he’d make a great politician and so for that matter would Bill Gates. Consider the contrast between Gates and the fake billionaire (now that we know his taxes), Trump. Mr. Gates spends his time and money trying to find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Trump by contrast spends his time banging porn stars (or watching them on his computer), playing golf, stiffing vendors, hiding his financial scams and advancing the careers of hacks like Coney Barrett, whose religious beliefs he privately thinks are stupid. (That’s the one thing I have in common with Trump.)

It’s common among Republicans to condemn popular figures, such as movie stars and athletes, for speaking out on issues. They hate it when, for instance, Sean Penn or Robert DeNiro or Colin Kaepernick go public with criticisms of a do-nothing, greedy Republican Party. Of course, when Brady, Jon Voight or the hideous James Woods say nice things about Trump, Republicans jump up and down with joy, so there’s a little bit of hypocrisy there. But you might notice that, at least in Hollywood, the outspoken Republicans are by and large washed up old fogeys nobody cares about.

But Curry! What an amazing story. He and his wife, Ayesha, are such a breath of fresh air. With their money (net worth around $130 million) they could live a private life of great luxury and not get involve in the sometimes poisonous world of politics. But Steph Curry has a moral conscience. He feels a responsibility to poor, young people, and to great causes, such as global warming. The Currys’ foundation, Eat.Learn.Play, combats hunger and obesity (“Eat”), supports public education (“Learn”), and provides low-income kids with safe places to play (“Play”). That is God’s work. The next time you hear some sleazebag like Franklin Graham or Donald Trump mention the word God, try not to throw a brick at your T.V. But know that you’re looking at a profoundly immoral liar.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    I wish I had a TV so I could watch Trump and throw a brick at the TV.
    As to Steph Curry, I kind of wish I hadn’t given up watching all sports a couple of decades ago. I’d like to have seen him play. But maybe I’ll see him in a different arena in his post-basketball life.

  2. I have a feeling Steph is going to be very famous in the years to come.

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