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Democrats hate Coney Barrett because she’s Catholic? Don’t make me laugh

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Republicans and Catholics are complaining that Democrats hate Amy Coney Barrett and don’t want her on the Supreme Court for a single reason: because she’s Catholic.

We’re being mean to her, they say. We’re not treating her fairly. Question: Was the Catholic Church fair to the hundreds of thousands of gay human beings it persecuted and murdered over the last 700 years?

We all know the church’s history towards gay people: the auto-da-fé. Tie ‘em up to a post, pile wood all around them, set the wood on fire, and sit there watching them suffer and burn, while the Catholics clasp their bibles and praise God.

And the church has never, not once apologized for this genocide.

It took the church more than 300 years to finally get around to apologizing for their harsh mistreatment of Galileo, for his unpardonable sin of telling the truth: the earth revolves around the Sun, not the other way around, a stupidity which the church fathers peddled for centuries.

For this, Galileo was labeled a heretic, and was lucky to escape with his life. He spent the rest of his life under house arrest. The church hated scientific truth then, and it still hates scientific truth, which is why people like Coney Barrett and her “People of Praise” cult apparently believe that evolution is—as Trump would say—a Democrat hoax. Instead, these pontificating Catholics insist the universe is only 6,000 years old, and little Cain and Abel played with dinosaurs—real dinosaurs, not toys—in the Garden of Eden.

Maybe 300 years from now Catholics, if any remain, might get around to apologizing for systematically kidnapping, torturing and murdering gay people. And while they’re at it, they might apologize for millions of other “heretics” they burned at the stake, beheaded or drove into exile when they ran Europe. And they might apologize for their genocide of millions of native peoples of color in the colonies they invaded.

Why are we do worry about pointing out the Catholic Church’s horrendous crimes? This morning’s San Francisco Chronicle has a front page story headlined Dems wary of focus on nominee’s faith. It describes how Dianne Feinstein got hit with a wave of scorn when she asked Coney Barrett about her “manifest dogma” in the courtroom where, as a judge, her anti-feminist, anti-gay bias—stemming from Catholic Church teaching—made her an impious aberration of justice. Democrats, the Chronicle article pointed out, hope to win over the votes of many American Catholics, so if the Dems are hard on Coney Barrett, it might trigger an anti-Democratic backlash.

That could easily be true. At the same time, are we supposed to sit back and muzzle the truth? No. Somebody has to say it, no matter how many feathers it ruffles: the Catholic Church has been Murder, Inc. for a millennium. (And I’m not even talking about the pedophilia!) Estimates of the number of people they killed during the Inquisition alone range from 50 million to 68 million–and that was during a 200-year time frame. How many more did they kill before and after the Inquisition? Clearly, the Catholic Church has ruthlessly, systematically liquidated more human beings than died in World War II.

I’m not keeping my mouth shut. This is truth. The Catholic Church may have done some wonderful things (Gregorian chants, the art of Raphael and Michaelangelo, the music of Bach), but it has also been the most barbarous outfit in the history of the world. And now it is giving us yet another Supreme Court justice, in addition to the five already there. With Coney Barrett, they will make up 60% of the Court’s justices, while Catholics constitute only 20% of the American population.

Why do conservative Republican presidents love appointing Catholics to the Court? Because they know that their political agenda—homophobia, science denial, protection of the rich, union-bashing, authoritarianism, racism—will be protected by Catholic justices, while Jewish justices tend to uphold Democratic positions.

So spare me the crocodile tears about Coney Barrett. She represents a truly awful, savage organization. Wouldn’t it be nice if, during her upcoming hearings, some Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked Coney Barrett about her church’s history of murdering gay people? And wouldn’t it be nice if Coney Barrett responded, “Yes. I feel personally terrible about that. I’d like to apologize to the LGBTQ community around the world for what we’ve done to you and your ancestors, and I hope Pope Francis apologizes also.”

But that won’t happen. Not for another 300 years. And how many more gay people will Catholics have murdered by then?

  1. Nancy W. Brown says:

    I am far from an apologist for the Catholic Church, but I have known some wonderful and liberal Catholics. I have even known a retired priest who was gay but who never broke his vows while he was serving the church in a religious capacity. There are some who love the faith and the rituals but not the organization that is “The Church.” I worry about anyone who is the kind of religious extremist that Coney Barrett is, regardless of their religion. She is nowhere near the Catholic mainstream and her views are not the same as the Pope’s. I object to anyone on the court or in elected or appointed office who puts “God’s Kingdom” above our secular government and country, as made clear by the founders in our constitution. I also worry about more than half the court representing only one religion, even if the people practicing that religion range from very conservative to very liberal. SCOTUS should use the constitution as its guide, not any religious views of any kind. I don’t want anyone like Coney Barrett on any of our courts. Her personal spiritual beliefs have no place there.

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