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These Trump sons are the worst of the worst

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Trump’s modus operandi, of course, is to portray his many and repeated failures as “lies” from Democrats and the “fake media.” Anytime Trump gets caught with his tiny, fat hand in the cookie jar—whether it’s hiding hush-money payments to porn stars, bribing Ukraine, or lying about the size of his inaugural crowd—he has a fallback response: “Democrats invented this lie to hurt me.”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The other day, it was one of Trump’s sons, Eric, who was out there spreading the disinformation. Coronavirus and COVID-19, he alleged, are “propaganda” from Democrats designed “to hurt Trump.” There is no problem with the virus, Eric asserts; sure, it’s killed a few people, but it’s just the flu, and these victims would have died of something else at some point, anyway. Same with Trump’s other crimes and scandals. “[Democrats] tried to do [it] with the Russia thing, they tried to do it with the Ukraine scandal, they tried to do it with impeachment. Now, they’re trying to do it with coronavirus.” 

Well, coronavirus seems pretty real to me and to the 90,000 Americans who have died from it and the 1.5 million and counting who are infected by it. And lest there be any doubt about it, most Americans know that Trump blew his response to coronavirus very badly. He refused to even admit it exists, and when he couldn’t lie about that anymore, he lied that cases would soon be “down to zero,” and when he couldn’t lie about that, he lied that his administration was fighting the virus better than any other country in the world. And now he’s lying that the growing list of COVID-19 deaths and cases is Obama’s fault (!!!), or the CDC’s (!!!), or China’s (!!!)—anything but his ineptitude and incompetence.

Look: it wasn’t “propaganda” when Robert Mueller found Trump guilty of multiple counts of obstruction of justice in the Russia-Trump scandal, and would have indicted Trump had it been legal for him to do so. It’s also not “propaganda” that Trump was caught bribing the President of Ukraine, for which he was justifiably impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives. What is propaganda is the craven attitude of Trump’s enablers in government, and the lies they tell to distract attention from their boss’s crimes and misdemeanors. Trump does bad shit; Republicans circle the wagons, deny the facts with straight faces, and then turn reality around and accuse everybody else of doing the bad shit Trump did.

I don’t like anyone in that Republican-clerical-fascist crowd, but the two Trump sons are especially annoying. We have got to see Eric and his older brother, Donald, Jr., for what they are: spoiled, rotten little twerps and bullies, who have gotten away with crap their entire lives. They think they’re better than you and me, which makes them entitled to have anything they want. Never held accountable to anyone or anything, sure that they deserve everything they have due to their inherent moral superiority, they’re the poster children for lucky sperm brats, arrogant and amoral, whom the country would be better off without. Can you name one single, noble thing any Trump spawn has ever done? What a horrible, sickening contrast they are with truly admirable Presidential children, like Sasha and Malia Obama and Chelsea Clinton.

Well, Trump remains underwater in his polls, largely as a result, I suspect, of his hideous personality; even Americans who might like his notions of lower taxes, smaller government and a strong military are turned off by him. Among his other lies the other day, Eric Trump said something that’s a real howler: “the American people love him [Donald Trump].”

It’s just not true. More than half disapprove of him, according to five different surveys compiled by in the last ten days. Another poll found his support among independents rapidly dropping, while a third poll shows that only 23% of Americans trust anything Trump says about coronavirus.

So I don’t know what planet Eric Trump inhabits. The fact is, most Americans don’t “love” Trump; most want him to go down to defeat in November, and various polls (for instance, here) have shown that two-thirds of Americans think Trump is a criminal. My own preference, when Democrats regain the presidency, hold the House and retake the Senate, is to reopen criminal investigations into Trump and his family, including the two sons. There’s been so much nefarious activity by this klepto Trump family, and that’s exactly why we have Federal prisons: to lock up rogues and thieves like them.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    “There is no problem with the virus, Eric asserts; sure, it’s killed a few people, but it’s just the flu, and these victims would have died of something else at some point, anyway. ”
    Well, the latter is true. Sooner or later we’ll all die of something.

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