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How the Right plans to take over (dream on…)


We now know the white supremacist-ammosexual-neo-nazi playbook for seizing power, courtesy of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), the fascist cell that organized yesterday’s “gun rights rally” in Richmond.

Here’s their plan:

  1. Storm government centers of power with a vigilante militia of armed, rightwing thugs.
  2. Take control of relevant offices (communications, command-and-control, courts), using whatever power is required.
  3. Patrol contested and protected areas with armed drones.
  4. Use social media to maintain contact with fellow radicals.
  5. Intimidate ordinary citizens by open-carrying guns and assault weapons and by threatening anyone who looks like a liberal.

This is essentially the same plan Hitler employed when, in 1923, he attempted to pull off the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. Of course, back then there was no social media; in its place Hitler used flyers, telephones and word-of-mouth to keep everyone on the same page. In Hitler’s case, the coup was a failure, but, as he wrote in Mein Kampf, he didn’t care. He knew his day would come, and it did, ten years later, when he became Chancellor of Germany and launched the Second World War, which killed 75 million people.

Who are these gun nuts, anyhow? Let’s take a look at the website of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. Several things pop out from the home page: Fear-mongering leads the way in the page’s opening statement: “The 2020 Legislative Session started January 8, 2020 and represents the greatest threat to gun rights Virginians have faced in modern times!”

We know that’s a lie. These ammosexuals are scaring gun owners by telling them Democrats are coming to take away their guns. “They’re going to come kicking in our doors on no-knock raids,” is how one gun freak, peddling the Breitbart/NRA line, put it on T.V. But, of course, Democrats have no intention of doing anything like that. What Democrats are proposing is common sense gun control: Senate Bill 16 bans “assault firearms” and limits the number of shotgun magazine rounds. Surely, decent Americans can agree that no one needs an assault weapon, unless that person is planning to commit mayhem. Normal Virginians are the first to understand this: A solid majority supports banning assault weapons, while even larger majorities demand background checks and a “red flag” law to prevent crazy people from having guns.

Scroll down a little further on the Virginia Citizens Defense League home page and gaze upon a photograph of hundreds of them. What do you see? White, white, white. Nary a face of color among them. MAGA hats sprinkled throughout. Then, go to their “Media” link, where you’ll find “VCDL TV” and an interesting video entitled “No Guns for Negroes.” In it, a Black man’s voice—stentorian, like Morgan Freeman’s—lays out a case for more guns in the Black community. Yes, you read that right: More guns for Blacks. Their rationale: Gun control laws have been used to disarm Blacks from defending their freedoms “Young Black men” should not be prevented from gun ownership, no matter what their past criminal record is. Confiscating guns in the inner city denies Blacks “the right to defend themselves.”

What are we to make of such gibberish? First of all, it comes from the lips of white nationalists—the neo-nazis and KKK members who rioted in Charlottesville, people who dread and hate Black people and whose secret manifestos contain plans to round them up for deportation. Secondly, it’s standard NRA crap, designed to help gun manufacturers sell more weapons. Finally, does it make any sense at all to suggest that “young Black men” in the inner city need more guns? To defend themselves from whom? Clearly, the manipulative minds at VCDL are just making mischief here. The Right has been trying very hard to attract Black votes, and by presenting this bogus argument, which sounds sympathetic to Black people but actually is anything but, they’re hoping to bamboozle Blacks. I think Black people are smarter than that.

The website has lots of other inflammatory and misleading things on it (a particular favorite is one that accuses Democrats of siding with ISIS!), but you get the idea. That’s who these people are: white supremacists who see their domination eroding as America gets browner and blacker…neo-nazis who hate democracy because it lets people of color and (gasp!) Gays vote…anti-abortion types who scream about family values, then imprison Brown babies at the border, cut funding for Medicaid, and try to kill Obamacare…home-schooled “Christians” who claim global warming is a hoax, even as rising sea levels threaten Virginia’s barrier islands, which protect inland areas from storm surge…

Yesterday’s gun rally ended peacefully, thanks to the efforts of Virginia’s Democratic Governor, Ralph Northam, who wisely declared a State of Emergency and forbade guns from the rally site. But “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” We have to watch these ammosexuals who are itching for a fight. Let them have their little parades. But keep them under careful scrutiny. This dangerous fifth column needs to be controlled!

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