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Boo hoo. Trump doesn’t like SNL!


Poor Trumpy. He doesn’t like the way Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin poke fun at him. And as usual, he’s lashing out on Twitter.

Here’s his gripe from this weekend, after he saw the latest Baldwin skit: Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!

For me, it was Baldwin’s best yet. It wasn’t the funniest, but Baldwin has got Trump’s tics and self-aggrandizement down.

Trump may not like SNL but the American people do. Here are some comments from the YouTube video of Saturday’s show:

This is the most on point characterized Donald Trump impression that even Alec Baldwin has done.

This press conference was more coherent than the real one.

OMG here because of Donsense Twitter feed, well worth it

WE NEED WALL. WALL MAKES SAFE.” Kevin from the office would be so proud

Wow I usually enjoy Alec’s impression, but this time he’s so brilliant, so close to the real clown, he’s actually creepy and scary.

The best thing to come out of this presidency. The SNL sketches.

No wonder Trump is so mad. If there’s one thing that drives him crazy, it’s being made fun of. And SNL has reduced him to a caricature, a sort of weird blend of Daffy Duck, Goofy and Homer Simpson.

Well, there is a lot to laugh about at Trump. But there’s nothing funny about his enablers: people like Kevin McCarthy, and most of the Cabinet, and that spooky, glazed-eye Vice President of his, and those awful, chinless sons, especially Junior. If and when Junior is indicted, there will be dancing in the streets across the length and breadth of America. Ditto with Jared. I keep on wondering about the rural conservative white men of low income and low education who constitute Trump’s base. Do they know that Jared Kushner wouldn’t let them in one of his mansions without disinfecting them first? Do they have any understanding of the disdain Kushner holds for them? Kushner is an Orthodox Jew. I know something about Orthodox Jews. They are not nice people. They detest non-Jews, whom they see as animals. They’re willing to make temporary alliances with Christians, if it’s in their interests. For example, this bizarre alliance Orthodox American Jews have with evangelicals. The reason for that is that both groups support Israel. That’s true, as far as it goes, but it hides the fact that (a) the evangelicals would forcibly convert the Jews, if they had the power, and (b) the Jews would apply Old Testament penalties upon Christians if they had the power. Orthodox Jews like Kushner believe they will have the power, when their Messiah returns to Earth. Talk about strange bedfellows!

Anyhow, into this weird, strange mess steps an atheist, or at least an agnostic, Donald J. Trump, a secular man who never in his entire life professed to believe in anything, until he ran for president and discovered he needed the lunatics at Liberty University to support him. Why should a comedy program not make fun of him? He’s a walking, talking parody of himself, a farce; and that is the gravest threat he faces. His unthinking followers will gladly march off a cliff behind a man whom they believe to be serious and historic. But they will not follow a clown. Trump increasingly is being seen as a clown, even on the right: witness Coulter’s “Our president is an idiot” remark.

Either Coulter is playing four-dimensional chess (and I don’t think she’s smart enough) or she’s finally had it with him. You also have Rush Limbaugh betraying a serious case of the jitters with his “wacko right” sputtering. Anytime a media commentator has to defend himself like that, you know he’s in trouble. Most media opiners would be proud that the President of the United States is consulting them on policy, but Limbaugh has to deny it. Why? Because the policy—in this case, the national emergency—is so deeply unpopular even on the far right that Limbaugh doesn’t want to get anywhere near it.

So we see the cracks appearing in the Republican Party but, more importantly, so does Trump. This is what freaks him out: the ridiculing of him personally as his shtick wears thin, and the early but unmistakable signs of rupture in his support. Together they threaten the one thing he values more than anything: his credibility.

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