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The world’s most dangerous gangster


Lord Moran, Churchill’s physician, in his Diary tells of the time he accompanied the Prime Minister to Washington, D.C., for Churchill’s first wartime meeting with President Roosevelt. It was the night of Dec. 23, 1941; they were alone, in Churchill’s room at the White House. The conversation turned to Pearl Harbor, which had occurred less than three weeks before—the event that brought America into World War II at Britain’s side.

“Well,” Churchill sighed, musing, “when heads of states become gangsters, something has got to be done.”

The heads-of-state Churchill referred to were, of course, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito, of Japan. Today, the world’s leading gangster head-of-state is Donald Trump.

We’re headlong into the race for the White House, and it has to be more apparent than ever that Trump must be defeated. Being the gangster that he is, he’s trying everything in his power to avoid losing. He knows that a large majority of Americans hates him and will vote against him, which is why his top priority is to prevent people from voting in the first place. And he’s getting away with it; long lines at the polling places, disenfranchisement of individual voters, challenges to vote-by-mail—these are the only ways he can steal the election.

The man is deranged. It’s an open secret in Washington. Everybody knows it, including the members of his Cabinet and West Wing staff. Isn’t it horrible that no Republican speaks out until after they’ve been fired? What Bolton is doing is the worst example of criticizing the cow after it’s already left the barn. Why didn’t he respond to Democratic requests to testify during the impeachment hearings? If he was so upset at the time—and he says that he was—he had his chance to let the country know. Instead, he sat idly by, dithering, working on his book deal. Now it’s too late. Nothing he says in his book will make the slightest difference.

What we see unfolding in front of us—in broad daylight—is a plot to seize control of the government by a fanatical, nationalist, racist, homophobic, religious extremist rightwing cult. Little by little, inch by inch, this plot is succeeding. Enemies are summarily disposed of; laws are routinely broken, subpoenas simply ignored. Facts are denied, replaced by lies so stunning in their fakeness that it takes your breath away. Trump is a danger, not only to the United States and our values of diversity and tolerance, but to the entire world. It is stunning how “Bolton-esque” world leaders are with respect to Trump. Where are Macron, Merkel, Trudeau? Why is not all of Europe screaming bloody murder about what’s happening in America? Why do those countries remain in NATO? Can you imagine if a majority of the NATO members held a press conference and announced they’re leaving the organization until Trump is out of office?

The crunch is coming, my friends. With every tick of the clock towards election day, the crisis increasingly bears down upon us. The most hideous part of the plot is the plan, by the Trump family, to have the little monsters Donald Jr., Eric and Ivanka, with her nasty-faced husband Jared Kushner, poised to inherit the power when Trump’s bloated, drugged body fails. America is fast becoming a banana republic, the kind of authoritarian dictatorship we had previously deplored. He still stop at nothing—nothing, not even full-blown Civil War, which he is convinced he will win, because he has, in his own words, “the police, gun owners and Army.”

Something has got to be done.

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