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What is Biden appointed six drag queens to SCOTUS?


Can you imagine the outcry on the right if Democratic Presidents had installed six Gay men on the Supreme Court? Republican closet cases like Auntie Lindsay Graham and Matt “Pool Boy” Gaetz would be howling for blood. The fagbashers in the “proud boys” would be torching gay bars. Franklin Graham, between whatever furtive sexual things he does, would invoke the name of God and consign the Democratic Party to hell, while his bestie, Jerry Falwell, Jr. would—oh, right, he was busted for having illicit sex, so he’d probably keep his mouth shut.

For that matter, what if Democratic Presidents had installed six Black people on the Supreme Court? OMG, the racists would be spurting seminal fluid through their noses. Or what if Democratic Presidents had installed six Muslims on the Supreme Court? Rand Paul’s hair would be on fire. John Cornyn would fulminate against “atheists and terrorists in charge of American law.” Jeanine Pirro, on fox “news” channel, would be spitting Catholic indignation right through the T.V. screen.

Then why is it okay for Republican Presidents to stack the Supreme Court with radically rightwing Roman Catholics? If you can give me a rational answer, you win a free lifetime subscription to this blog. The reasons Republicans love conservative Catholics are several. Conservative Catholics are reliably reactionary. They hate homosexuals and they hate a woman’s right to choose. They will toe the Vatican-GOP line in violation of their oath to obey the Constitution. Of course, they also conveniently “forget” the Pope’s constant admonition to Catholics to be charitable and loving, and to respect and protect the environment. This “cafeteria Catholicism” comes in handy when you’re a political hack on the Supreme Court, like Coney Barrett.

The truly weird thing is that Catholics and evangelicals are natural enemies, like cobras and mongooses. (Mongeese?) They both believe the other side is going to hell. Catholics think that evangelicals are heretics, while evangelicals think Catholics worship idols (e.g. the Pope). Given their preference, each side would wipe the other off the face of the Earth. But politics makes strange bedfellows! Catholics and evangelicals need each other the way sharks need remora fish to pick the parasites from their mouths. It’s also weird, when you think about it, why Catholics and evangelicals support the rightwing Likud Party in Israel. Again, if given their preference, Catholics would burn every Jew in the world in the flames of the auto da fé, as they did in the good old days, while the evangelicals cheered from the sidelines with Hosannas. That’s because both sides crazily believe that the Second Coming of Jesus Chris cannot occur until certain prophecies concerning Israel are fulfilled and—oh, it’s all too tedious.

But here we are, with the heaviest concentration of Catholics in the history of the country currently on the Supreme Court. (Sonia Sotomayor is also Catholic, but she understands the importance of separating her religious beliefs from her jurisprudence, in a way the other Catholics do not.) Many of the Founding Fathers were deeply suspicious of Catholics. Thomas Jefferson, for instance, wrote in one letter, “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government,” while in another, he observed, “[i]n every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.” George Washington was not so hostile to Catholics as Jefferson or John Adams, but Washington realized the potential dangers that too-strong Catholicism posed to the young American democracy. “As mankind become more liberal,” he wrote in a message to Catholic Americans, “they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protection of civil government.”

What Washington knew and was expressing, in his ever-so diplomatic way, was the Catholicism in the 18th century was a most illiberal religion. And it remains so, which is why Republicans have such a bizarre affection for it. Democrats are scared to death to appear to be anti-Catholic, which is why they’re pussy-footing around the subject in the Coney Barrett hearings. When Dianne Feinstein, in 2017, told Barrett, “The dogma lives loudly within you”—a true statement if ever there was one–she meant Barrett’s religious dogma. But so severely was Feinstein bashed for being “anti-Catholic” that Democrats are loath to bring up the topic again. “God forbid a Democratic senator did go after this candidate [Coney Barrett] on the grounds of her religious belief,” said Stephen Schneck, a national co-chair of Catholics for Biden. “I think it would create a huge backlash that would certainly hurt the Biden campaign.” But look: Democrats aren’t criticizing Barrett’s religion. They are criticizing her interpretation of her religion, and her nasty habit of not being able to separate her personal religious beliefs from the Law.

Democrats shouldn’t roll over and play dead when it comes to pointing out the anti-democratic biases of radical rightwing Catholicism. Biden himself is a Catholic; but, like Sotomayor, he’s one who doesn’t allow his religious prejudices (whatever they may be) to interfere with his political and judicial opinions. We need more Catholics like Biden and Sotomayor, and we certainly could do with far fewer Coney Barretts, Clarence Thomases, Samuel Alitos, Brett Kavanaughs and John Robertses on the Supreme Court or anywhere else in the halls of power in America.

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