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The wheels are coming off the Trump bus

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“I’m a happy person, but an angry citizen.” — Louis Black

Now Mattis is out. Whether he quit in protest, or was fired, we don’t know. Either way, yet another voice of relative moderation is now gone from this felonious, immoral regime.

This has got to weigh heavily among Republican politicians. One wonders where they go now. They have been, and are being, confronted with a tsunami of bad news about an increasingly unstable Trump. They are unable to defend his behavior or his character. Backed into a corner by Trump’s insanity, they have become a babbling, incoherent group of frightened supplicants. The rats are leaving a sinking ship, and those Republicans who remain are in imminent danger of going down.

Look at their internecine war over the wall. It’s such a monumentally stupid idea, Trump can’t even round up enough votes in his own Republican-held Senate or House. So craven have Congressional Republicans become that they will sanction any aberration, any crime, any threat to national security, from Trump, because the base stands with him.

And what is this “base”? It is Breitbart, drooling in hatred and death. It is Limbaugh, drunken with power, his Id unleashed in all its perverse glory. It is Fox “News,” destined to be put into the garbage can of History. The base is indeed a basket of deplorables: billionaires who don’t give a damn about anyone or anything except their fortunes, under-educated racists and homophobes, religious fanatics divorced from science or fact, and the schemers and politicians who pander to them and make money off them. And let’s not forget this: The base also is Russia. Trump’s pro-Russian collusion continues with his withdrawing from Syria, a move Putin greatly desired, and which apparently was the final straw for Mattis.

One doesn’t know how to begin to describe the fiasco of trumpism. And I will proffer this speculation: with the walls closing in on him and the virtual certainty of his and his family’s crimes being prosecuted, Trump—irrational, paranoid, powerful—is scheming the ultimate wag-the-dog scenario: War. He will provoke war someplace: who knows where? He wouldn’t have been able to do it with Mattis at Defense. Instead, he’ll find some stooge who will let him. Will the General Staffs permit this? Will congressional Republicans?

Let the Democrats burn down this administration. Let them hold their investigations into every aspect and facet of Trump, his family, his businesses, his foundation, his collusion, his money-laundering, his secret deals, his tax dodging and, yes, his sex life. Let these Republicans (I’m watching the Republican congressman Jim Banks now on CNN defend Trump) lie and smear and pervert truth. Let it happen. Bring on the Mueller report. Bring on the prosecutions, indictments and jailing of the Manaforts, Stones, Cohens and the rest of them. Let international leaders distance themselves from Trump—not from America, but from a manifestly dangerous president.

Hillary Clinton, in her amazing memoir, What Happened, wrote [in 2017] concerning the future of Democrats: “I know we can do it [i.e., win future elections]. There are enough vulnerable Republican congressional seats in districts I won for Democrats to be well on their way to retaking the House in 2018.” She was right—more than a year before the 2018 elections, when the Blue Wave swept Republicans out by the dozens and brought in a new generation of ardent, diverse liberals. She added, “We need a strategy that puts us in a position to catch a wave if it forms, and compete and win all over the country.”

The wave did form, and it continues to roll on “inexorable, irresistible, benignant,” as Churchill put it, in a different but not entirely dissimilar context. The only way Trump can defeat us is through the most extreme extra-Constitutional, illegal and dangerous stunts. He’ll try. We, The Resistance, will stand united and say “No.”

Please have a safe, happy and constructive weekend! Back Monday.

  1. Some really astonishing things have happened in American politics in the past two or three years. But things are moving from the unexpected to the predicted.

    1) Donald Trump was named the Republican Party nominee. When he announced his candidacy, almost nobody in politics or in the serious media thought that would happen.

    2) Donald Trump won as president of the United States. Few thought that would happen.

    3) In spite of the Republican Party having the Executive Branch, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, it’s been able to pass very little, even failing to avoid a partial government shutdown. Some of us thought that would happen.

    4) Members of the Republican Party who are obviously smart enough to know Donald Trump is not capable of handling the presidency publicly supported him. A fair number of people thought that would happen.

    5) The presidency of Donald Trump is crumbling. Many of us expected that to happen.

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