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We won the House!!!



Yesterday was a long day. A reallllllly long day. By morning I’d seen enough threatening comments to me from nazified online sources, like Brietbart, to realize that these thugs had no doubt whatsoever that there would not be a Blue Wave! Typical was this hate-filled rant from someone who appears to be unemployed, going by the name of “Rich Perry,” from Howell, Michigan:

Steve Heimoff little stevie is gonna have a real bad day after the votes are counted.
Bet you will see him on the news tonight, crying real tears at the moon.
He won’t be spouting off tomorrow, thank God.

 Like most of the stupidity I get from white supremacists, it’s filled with insults and sarcasm, which I find amusing: I picture Mr. Perry (if that’s his real name), overweight and drunk at 10 in the morning, sitting in his double-wide, messy and filthy with discarded McDonald’s wrappers and empty cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, pecking out threats to Democrats.


 I have to confess I was disturbed by this breaking news that Steve Sivers, the head of the House Republican campaign effort, predicted Repubs would keep the House.

Does he know something the rest of us don’t?

8 p.m.

 Nope. Shivers was pissing in the wind. The House just went Democratic.

I am sad that more Democrats weren’t elected, but this enormous victory is satisfaction enough. Let me repeat: THE HOUSE IS DEMOCRATIC. The power of subpoena, people.

I just posted on Breitbart: “Ha ha, Speaker Nancy says bend over boys and take it like a man. DEMS RUN THE HOUSE! Let the hearings begin! Your fuhrers’s dirty cheating taxes…his family’s collusion and greed….the collusion with Russia….MUELLER IS PROTECTED! Die out, red state nazis, your brief reign is OVER!”

Yes there is some pentup hostility there, some over-the-top rhetoric. But can you blame me? Others on Breitbart have been so rude to me, it’s only to be expected I’m in the mood for payback. Well, here it is, directly to my Republican friends.


By the time you read this, the shakeout will still be under analysis. What does it mean? Who won? Who lost? Well, no matter what the final analysis is, the bottom line—let me repeat—is WE WON THE HOUSE.

The pig in the Oval Office finally is answerable. Democrats—the true patriots of our country, heirs to FDR and JFK—demand nothing less than full investigations into every possible crime committed by this regime and anyone and everyone connected to it.

Speaker Pelosi, your constituents expect you to be tough, not conciliatory. Conciliation doesn’t work with these Republicans. It’s like trying to reason with Nazis. We need Nuremberg, not Better Call Saul.

Readers: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for voting today. We have diverted a disaster. Yet the work is nowhere near done. We have to continue to defeat these American Nazis. Keep 2020 in mind! I hope Trump isn’t even in a position to run by then, having been impeached or quit, but there will still be a Republican, and they’re all just as bad.

Who’s “crying real tears at the moon,” Rich Perry? Sorry, man. Soak your pillow.

WE WON! I sleep tonight in peace. America dodged a bullet. God bless my country.


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