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To impeach, or not to impeach


That’s been this raging debate in the Democratic Party lately. The pro-impeachment side—which definitely includes me—argues that trump (I will no longer capitalize his name) is morally and legally unfit to be president. The other side—which apparently still includes a majority of House Democrats who follow Speaker Pelosi—argues that impeaching him now would hand the 2020 election to the Republicans—not only the presidency, but the Senate and possibly the House as well.

Frankly, this “debate” disgusts me. The time to begin impeachment hearings against trump in the House Judiciary Committee was last Spring, when we after the Mueller Report came out. We’ve earned very little since then. Yes, I realize that Pelosi and her supporters argue that we have to build up support among the American people before we can move towards impeachment. I have nothing against building up support; but it seems like the Democrats are simply stalling or, worse, bumbling. They look like a confused party, waiting for something to happen. Nothing will happen until they make it happen.

The white nationalists on the Republican side will never turn against trump. Never, ever, for any reason, because they’ve lost their minds. Evangelical psychosis and neo-nazi hatred have turned off their valves of rational thinking. They don’t want a free, diverse America, they want some ugly dictatorship of preachers led by a strong man, namely, their fuhrer, trump. There’s no way to convince them they’re wrong. They have to be brutally beaten.

I believe that a majority of the American people don’t want that crowd to win. The question is, will the American people be allowed to express their will at the polls? If they don’t vote, their will counts for shit. If they do, will the results be fairly counted? There’s no doubt in my mind that trump and Putin are working out some kind of scheme whereby the Russians manipulate the election results so that trump is re-elected even when/if he really isn’t. That’s what it’s come to: that’s the real meaning of “collusion.” The colluder-in-chief is trump, but the second in command is the Majority Leader, McConnell. In my long lifetime of studying U.S. history there is no doubt in my mind that McConnell’s name will stand with those of Benedict Arnold and Tokyo Rose as the domestic enemies of America.

When and if Democrats regain control of the U.S. Senate, if McConnell is still there they must expel him, and then bring charges against him—not only for colluding with trump and the Russians, but for what he did to Merrick Garland. It’s common to say that the Russians declared cyberwar against America in the 2016 elections. Let’s now be clear: McConnell declared war against America when he refused to allow the Garland nomination.

When I hear from people who are as disturbed as I am about this situation, I celebrate. I want to reach out and hug them. Thank you! I’m not insane! You see it too! I was watching T.V. over the weekend and there was a Democratic Congressman from New Jersey on one of the shows who was anti-impeachment. He’s from a swing district; his constituents aren’t ready for impeachment, he claimed, and he might lose his seat if the House goes forward on it. I thought: Good! Lose your goddamned seat. If you’re more worried about hanging on to your job than you are about our country, then be gone! No one who calls herself a “Democrat” should be undecided anymore. If you’re not with us—with freedom–you’re against us.

One of my favorite quotes in U.S. history is from Benjamin Franklin: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” During the Revolution (and again, in the Civil War), Americans had to decide which side they were on: good, or evil. We’re in the same boat now. If you think you’re a Democrat but you’re against impeachment, I invite you to leave the party. Go join the Republicans. We don’t need your wishy-washy indecisiveness. We need strong, loyal, convinced Americans. The time for impeachment hearings is now.

Pelosi says she wants to wait—for what? Spell it out, sister. If Pelosi won’t countenance impeachment, I hope that some Democrat from her San Francisco District will immediately announce his or her candidacy for the Congress and challenge her in the primary. I respect Nancy for many reasons (I used to live in her District and knew some of her political and financial backers), but if she can’t get with the program, then it’s time for her to go.

  1. Paul Moe says:

    The majority of Americans were against starting impeachment proceedings against Nixon when Watergate was happening. What gradually turned the population to favor the act was the daily televised hearings in the House. As the facts came out, the American people realized just what Nixon and his cronies were doing. There’s no doubt in my mind that holding hearings today will accomplish the same change of heart in the majority of Americans. Who knows it may even sink into the brains of some of those deplorables out there.

  2. Thanks Paul Moe for your wise comment! I hope you’re right.

  3. Maybe Pelosi does not advocate for impeachment hearings because there is not enough cause to succeed and would make them look foolish for wasting time, money and moral of most Americans. I am not a Pelosi fan, but she is a career politician who knows what she is doing. He is OUR President regardless if you like him or his policies. That sentiment of not respecting the office is anti-American.

    Seriously, on what grounds can President Trump actually be impeached? Because he has questionable character? Because he tweets mean things? Because he is combative to those who disagree with him?

    “They have to be brutally beaten.” Are you advocating for inciting violence?

    “There’s no doubt in my mind that trump and Putin are working out some kind of scheme whereby the Russians manipulate the election results so that trump is re-elected even when/if he really isn’t.” Sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory based on little to no evidence.

    “If you’re more worried about hanging on to your job than you are about our country, then be gone!” Why career politicians are in my opinion the best and truest representation of the people.

    “…good, or evil” – the moral police inciting hatred of those that disagree with them!

    “The time for impeachment hearings is now.” I believe the time is when there is evidence to merit it and that answer is obviously no. That is why it has not proceeded.

    “Pelosi says she wants to wait—for what?” For actual evidence and a legal backing – just having the media and politicians on the opposite say impeachment does not make anyone impeachable!

  4. Well, “B”, all I can say is, Enjoy your membership in the Cult of Trump while you can. A growing majority of the American people is realizing he’s a perverted scumbag, and we will drive him from office and then hold him accountable for his crimes.

  5. To be clear I am not a fan of his personality in any way (I am pretty sure a limited minority of people actually endorse his behavior). Policy wise I am sometimes in agreement, other times very much against…similar to many other politicians that came before him. He is the same person who was elected in 2016 – everyone knew about his highly questionable character and his child like tantrums. His Twitter tirades are a joke and really should be discontinued as only taunting and complaining without solutions come from it (see recent Elijah Cummings tweet). I just personally don’t think the way to unify the country during one of its more divisive times is to ridicule and jump to radical conclusions about people on the other side of each issue. This goes on both sides – if you don’t agree with my side then you are ____ (fill in the blank with any personal attack that you can think of that takes us further from the policy and having any substantive or beneficial conversation). Or taking extreme measures without trying to hear out the other side and understand their beliefs. Yes, there are extremist groups of every issue (usually very minor groups), but those extremists usually do not represent the minority. I don’t believe any side likes being incorrectly mischaracterized as being in cahoots with a vocal extremist minority. To sum up my long winded comment I just wanted to say we can disagree with certain issues, people, policies, etc. but in order to rectify them and move forward all sides need to make a concerted effort to be civil and reasonable in order to make our shared country better. Hopefully this response is a small portion of that and a lot easier to read than my last rant. Cheers.

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