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Live on Election Night, from MSNBC


(MSNBC reports live on the election results with Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Nicolle Wallace and Steve Kornacki at the Big Board)

11:42 p.m.

RM: We’re getting important results right now. Let’s turn it over to Steve Kornacki. Steve?

SK: Rachel, this may be the most stunning call we’ve ever made here at NBC. We’re now projecting that Joe Biden has won the state of Texas and its 38 electoral votes. With 68% of the votes now tabulated, Biden leads Trump by 53.3% to 46.2%. If this projection holds—and we believe it will—it’s the first time since 1976 that the Democratic Presidential candidate has carried the Lone Star State, and an indication of just how fed up voters are with Donald Trump.

RM: Wow. Nicolle, what are you thinking?

NW: I’m keeping my eyes on Maine. Steve, any results there?

SK: Funny you should ask, Nicolle. The Associated Press is calling Maine for the Democratic senatorial candidate, Sara Gideon, which would mean longtime Republican Senator Susan Collins is out after 23 years. NBC News can’t confirm this just yet. Our analysts are working it.

Joy Reid: Well, if Collins is out, it’s hardly surprising. She’s been struggling in Maine for years for what I’d call her slavish devotion to Trump.

RM: Hold on a minute. I’m told—I’m told [tries to listen to her headphone] – we’re getting – let’s go back to Steve at the Big Board.

SK: Rachel, I can now report than NBC News is calling Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin for Joe Biden. The results all look like landslides. Look at this: in Wisconsin, which Trump won in 2016 by less than one percent, Biden is slaughtering the president, with almost 58% of the vote now counted. That gives Biden ten more electoral votes. Let me switch over to Michigan—if I can get this thing to work—oh, okay, there we go. NBC News is calling Michigan’s 16 electoral votes for Joe Biden. What’s interesting here, Rachel, is the suburban vote, which went for Trump by 8 points in 2016. This time around, they’ve flipped almost completely: for instance, the suburbs of Lansing went to Biden by nearly 40,000 votes, out of 70,000 cast. And wait for this—the big enchilada, Pennsylvania. With 20 electoral votes, we’re now calling it a Biden victory, and it’s not even close. Look at this—the former Vice President ahead by nearly a million votes.

JR: What’s the latest total electoral vote, Steve?

SK: Right, let’s switch over. Here we go. Keep in mind, these are the states we’ve already called. It’s Biden 186, Trump 74. But look at this. So Biden needs 84 more electoral votes to put him over the top. Where are they likely to come from? Well, now, all eyes are turning to Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Nevada and, obviously, Florida. But we don’t have anything yet. Back to you guys.

NW: This could be a long night.

JR: Lucky we have our coffee machine [all laugh].

RM: If it is a Biden blowout, then we’re going to be talking about the demise of Trumpism starting tomorrow morning.

JR: And possibly the demise of the Republican Party.

NW: It’s true. They put all their chips on Trump, and it’s beginning to look like they bet on the wrong guy.

RM: Sorry to interrupt, Nicolle. Another call. Steve?

SK: Another stunner, Rachel. Who would have believed this just a few weeks ago? Mitch McConnell, the Darth Vader of the Senate, the Republican Majority Leader, has been defeated in his bid for re-election to the seat he’s held since 1984. NBC News is calling Kentucky for the Democrat, Amy McGrath. This is a real mindblower, guys. Hang on a minute—we’re getting calls in fast and furious now—I’m trying to keep up—what? Okay, we have another Senate call, this time from Colorado, where NBC News is projecting the Democrat, John Hickenlooper, has defeated incumbent Cory Gardner in a lopsided race, 54.5% to 44.3%. This is a huge Democratic pickup.

NW: Steve, how many seats do the Democrats need to regain control of the Senate?

SK: Well, if they can pick off four Republicans and hang onto their 45 seats, plus the two independents who usually vote with them, they’ll take control. We’ve already called Maine and Colorado for the Democrats, so they’d need two. But the Democrat in Alabama, is in trouble. He’s currently trailing his Republican opponent by about 2 points. So the outcome for control of the Senate is in doubt.

JR: If Jones loses, then Democrats need to take three more states. Which ones are likely?

SK: Well, Arizona, obviously, where the incumbent, McSally, is in a tight race with the former astronaut Mark Kelly. And then you have North Carolina, whose Republican incumbent, Thom Tillis, is currently trailing Cal Cunningham, although by a razor-thin margin. And finally there’s Steve Daines in Montana, in a neck-and-neck race with his very popular Democratic challenger, Gov. Steve Bullock. If Arizona, North Carolina and Montana flip, then we’re going to be talking about Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. But of course if Jones holds on in Alabama, then the Dems only need to take two of those states.

RM: Ladies, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for another espresso!

Nov. 4, 12:46 a.m.

RM: We’re still here. It now looks very much like control of the U.S. Senate will pass to the Democrats, who also have increased their majority in the House of Representatives from 232 to at least 248, for an absolute majority. But we’re still waiting for the presidential results.

NW: I can hardly believe Trump can pull this off. All the signs point to a Biden victory.

JR: Well, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over, right? Oh, wait a minute—this is huge—a big, big announcement. Let’s throw it over to Steve at the Big Board.

SK: This is the one we’ve been waiting for. NBC News is now projecting that the winner of the 2020 Presidential race is the Democrat, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. With Florida’s 29 electoral votes, his total now sits at 292, 22 more than the 270 required to win. And we still don’t know the results from seven other states all of which Biden is leading in. So we’re now announcing that America has elected its 46th President, Joseph Biden. He’ll be the oldest person ever elected President.

JR: Wow.

RM: Ditto that.

NW: This is an historic moment, guys. Let’s just take a moment to let it sink in.


RM: I’m reading this off a note my producer just handed me. President Trump just tweeted that the election, quote, “has been illegitimized by massive voter fraud, with the help of Chinese hackers. Your president—me—is not going to allow this travesty to be imposed on the American people.” Guys, it looks like what we’ve been talking about and worrying about for months may be in the process of happening: Trump refusing to recognize the results of the election.

JR: Now what?

NW: I think we’re going to find out soon enough…

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