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Monday Melange: Republicans’ fake defense, homophobia and climate denial


Here’s what’s bogus about Republican claims that Impeachment is an attempt to “overturn” the 2016 election.

It’s built into the Constitution, stupid! Impeachment is an entirely Constitutional device; it was planned and provided for by the Framers. Far from being an attempt to overthrow an election, the Framers devised Impeachment as a means of preserving the integrity of our elections.

Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5 gives “The House of Representatives…the sole power of Impeachment.”

Article 2, Section 4 guarantees that “The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States” shall be liable to Impeachment.

So there it is: Impeachment is lawful, indeed is required in certain cases; and the president himself is explicitly named as being impeachable. So how can Impeachment be, as Trump’s crooked lawyer, Cipollone says, a “massive interference in an election”?

It isn’t, of course; but Cipollone, a Bill Barr protégé and, like Barr, an extremist Catholic, isn’t interested in the law or the facts. No, he’s interested in playing to Trump’s base, which is infamously ignorant of law or facts.

That’s the key to Trump’s success with his base: their ignorance. Many, perhaps most of them get their “knowledge” of the world from the Bible. To the extent they listen to media, it’s the propaganda of Hannity, Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson—all avowed Christians, all white males, all haters, all deranged. They’re driven by one overwhelming desire: to end abortion. And for that, Trump is their guy: they don’t care how amoral or indecent he is, or how much he lies and endangers national security. All they care about is getting anti-abortion judges appointed.

Last Saturday, you might recall, was Walk for Life Day—the nation’s leading anti-abortion demonstration. In San Francisco, thousands of people participated. One of the speakers, a Catholic priest, put the Republican case succinctly: “We could have in a very short time a Supreme Court with a 7-2 pro-life majority,” he told the cheering crowd. (Of course, these God-fearing Republicans who claim to be pro-life are on their knees every day, praying for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to die. But nobody expects intellectual or spiritual consistency from Republicans.)

We Americans could have a civil conversation about abortion, if the other side was serious. I’m not 100% comfortable with abortion. I don’t know any pro-choice person who is. I wouldn’t mind making abortion, as President Clinton put it, increasingly “safe, legal and rare.” But I don’t want to see it outlawed, because I’m old enough to remember the time before Roe v. Wade when young women stuck knitting needles or twisted coat hangers inside themselves to abort a fetus, or, if they had the money, went to Mexico, Haiti or someplace else for an abortion. Lots of those young women never came home; many more killed or maimed themselves when they tried to do it alone. The answer to this dilemma is, of course, for young women not to get pregnant if they don’t want to have a baby. But young women will have sex and young women will get pregnant.  Republicans aren’t just anti-abortion; they’re also against sex education and against providing contraceptives to women. This, too, is mainly due to their fixation, as Christians, with certain phrases in the Bible—phrases that are as outdated as the Biblical admonition to sacrifice a lamb every Saturday. And, of course, every time an anti-abortion “Christian”’s daughter gets knocked up, you know what happens: They get her a secret abortion.

There’s another reason I reflexively recoil from anti-abortion types: abortion isn’t their only issue. It’s almost always conjoined with other social sicknesses, like homophobia. The anti-gay rage of many so-called “Christians” is horrible to behold, and results in the deaths of many LGBTQ people every year. I just watched the incredible Netflix documentary on Aaron Hernandez, “Killer Inside.” That poor guy: yes, he was a brutal murderer, but you couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. As a closeted gay man working in the machismo straight culture of the National Football League, he suffered from brutal stress. If he came out, he was anathema to his fellow players. If he stayed closeted, the pressure built up inside him until it became so intolerable, he felt he had no alternative but to hang himself.

Yes, those same NFL guys who take a knee to thank Jesus when they score a touchdown are the ones who would have tortured Aaron Hernandez had they know his awful secret. There’s nothing “Christian” about that.

Nor is homophobia the only other social sickness that anti-abortion Republicans suffer from. Another is their anti-science attitude. They don’t like science, you see, because science explodes their religious myths (virgin birth, intelligent design, creationism, resurrection after death). Nobody likes having their foundational myths destroyed. So these “Christians” deny the reality of science, in order to preserve their superstitions. Paging Torquemada! The fact that religion and science don’t have to always be in competition escapes them; in their binary world, you’re either a believer, with all that implies, or you’re a heretic.

So it’s hard to even have a conversation with these anti-abortion types. They’re completely irrational; unwilling to compromise on anything, they want America run their way: the evangelical way, in which homosexuals are punished, young women die in back alleys, and climate change is allowed to grow unimpeded. Oh, and they also don’t give a damn about the Constitution. After all, it’s not in the Bible, so why should they?

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