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Those rumors about the Senate Intelligence Committee? Don’t worry about it


Trump is crowing about reports that the Senate Intelligence Committee “has found no evidence of collusion” between him or his campaign, and Russia, in the 2016 election. The Senate Intelligence Committee: THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND RUSSIA!” he tweeted yesterday, screaming through the use of CAPS a supposition that he hopes will exonerate him forever from the two-year old scandal.

Unfortunately for him, the actual facts suggest otherwise. For one, people lied to the Intelligence Committee, which did not have the power to bring them back for re-examination due to Republican intransigence. For another, the committee’s co-chair, the Democrat Mark Warner, “disagreed” with the conclusion that there’s no evidence, which, after all, is simply a rumor, since there’s not yet a formal report. “I’m not going to reach any conclusion until we finish the investigation,” Warner said, proving that the investigation is not even finished.

Then too, the Intelligence Committee has nowhere near the evidence available to Robert Mueller—evidence he is still gathering. But even if we suppose that there was no “collusion” between Trump and Russia—and I remain convinced there was–there are enough other legal scandals on Trump’s table to eventually remove him from office, or force him to resign.

Obstruction of justice, for example. It’s obvious that Trump and his family and allies have tried like hell to prevent investigators from finding out what really happened. The Comey firing—the repeated lies about the Trump Tower meeting—the lies about Manafort’s meetings with Kilimnik–the attempts to influence a potential jury pool through his public statements and tweets—and, yes, Trump’s refusal to turn over his taxes—with all of these, Trump still faces a great deal of legal jeopardy.

And then there’s the Southern District of New York, whose investigations have nothing to do with Russia, but are centered on campaign finance felonies, foreign contributions to Trump’s inaugural fund, and other crimes. Many commentators have been saying for months that the SDNY is a far greater threat to Trump than the Special Counsel.

So Democrats, and other patriots who long to see our country liberated from the scourge of this reactionary, divisive regime, ought not to be discouraged by these initial reports about the Senate Intelligence Committee. As always, we should take a collective deep breath, relax, and trust that our institutions are resilient enough to get to the bottom of what Trump has done.

In the end, many of us believe the evidence is there to impeach Trump now. But, of course, the Republican Party being what it is—felonious, neo-fascist, colluding—the Senate would never vote for impeachment. That makes it all the more important to drive Republicans out of the Congress in 2020. The only way to reclaim America is to hand over power to the Democrats.

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