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Release the Mueller Report now!


Democrats are right not to sit back and agree with Trump that the Mueller Report has vindicated Trump and nothing more needs to be done, as Republicans wish. In fact, Democrats are doing exactly what they should be doing: resisting.

We have no idea what the Report says. All we have is a cursory “conclusion” by a biased Republican operative, Barr, that lets Trump off the hook. We cannot and will not accept that propaganda. The thing to understand is that the Trump regime is based on lies. Lie after brazen lie, stated with a straight face in the knowledge that his conservative base is too stupid to see through the fakery. That base will accept anything immoral, illegal,ugly, as long as they feel that their brand of white supremacy is ascendant.

For that is what’s happening. I’m almost 73 years old, older probably than most of my readers, and I’ve been watching this Republican Party for a long time. For decades, they’ve been trying to figure out how they can whiten and Christianize America. For this reason they’ve demonized people of color. They’ve hated on gays, on religions other than their interpretation of Christian, on immigrants (who tend to be people of color), on idealists who believe that America can and should be a rainbow flag welcoming all people. (This is why they call people like AOC “unrealistic.”) Republicans have made it perfectly clear: they want our citizenry to be composed only of Caucasians who are straight conservative Christians. As for everybody else, they can be damned. There’s no place for them in a Republican America.

And in Donald J. Trump, they have found the perfect Fuhrer.

That’s a loaded word: Fuhrer. I use it with great deliberation. Donald J. Trump, who supposedly knows little about history and doesn’t care to read books, has carefully studied at least one part of history: the rise of Adolf Hitler. He understands how Hitler manipulated the average German’s fears and apprehensions. He knows how incendiary rhetoric can stir the unintelligent masses, moving them hither and yon like checkers on a board. He has the native New Yorker’s instinct for the perfectly aimed insult, the barb that reduces its victim to a figure of ridicule. He knows, too, that the “laws” are for others, not for him, if he can get away with it.

Which this Republican Party has so far allowed him to do. Isn’t it interesting that every time a Republican politician retires, he or she suddenly finds it possible to criticize Trump? He’s not liked even in his own party; Meghan McCain said it perfectly when she told him he’ll never be loved like her father was loved. That’s putting it mildly.

So we must have one aim at this time: Get the full, uncensored Mueller Report out! Seventy percent of the American people want it. Donald J. Trump doesn’t (despite his lie that he wouldn’t mind if it were released). That’s a lot of momentum behind our demand. Republicans can’t keep this hushed up for much longer. Get it out, so we can continue connecting the dots that ultimately will prove to be Trump’s downfall, and the downfall of his kleptomaniacal family.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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