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Coney Barrett: craziness in a petticoat


The National Catholic Journal, the official propaganda rag for the Church of Pedophile Priests, is already anticipating the attacks against Amy Coney Barrett. Why? Because they know she’s batshit crazy, and they know the media is going to call out her cray-cray.

In a piece headlined “Three Ways Liberals Will Attack Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith,” the arch-Catholic, David Mills, argues that “liberals and pro-choicers” will “hit” her with “hysterical” criticism. Okay. Mills has at least one thing right: Yes, we’re going to hit her with criticism. Let me start the process right now.

The “three ways” Mills refers to are:

  1. Claims that her Catholicism is in itself disqualifying. This is bullshit, because the Supreme Court has always had Catholics on it, and it has Catholics on it now, so Mills lies when he says we’ll claim Catholicism is disqualifying.
  2. Claims that all or most of Coney Barrett’s illiberal beliefs are “religious and therefore forbidden.” Well, Coney Barrett is going to vote to strike down abortion and she’s going to vote to strike down gay rights (including gays in the military). These two beliefs are, in fact, straight out of the Vatican. Coney Barrett will obey that nice old Pope Francis—and that is, by definition, religious.
  3. Claims that Coney Barrett is not just a Catholic, but “a fanatic.” By this, Mills presumably means we’ll attack her membership in the secretive Catholic cult, People of Praise. This is an organization Coney Barrett has so far refused to comment on, although now she’s going to have to, thoroughly. According to People of Praise, wives must be “absolutely obedient” to their husbands. The husband makes all the decisions; this includes “submission of your will, your desire, your actions.” This is an extraordinarily troubling thought; if Coney Barrett makes it to the High Court, will her husband make all the decisions?

People of Praise’s website claims the cult was started in 1981 “in response to a call from God.” Now, whenever you hear someone say that God told them to do something—whether it’s the Taliban or People of Praise—head for the hills. Clearly, a woman who says God told her to join a cult that instructs her to submit her “will, desire and actions” to her husband is a “fanatic.”  If these people went off to the country and lived as simple farmers and artisans, like the Pennsylvania Dutch, it would be one thing. They wouldn’t bother us, we wouldn’t bother them. But no, these People of Praisers, like their evangelical cousins, insist on forcing their craziness on the rest of us. Normally, we would just laugh them off. But if Coney Barrett is on the Supreme Court, we won’t be able to laugh her off. She’ll have absolute power, and she’ll be joined by the other religious fanatics on the Court—especially Crazy Clarence Thomas and Brett the Rapist Kavanaugh—in foisting a rightwing Christian agenda on 330 million Americans, whether we like it or not.

Back to David Mills, who wrote the Catholic Register propaganda. He also runs a little outfit called “Hour of Our Death,” a blog that claims to be about the Catholic view of death and dying, but is actually a weird hodge-podge of mystical, pseudo-intellectual nonsense. Its premise is that “the truth of our dynamic body-soul existence”—which means the Catholic view of it—is “threatened” by “neo-Gnostic impulses at play in our society.” How’s that? Well, you don’t need a degree in philosophy to know that, according to far-out religious fanatics like Mills and Coney Barrett, whatever “threatens” Catholic beliefs must be Democratic, liberal, atheistic, possibly Jewish, and secular, and might even have ties to terrorism. The website goes on to insult non-Catholics by stating that, unless you follow Mills’ extreme Catholicism—belief in the resurrection, the existence of heaven, hell and purgatory, angels, the sin of assisted suicide–you’re somehow guilty of “ancient errors regarding human dignity, meaning, and purpose.” In other words, unless you’re Catholic, you don’t know the meaning of dignity, meaning or purpose.

That is fanaticism!

How many times do we have to tell these people that America is a secular nation! We will not allow a religious cult—any cult—to impose its beliefs on us. Not the Taliban, not rightwing Hasidic Judaism, not fundamentalist Christianity, not Wicca, and certainly not People of Praise!

I have no doubt that Coney Barrett will be on the Court in the next few weeks. The Republicans in the Senate—degraded, pathological creatures—will see to that. But the fight is on. If they strike down abortion, American women will continue to get abortions. Progressive states, like California, will continue to provide access to women’s healthcare services. What’s Coney Barrett going to do about that? What is a Republican President going to do about that? Send in the Army to shut down abortion clinics in Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland? I’d like to see them try. And if they try to stuff the LGBTQ community back into the closet, there’s going to be hell to pay. Every man that Lindsay Graham ever had sex with is going public. Ditto for every closeted Republican politician in America. Do they actually think that 25 million screaming Queens are going to just let them ride roughshod over us?

Ain’t. Gonna.Happen. We Democrats love a good fight, especially when we know we’re right to defend freedom. Republicans might do well to remember the old warning: Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.

  1. Nancy Weil Brown says:

    My neck hurts from moving my head up and down in agreement with you. SCOTUS doesn’t have Catholics on the Court, almost all the justices are Catholics. It’s not that they’re Catholic that bothers me (I know some wonderful progressive Catholics), it’s that there is little diversity of any kind of the Court. I have had people block me because when someone wrote that this is a Christian country, I had the gall to explain the constitution’s take on religion and government. To be brief, the founders specifically didn’t want this to be anything but a secular country. Yes we have freedom OF religion, but we also have freedom FROM religion. Equal rights under the law means that women cannot be treated differently from men, even if that is about female bodies vs. male bodies. There is nothing that I’m aware of that stops a man from making his own decisions about his own health care. Not every religion nor culture believes that human life begins at the moment of conception. That is mainly a Christian idea. I believe in a woman’s right to choose what she can do medically with her own body. Take away religion from the argument and you’ve got nothing. Anytime anyone on any court allows any religion to enter into the discussion of scientific knowledge, I think they are in violation of the constitution. I have been angry for the last four years that sometimes I go off on a rant. Consider the rant over.

  2. Oh, Nancy, yours is not a rant. It is the heartfelt expression of a passionate, intelligent woman and American. I do not want you to ever lose that. When people of good will are silent because they’re afraid they’re “out of place,” our country begins to sink into authoritarianism and political correctness. Speak on, my friend, speak on!

  3. Steve, I want to complain that you’ve discussed Trump for 4 years, and not a lot wine, but I always come back to your website because I’ve been a long time lurker, and I enjoy your style. That said, RGB has truly been a tipping point in the hypocrisy of the Republican party, and I’m truly scared that this is the last breaths of our democracy (or as close to it as it gets). While I’m pro-choice, I care little about RvW, as I understand it’s a fringe issue that is a rallying cry for the idiots and fundamentalist, and I assume only the most moronic States would seriously consider removing it if given the chance…what truly scares me is the fact the Supreme Court now may be the deciding factor in our elections. I don’t want to even contemplate how that may play out.

  4. Thank you Brett O. I agree with you about the Supreme Court. They began to lose credibility with their blatantly partisan, republican interference in the 2000 Presidential election, when they stopped the recount. Millions of Americans realized that republicans on the Supreme Court don’t respect the Constitution; they respect the republican party and its ability to advance conservative-christian causes at the expense of the freedom and welfare of the American people. What trump has done in stacking the court with religious fanatics will destroy what little credibility that remains.

  5. From the POP web site: “We admire the first Christians who were led by the Holy Spirit to form a community. Those early believers put their lives and their possessions in common, and “there were no needy persons among them.””
    My God, they were socialists!

  6. Ha ha, these religious fanatics suffer from selective memory. They’re for something before they’re against it and then they’re for it again.

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