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If Trump issues his national emergency, it’s war


Every impartial observer has to admit that the whole motive behind Trump’s wall thing is dislike of brown-skinned people from Central and South America and playing to his base. The poor, uneducated, rural whites in that base are out-and-out racists, no different from George Wallace or Bull Conner in previous generations. They never gave a damn about the border before Trump invented it as a divisive issue. Suddenly, it’s the only thing they can think about.

How Trump has infected their minds!

All you need to do is visit Breitbart and read through the comments to see the vile underbelly of the Republican Party. In normal times, Republicans dissociate themselves from such horrendous people. But these are not normal times: Trump was elected only with their support, and he continues to rely on the support of their white, far-right spokespersons: Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson and other racists, who want to end ALL immigration and Make America White Again.

They insist they’re not against immigration, just illegal immigration, but that’s a lie. Trump also is clamping down on legal immigration. The official, albeit unadmitted, Republican coda is: There are quite enough colored people in America already, thank you. We don’t want or need any more.

Concerning this “national emergency” ridiculousness, which by the time you read this may have been proclaimed by Trump, all I can say is, if he does it, that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Trump has time and time again brought America perilously close to the brink of utter, dissoluble division. We haven’t gone beyond the brink…yet.

But if he follows through on this Final Solution to the border problem of his own making, I see the ultimate fracturing of whatever national unity remains in this country. He has repeatedly disrespected Democrats. In every way possible, he has insulted us, lied about our leaders, smeared our motives, undermined our values, and done everything in his power to injure us—for no reason whatsoever than that a tiny sliver of Americans—his base—undereducated, ignorant, resentful, stubbornly immune to facts—demands that he do so. Trump has violated every norm of public service, including norms that he, himself, professed to believe in his entire life. He has refused to pass laws for the betterment of the American people, and has threatened to nullify, or has actually nullified, such laws as already exist. He has denied the science of climate change, thereby endangering the life and health of future generations of our people. He has made common cause with the worst elements of our society, elements he, himself, all his life ridiculed and avoided. He has made policy dependent upon his will alone, in violation of the Constitution. He has appointed to High Office individuals of weak moral character and deficient intellect. He has handed over power to religious cults, in profound violation of the Founders’ wishes. He has appointed ideological and theological extremists to the Supreme Court, threatening the Rule of Law. He has caused dissension among our Allies. He has sided with dictators and murderous leaders of foreign countries, destroying generations of relationships abroad, and sullying America’s reputation in the World. He has colluded with foreign countries, obstructed justice, and broken numerous Federal and State laws in the areas of elections, receiving emoluments and hiding his taxes. He has brought great suffering to our neighbors to the South, and has thrown brown-skinned children in jail. He has created a fake “crisis” on the southern border, not in response to real conditions, but to assuage his own ego. He has incited divisiveness among the American people, exploiting such divisions as already existed to powder-keg conditions. He has threatened to ignore the results of elections, to make the Congress, which is a co-equal branch of government, irrelevant, and to install himself as Dictator. He has displayed a disregard for Truth and Law, upon which the moral foundation of America rests, and without which America will default on its historic mission to be a light to the world.

And now, if he issues this proclamation of national emergency, he will stand impeached before the Bar of History, and will have proven that he has no interest in conciliation, no interest in bipartisanship, no interest in anything except perpetuating his power. Americans need to be prepared to defend our sacred honor by Resisting this usurpation by a tyrant unfit to serve in the Presidency of the world’s greatest Republic.

Readers, the similarity of the language I have used here with the Declaration of Independence is deliberate. Just as the Founders reached their limit and made a Revolution, so too should we all, if Trump takes this fateful step. Look: July 4, 1776 was a Breaking Point for America. After that, there was no turning back, no kissing and making up, nothing to do but fight to the finish. So it will if Trump issues his national emergency.

More tomorrow.

  1. “his hate of brown skin”… while “brown skin” hold the lowest unemployment in the last 14 years. You’re a moron.

  2. Oh, my, this “Bk” is another angry republican, pissed off that his fuhrer is losing everything. Well, to his “point,” I will reply that the Obama Recovery, which began in 2009, has survived despite trump doing everything he can to derail it.

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