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Will there be witnesses? We don’t know


As I write this (Wednesday morning), we still don’t know if McConnell’s Repuglicans will let Bolton testify. The situation is vague. All we know for sure are (1) Trump doesn’t want any witnesses or documents, because any that come forward will hurt his case by exposing his lies, and (2) McConnell, his lackey, is doing everything he can to prevent a fair trial in the Senate.

Prediction: If the Repuglicans don’t allow witnesses and documents, there’s going to be an explosion of anger and disgust in this country, such as hasn’t been seen in a very long time. If these Repuglicans defy the will of three-quarters of all Americans, who are demanding witnesses, they will pay a severe price, beginning, but not ending, with losing the Senate.

One would hope that wavering Repuglicans know this. Senators like Susan Collins are getting besieged by emails and phone calls from their constituents telling them to heed the will of the voters! I certainly don’t feel sorry for Collins, Gardener, Murkowski or any of the other Repuglican Senators. They made a horrendous deal with the devil three years ago to stand by the perv in the White House, and now, I guess they figure, it’s “In for a dime, in for a dollar.”

Look: I don’t think that Bolton’s testimony will budge most of these Senate Repuglicans anyway. They’re beyond redemption, our American Nazis: “I was just obeying orders.” But I do believe that a Bolton testimony—at least, as we’re led to believe it would be—will change some minds, or at least embarrass some of these Trump enablers. Do they really want their grandchildren to ask why they lied to protect a lying, dangerous predator?

I’ve made something of a study about the children and grandchildren of the major Nazi war criminals. Their lives were effectively ruined by their association with their heinous parents. Sure, Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess, Heinrich Himmler and their ilk enjoyed fabulous lifestyles during their lifetimes, due to their unflinching alliance with Hitler. But all of them died violently in service to that nightmare, and their progeny suffered immensely from the condemnation of a world that, perhaps unjustly but understandably, visited the sins of the father upon the children.

Do I wish suffering upon the children of Michael Pence, Michael Pompeo, Michael Mulvaney, Alan Dershowitz, Sean Hannity and all the others? Sometimes, the stakes are so high that you have to take sides. Someone has to answer for their ancestral sins. If these children publicly renounce their parents, I might wish them well. If they don’t…well, they deserve whatever comes their way, whether it’s career-wise, at their clubs, or from their friends and neighbors. We see, in the way Dershowitz has been shunned by his summer neighbors on Martha’s Vineyard, how these societal sanctions work.

Should there be a quid pro quo with respect to witnesses? John Bolton in exchange for Hunter Biden? Wouldn’t bother me, even though Hunter Biden (and Joe Biden) have absolutely nothing to do with Trump’s blackmail of Zelensky. It is a complicating factor, though, that Joe Biden has publicly stated he will not testify under any circumstance, and presumably, he speaks for his son as well. I’m not sure he can get away with it, if push comes to shove. The Repuglican talking point would overwhelm the politics: What are the Bidens afraid of? Why are they resisting the will of the American people, who want witnesses? Repuglicans could turn the whole John Bolton thing on its head—and Democrats would be hard-pressed to come up with a working reply. My own feeling, based on what we know, is that, with respect to the Bidens, “there’s no there there,” and so nothing to fear. Maybe Hunter finagled himself a cushy little sinecure with his father’s help. So what? At the very worst, it would tarnish Hunter Biden a little bit—but this fight isn’t about Hunter Biden, it’s about the worst president in American history. If we have to throw Hunter Biden under the bus to get rid of Trump, so be it.

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