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The Right has lost its mind!


The denial of reality on the Right is now so extreme, they’ve even started a new meme: The November, 2018 election result—the Blue Wave—was fake news!

Yes, that’s how much the minds of the neo-nazis at Breitbart have descended into paranoid delusion. Here, for example, is a comment from “Will Kane,” who may or may not be a real human being, as opposed to a Russian bot.

Will Kane: Steve put down the crack pipe ~ turn off CNN and MSNBC . You won the house through cheating and lying which as a libtard you’re probably good with . You LOST the senate and your party is being exposed daily for its open border anti American agenda which we are glad for . Thanks to you idiots who couldn’t win a rigged election you’re guaranteeing YOUR president Donald J Trump will serve a second term . Just know it was people like YOU who helped push him into second term.

Mr. Kane’s Facebook photo shows a heavily-muscled torso, with some bad tattoos on his left arm. His “likes” include Fox (of course), UFC mixed-martial arts, plenty of sports teams (Alabama Crimson and Miami Heat), suggesting he’s a southerner; his musical tastes veer towards heavy metal and albums with big-breasted women on their covers; his T.V. preferences include something called “Southern Boys,” Fox & Friends, the Premier Boxing Channel and Inside MMA; and his posters include “Ban Liberals Not Guns,” the Minuteman Militia, and one labeled “Straight Pride.”

In other words, Mr. Kane is your basic neo-nazi, white supremacist, low-education, homophobic fascist. He probably dresses up in camo gear for paintball fights in the woods outside his trailer park, where he trains with his fellow lunatics for the day when the Deep State is overthrown and white men can once again worship openly at the altar of Steve King and Donald J. Trump.

Read his comment again. “You won the house through cheating and lying…”. I’m not going to waste time replying to such nonsense, except to say that perhaps Mr. Kane also believes in the Tooth Fairy. But rightwingers were really, really shaken by the breadth and scope of the Blue Wave, and in order to preserve their sanity, they have to convince themselves that something nefarious explains it. It wasn’t the result of the American people rising up and turning against Trump. It wasn’t millions of suburban women horrified and disgusted by Trump’s amorality and sexual depravity. No, it was “cheating and lying.”

Implicit, too, in Mr. Kane’s insane comment is resentment that his fuhrer, Trump, has not been able to follow through on his campaign promise to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Of course, it’s not Trump’s fault that the wall has turned out to be a gigantic lie, and that Trump’s followers, including Mr. Kane, have proven to be suckers for believing anything the Liar-in-Chief says. No, Mr. Kane can’t admit he’s been bamboozled. That would be a threat to his super-masculinized ego. Instead, he reverts to blaming Democrats for the absence of a wall. Had Trump promised during the campaign to make the Sun rise in the West instead of the East, Mr. Kane would be blaming Democrats when the Sun stubbornly refused to comply with Trump’s wacko promise.

Assuming Mr. Kane is real, he is the face of what America is up against. The sheer magnitude of his anger and racism, the violence to which he seems prone, the white-male testosterone that unleashes its fury against enemies defined by Trump, the reduction of femininity to big breasts and small brains, the rage against gay people…and by the way, in my extensive experience, it’s these big, muscled, “straight” white country boys who are most apt to be found on the DL, sneaking off to alleys and adult bookstores for covert sex with other men.

Well, we’re going to have to deal with them at some point. Hopefully it can be done peacefully. Pragmatically, that may not be possible. Rightwingers like Mr. Kane are quite immune to arguments based on reason and common sense. They’re fueled by primitive emotions that arise in the reptilian brain and are unfiltered by conscience. Have you ever tried to reason with a rabid rat? Can’t be done. You can trap a rat, or poison it, or shoot it, but you can’t turn it into a peaceful rodent through words. That’s what these Trumpites have become: rabid rats.

We’re well beyond the “Can’t we all get along?” stage. No, we can’t. And the reason why is because of what’s happened on the Right. Inspired by the catastrophe of Trump, the Right has become as insane as the Brownshirts who lifted Hitler to power. Anyone who tried to get along with the Brownshirts was beaten to a bloody pulp or throw into a concentration camp. The Brownshirts didn’t want to get along with everyone else; they wanted total power.

Well, so do we Liberals. And I remain convinced there are far more of us than of them. The Blue Wave proved that. Even though Mr. Kane and his ilk insist the 2018 Election was fake, we know that we won the House by a historic 40 seats. We know that our numbers are growing with each passing day. We remain optimistic that the Kanes and Trumps of this nation will be neutralized, in one form or another, permanently.

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