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Impeachment is getting very popular in America


The biggest political question in Washington is: Will the Democrats impeach Trump now that they rule the House of Representatives?

The question of impeachment, which is inevitable given the last two years, is said to be driven by “the Democratic base.” The theory is that Democratic politicians are as dominated by, and afraid of, the extreme of their base, as are Republicans, whose base consists of the knuckle draggers at Breitbart and “Christians” like Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, neither of whom seem very Christian to me.

I define myself as a member of that Democratic base that wishes to see Trump impeached. To hear Breitbart tell it, I’m a freakish outlier, a minority of a minority; the majority of Americans, according to rightwing media outlets, wish Trump well, and do not want to see him “harassed,” as he puts it.

Well, that’s just another Republican lie. Every poll we see shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans want Trump either impeached or censured, and that number is on the way up. Why would they not? Two years of indecency, lies and divisiveness, bringing America to the brink of civil war. Two years of ranting insanity, two years of mounting evidence of massive fraud and corruption, two years of fact after fact coming out of Russian collusion, two years of undermining our international relationships, two years of attacks on our own military and intelligence services, two years of using his power to enrich himself and his klepto family, two years of…

Well, you get it. No wonder the People are tired of this baloney. They fully comprehend that getting rid of Trump will merely result in Pence getting in, and they know that Pence has his own severe limitations: a Bible-thumper who is fiercely homophobic and intensely irrational, with a crazy belief that the world is less than 6,000 years old, that Adam and Eve and little Cain and Abel played with cute dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, and that the Rapture is just around the corner (a very troubling thought for a person with his finger on the nuclear trigger). Yes, the voters fully understand that—and still, they’re willing to take Pence in exchange for Trump.

I believe Democrats would prefer Pence, if we have to have a Republican president for the next two years. As idiotic as Pence is, he’s no Trump when it comes to manipulating the media. And Pence will be securely kept on a tight leash by Nancy Pelosi’s House. So I’m not afraid of a Pence regime. As soon as Trump is out and Pence is sworn in, we’ll go to work on him; his reputation will be easy to taint once the American people realize his intellectual failures.

What continues to be puzzling is the 35%-40% of Americans that continue to support Trump. But you know what? I’ve stopped caring about why. It doesn’t matter. What matters, simply, is beating them. Sixty percent–the number of Americans who want Trump impeached or censured–is a lot higher than 40%. It’s sad that the Truth has no impact on these stubborn, credulous Trumpites. It’s pathetic that these so-called “Christians” tolerate the most immoral, adulterous sexual predator ever to come close to occupying the White House. I’m not sure whether this utterly discredits Christianity as a whole, or only its rightwing branches (Mormons, evangelicals, pentacostals, Catholics) who populate Trump’s base. It’s good, in retrospect, that these people have revealed their true stripes. No longer can they pretend to be moral, no longer do their professions of Christly love matter, no longer does anything they say contain the slightest credibility. That’s the silver lining behind Trump’s support: for years to come, we’ll be able to hit these Pharisees with their own indecency and hypocrisy every time they open their mouth.

Among my heroes on the left are Gov. Dean and Michael Moore. Neither minces his words. Both have the courage and insight to call out Republicans for what they are. I’m glad that mealy-mouthed compromisers like Claire McCaskill are gone. We really didn’t need her. McCaskill’s unseemly attack last week on Ocasio-Cortez was really sad. What lay behind it? Is McCaskill angling for some cushy job in a Republican-allied defense company or think tank?

I’m not yet prepared to support anyone for the Democratic nomination in 2020. Let a thousand flowers bloom! I’m tending, intellectually, towards someone younger, and Beto certainly is an attractive candidate, but I worry that there may be things in his past that will come out to haunt him, Eagleton-style, and destroy his candidacy. I worry, too, about Kamala Harris’s chances. I’ve watched her career from the very beginning here in the San Francisco Bay Area. There’s a bit of the opportunist there. Barack was an opportunist, too—you have to be, to be a Presidential contender. But Barack’s polish was impeccable, and he had about him the aura of History, not to mention the speechifying skills, that I don’t yet perceive in Kamala. Biden is probably the most qualified, but he’s really old, and as for Bernie Sanders, I’m still resentful for what he did to Hillary in 2016, which appears to be what he’s going to do this time, with respect to whomever the candidate is. Bernie ought to be happy with his past accomplishments, not run again, and promise to support anyone who gets the nomination.

Happy New Year! May 2019 bring about the end of Trump and Trumpism and the renewal of sanity and decency in America!

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