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Post-Impeachment, Trump is frighteningly unhinged


The venomous criminal in the White House showed his true colors yesterday with his violent post-Impeachment rant. Well, I shouldn’t say “he showed his true colors” because he’s been showing those colors all along. What he showed us was his true colors in more starkly mad, vulgar insanity than ever before.

There is absolutely nothing surprising about this. We’ve known all along how this kabuki would end up. His Senate Republicans, out of their minds, having sold their souls to the devil, clear him of the criminal acts he obviously committed. Then, Trump claims vindication!

When he held up those newspapers with the headline “ACQUITTED,” he was consciously mimicking Harry Truman, who famously held up a copy of the Chicago Tribune that headlined “DEWEY BEATS TRUMAN.” That was a great moment for Truman, and for America. Truman proved the pundits wrong: they said he wouldn’t win, but the American people decided otherwise.

Trump’s newspaper headlines—ACQUITTED—are factually true. The cowardly Republican Senate did acquit him. The problem for him, though, is that a solid majority of the American public knows Trump committed a crime. This battle isn’t over yet, not by a long shot. When Truman beat Dewey, that was it: end of story, election over. When the co-conspirators in the Republican Senate acquitted Trump, it was only the end of a chapter in a very long book. And I will tell you what the end of that book will be: Trump will be deposed. Somehow, some way, at some point, we will be rid of him.

This could occur in several ways. We can beat him in November. This is the most likely way to get rid of him. We can re-impeach him; he’s bound to do something as stupid and criminal as his Ukraine bribe because it’s in his nature to break the law. The leopard can’t change its spot, although that’s unfair to leopards, which are lovely, pure beasts. Trump is an unlovely stain on humanity.

Of course, someone might assassinate Trump. This is unlikely; he never goes anywhere in public except to highly-orchestrated rallies stuffed with crazy rightwingers who love him, and who have to pass through various Secret Service gauntlets. Of course, neither I, nor any other Democrat, wishes physical harm to befall Trump; the last thing America needs is for him to be murdered. But political assassinations have been known to happen in American history, and you can never count them out.

Barring assassination, Trump is an old man: going on 74, fat and addicted to junk food, and with a volatile temper that must make his blood pressure soar. We don’t know the actual facts about his blood pressure, or his cholesterol reading, or anything else concerning his physical condition, because he hides those things from scrutiny, as he conceals so many other things—for instance, his taxes and his weird sex life. But his life expectancy can’t be much longer. Even if he’s re-elected—God forbid—I should think he’s unlikely to outlive his second term.

Speaking of life expectancy, did you see the photos of Melania putting the Medal of Freedom around Rush Limbaugh’s fat neck at the State of the Union? Limbaugh just announced he has terminal cancer. Again, I wish no physical ill upon anyone, but Limbaugh has been a cancer on American political discourse, and when he dies, that cancer will have been excised: which will be a good thing. Limbaugh is, clearly, a racist (which is why he’s a Republican); and I thought it appropriate that Melania associated herself so closely with him. She’s from Slovenia, one of the most anti-semitic, racist countries in Europe. She has consistently remained silent while her husband has hated on Blacks, Mexicans, Africans, Muslims, transsexuals and people of color in general. It’s not hard to imagine Melania having super-racist secret thoughts. I’ll bet you that, someday, we’re going to learn how much she objected to her stepdaughter, Ivanka, marrying a Jew.

But I digress. We now have Trump unhinged, wreaking vengeance upon his “enemies.” This is a dangerous Trump; hence, it’s an extra-dangerous time for America. It’s more important than ever to keep our eye on the prize. Trump, like a cockroach, is at his most effective in the dark. We, through the media, must shine a relentless light on him, and alert the public, every minute of every day, to his unnatural, illegal activities. We must organize. We must send money to whatever Democratic groups and candidates we favor. The 2020 Election will not be cheap! And above all, we must Take The Pledge: “I vow to vote for the Democratic nominee for president no matter whom it is.”

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