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No “thoughts and prayers” from me for Trump

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It’s completely inappropriate to take pleasure in Trump’s and Melania’s positive testing for COVID-19. Only an amoral, hateful person would be glad to see two human beings fall ill with a dreadful disease.

Did I just write the above? I did! But I had my fingers crossed the whole time, which is a pretty good feat. Ever try typing with crossed fingers? But you know I’m always honest on my blog, and so I have to be this time. I admit to a strong, pleasurable feeling of schadenfreude. There are no two people on Earth I’d rather see get sick with COVID than POTUS and FLOTUS.

Call it karma, call it poetic justice, call it just desserts, say “the bigger they are the harder they fall.” There must be a million aphorisms for the arrogance and hubris Trump has exhibited from Day One of the pandemic in America. Every living person understands this, including every Republican. What irony! What a comeuppance! After seven months of denying the pandemic, of calling it a Democrat hoax, of downplaying the infectiousness, of dismissing masks, the Denier-in-Chief has now fallen victim to the virus he said doesn’t exist.

It’s a howler!

So, yeah, I’m pleased. I’ve been watching the crocodile tears, mainly from Democratic leaders but also from the media on T.V. this morning. They’re asked to comment and they begin with, “First of all, I want to wish the President and First Lady my”—fill in the blank. Prayers. Thoughts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, etc. etc. blah blah blah. Well, they have to pretend to care about Trump and Melania because they’re public figures, and they don’t want or need the backlash if they showed any kind of guilty pleasure. But I don’t care! I say it here, and I say it again: I couldn’t be more pleased. When I saw the headline in this morning’s San Francisco Chronicle, TRUMP SAYS HE HAS VIRUS, I burst out laughing. Huge gales of laughter. There I was at 6:15 in the morning, in my flip flops in the lobby of my condo, having just fetched the paper in its yellow plastic wrapper and removed it. TRUMP SAYS HE HAS THE VIRUS. Couldn’t help myself. Fortunately, no neighbors were around to witness this unseemly outburst, but I wouldn’t have cared if the whole building were there. It felt good just to have something to laugh about.

Will it have any impact on the election? I think so. I can imagine some man or woman in the midwest, white, middle aged, middle class, who voted for Trump in 2016. They didn’t necessarily like him, but they really disliked Hillary, and they thought that maybe Trump was just what America needed to shake things up. For four years, they’ve watched the shit show: the lies, the insults, the economy in meltdown, the anti-science crusade, the takeover by evangelical fanatics, the greed and corruption, the siphoning of money into Trump’s secret bank accounts, the cozying up to Putin, the hideous Trump children, on and on and on. It bothered them, of course, but never enough to decide to vote Democratic in 2020. Until now. It’s as if God herself had decided to help the undecided to decide. Enough is enough.

And now we’re told that, not only is Trump infected, he has “minor symptoms.” Good. I hope he lands in the hospital. Horrible thing to say, right? So sue me. I’m not saying I hope he dies—that would just give us Pence, who was person #1 in the Basket of Deplorables. But if Trump did get really sick and die, would you grieve? I wouldn’t, nor do I think would most Americans. They’d be horrified, shocked, concerned, worried. But grief-stricken? No. You only feel grief when people you love and admire die. Who loves and admires Trump? Nobody.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    I’m glad you said all this, and not me. I assume you’ll get plenty of hate emails from far right sources.
    As to this: “And now we’re told that, not only is Trump infected, he has “minor symptoms.” ”
    I seem to remember that that is what was said about Boris Johnson at the start. Then he almost died.

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