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20 good things that happened in 2020 (so far)


Someone wrote on Facebook, “Nothing good has happened in 2020 so far.”

I have to disagree. Here, in no particular order, are some good things that happened:

  1. Herman Cain died of COVID.
  2. Jerry Falwell, Jr. was caught in a sex scandal.
  3. Trump was impeached.
  4. Harvey Weinstein was convicted of sex crimes.
  5. Pete Buttigieg became a national hero.
  6. Supreme Court ordered Trump to turn over his tax records.
  7. Supreme Court said civil rights laws protect LGBTQ workers from discrimination.
  8. Supreme Court said Trump could not revoke DACA.
  9. Joe Biden continues to lead Trump in the polls.
  10. The Ohio Republican House Speaker was arrested for racketeering and bribery.
  11. Kimberley Guilfoyle made herself a national joke.
  12. Stock market recovers after February-March crash.
  13. Same-sex marriage was legalized in more and more countries, from Montenegro to Costa Rica.
  14. The Lincoln Project began.
  15. Kellyanne Conway quit her job.
  16. As many as 250,000 Trump supporters were infected with COVID at the Sturgis motorcycle rally.
  17. Mail-in voting sweeps the country.
  18. Last Chance U, the Netflix reality documentary, focused on Laney College in Oakland.
  19. Twitter and Facebook started taking down fake Trump-Russian propaganda.
  20. Crooked Melania Trump was busted for using a private email account, the same crime her husband accused Hillary Clinton of.

Well, I’m sure there was lots more good news. Do you have your own news to add? By the way, we’ll have more good news on Nov. 3, when Joe Biden is elected President of the United States and we can begin to dismantle the Trump damage and hold him and his family to account!

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