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The Tipping Point just arrived


Did you feel it? That political tremor of the last few days? It’s the beginning of the end of the trump regime.

Don’t be dubious! Think about it. The entire republican edifice is crumbling: the NRA is melting down, financially and morally; members are leaving in droves. The republican party itself is in a shambles; while GOP congressmen quit, a majority of the American people clearly blames it for the failure of the Congress to pass meaningful gun control laws. As for trump, at no point in his presidency has he been so pitiful and disgraced as he is following the shootings. He painted himself into a corner from which there is no escape. By his violent rhetoric—thank God for videotape!–he has shown the American people exactly what he is: a sociopathic racist, leading a party of sociopaths.

I’ll tell you why this is the Tipping Point. He’s a cornered rat. He’s never been cornered before. Oh, sure, he’s been busted, dozens of times, for stupid, callous remarks, or aberrant behavior that may be criminal. But he’s never been cornered like he is now. You could see it in his eyes the other day when he delivered that word salad of a speech: beady eyes, narrow slits through which his defensiveness and panic were palpable. This is the trump we’ve long waited for, caught with his fat little hand in the cookie jar.

There are a couple things Democrats, especially the candidates, can and should immediately undertake:

  1. Cease all criticism of fellow Democrats.
  2. Focus all criticism where it belongs: on trump.
  3. Constantly remind Americans of all the things they can’t stand about him.
  4. Continue the Congressional investigations and, if possible, speed them up, while talking of impeachment.
  5. Talk more than ever about gun control. Embarrass governors and Congressional reps who oppose it.
  6. Keep up the pressure on Moscow Mitch. We know it’s getting to him.
  7. Monitor every single word trump says or tweets. The next time he insults Mexicans, or immigrants, or jokes about “his” people punching liberals, scream bloody murder as if your hair was on fire.
  8. And finally, primary every damn Republican in the country—and also primary those Democrats who vote as the NRA instructs them.

The Resistance hasn’t felt like this in the 2-1/2 years since trump’s been President. It mostly been an uphill battle: we were screaming in the wind, and few heard us. Suddenly, overnight—after El Paso and Dayton—America is listening. They’re revolted by this thug in the White House. I will bet anything that, in the next series of polls to emerge, trump’s approvals are way down. The second they get low enough, republicans will start to wake up from their trump coma. Then we can get onto the 2020 elections, in which the vast majority of voters will show this evil cabal to the door and boot them out.

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