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Isn’t that special?


We’re learning more about the sexual escapades of the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr., following the shocking revelations of his orgies with his wife and at least one other man.

Falwell, who reportedly resigned as president of Liberty University, has blamed the scandal surrounding him on “self-righteous people.” One of those apparently is 29-year old Giancarlo Granda, who says Falwell would watch “from the corner of the room” while Granda had sex with Falwell’s wife, Becki. Falwell now notoriously joins a long list of evangelical preachers caught in sex scandals: Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart and many others.

This latest news comes, of course, after many years of convincing evidence that Donald Trump, who calls himself a friend of evangelicals while holding Bibles, and is depending on their support for his re-election, also has engaged in numerous extra-marital affairs. Included in the allegations against Trump is that he masturbated in a Moscow hotel room while watching Russian female prostitutes engage in Lesbian sex and urinate on the same bed in the Presidential Suite that Barack and Michelle Obama had slept on during a visit.

Can we now finally agree on at least one thing? The Republican Party has nothing whatsoever to do with Christian morality, or any other kind of morality for that matter. The “family values” that church constantly espouses has been laid to rest by the pervy behavior of its top ministers—and that includes the pedophile priests of the Catholic Church. This is not to say that there aren’t many good, moral and law-abiding Christian ministers. But it is to say that the Republican Party can no longer be trusted by Christians. The Party has become a cult of personality around Trump, first of all, and secondly, a den of hypocrites who talk about family values out of one side of their mouth, and then secretly engage in all sorts of dreadful sexual practices.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing bad about sex. Sex is good. God, or Mother Nature, gave us the capacity to enjoy sexual activity, and we should not feel guilty about doing so. The problem with these rightwing preachers, like Falwell, is that they make marital fidelity and being against extra-marital sexual activity cornerstones of their religious platforms, and then they go out and break their own vows. You seldom see Democrats harping on and on about sex—castigating gays or adulterers, for example—because Democrats believe in a live-and-let-live philosophy; we know nobody’s perfect. No, it’s the Republicans who are obsessed with sex, and also they who are obsessed with high-risk behavior that violates their own rules.

Whenever one of these awful rightwing evangelicals is outed in a sex scandal, I celebrate. It’s wonderful to see them busted. They’re so nasty, so hypocritical about marriage and sex, and the thing is, everybody knows it. I wonder why people don’t just break out in laughter every time some Trump surrogate like Franklin Graham is on T.V., blathering about family values. How long will it be before we read that Franklin Graham has been caught in a sex scandal? You know as well as I that if you heard that, you wouldn’t be surprised. “It figures,” you’d think—and you’d be right.

It’s also good that this Falwell sex scandal happened during the Republican convention. Everything that comes out of every Republican’s mouth is a load of crap, but especially their family values nonsense. One can hardly keep a straight face anymore when some toadying non-entity like Pence blabs about his “Christian” values. Being “Christian” and working for and alongside these sexually-depraved people like Trump and Falwell must be an uncomfortable fit for the Veep. He figures, “I’ll keep my hands clean and go along to get along, and trust in the Lord to judge them.” Well, that’s called collaboration: it’s Vichy France “going along to get along” with the Nazis. We know what happened the the Vichy leaders when their game was up: many of them were hanged. Mike Pence might want to keep that in mind. He might also wonder what Saint Peter will say to him at the Pearly Gates:

“Mr. Pence, how could you collaborate with such hypocrites and deviates?”

“Well, Saint Peter, we got a lot of conservative judges appointed.”

“Not good enough, Mike. Not good enough. I’m afraid we’re not ready to accept you into Heaven.”

“But…but…where will I go?”

Saint Peter smiles, but it’s a harsh, sardonic smile. “The ‘down’ escalator is right over there.”

  1. hello….

    For you , Clinton is clean ?

  2. Yes. The Clintons are clean. All Republicans are compromised.

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