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The presumptive Democratic nominee is Joe Biden


One of the dumbest memes out there—promulgated by Bernie supporters, supposedly as an insult—is that Biden is “the establishment” candidate, while Bernie is the people’s choice.

This is absolute nonsense. Who is “the establishment”? It’s the people, like me, who voted for Biden—who have consistently supported him: Blacks, suburban women, gays, and increasing numbers of white union members without a college education.

Are they some kind of elitist “establishment” cabal? Give me a break. Are Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker “the establishment”? What an insult to the real Democrats, who work hard and pay taxes, who support our communities and love America, and who stood on long lines in South Carolina, on Super Tuesday, and yesterday, to cast their votes for a man they believe is decent, capable and moral—in such sharp contrast to the monster currently befouling the White House.

Pundits say that Biden needs to be extremely respectful of Sanders’ supporters, but the opposite is also true: Sanders’ supporters need to be very careful how they characterize Biden voters. Bernie Bro’s split the party four years ago; Bernie’s colossal ego didn’t permit him to admit defeat, and he, in essence, elected Trump, by signaling his followers that it was okay to resent Hillary and not vote for her. Will Bernie bro’s do the same this time? Look: Bernie Sanders has been indisputably defeated. Yesterday’s primaries were a blowout. Democrats, who understand perfectly what’s going on, voted for the one person who they believe can and will defeat the monster. Bernie Sanders needs to understand this, and to clearly instruct his people to stop their childish sulking and  stupid conspiracy theories, and get with the Democratic program.

Here’s where we are: Democratic voters overwhelmingly believe there is only one candidate who can beat Trump, and that’s Joe Biden. In real time, Biden is rebuilding the 2008 Obama coalition. The monsters in the Republican Party have already signaled their strategy: they have to paint Biden as mentally incompetent. Democratic voters, thank God, are not buying this BS. Every Democratic vote for Biden yesterday was, in essence, a message to Republicans: go fuck yourselves. You can lie all you want about Biden, about Democrats, about science. You can issue all the Trump-style smears and insults you want. Your act has worn thin: your lies only convict yourselves and prove your indecency.

To tell you the truth, I don’t give a damn about Republicans. I used to: no more. Any Republican that continues to support the monster has forfeited all rights to my consideration. People have to make a stand. It was true in the 1930s in Germany; it’s true today in America. We are facing exactly the same choice.

But what if Bernie Bro’s remain stubbornly irredentist? This will be a problem—make no mistake about it. We were unable to enlist them in 2016, which is why we lost to the monster. I don’t pretend to fathom the mental state of Bernie supporters who preferred to see Trump win over Hillary. How perverted that was, how incomprehensible! This time, we can only hope and pray it’s different. The stunning switch from Sanders to Biden in so many college towns in the recent primaries tells me that students are smart pragmatists. They know that the important thing is to defeat Trump. They know that the only Democrat who can defeat Trump is Joe Biden. They’re voting their heads, not their hearts: nothing wrong with that.

So stay tuned for the smears from the always-reliable Republican attack machine. As ugly as Republicans get in these attacks, they’re going to be even worse this year, because of the added poison of Trump’s garbage dump of a mind. We know what he is: resentful, angry, vengeful, feral, pathological. But this is exactly why we’ll win in November, in a Blue Wave that will sweep the nation. Americans are sick and tired of the clown show. We’re ready to move on—and the first step will be to throw Trump, his crooked family and his insane acolytes onto the ash heap of history.

  1. Paul Stark says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more and on my best day, couldn’t have said it any better.

  2. Hey Paul – we’re gonna play a little touch football in Franz Siegel Sat. morning, hope you can come!

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