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Five days until the Election!



A lot has happened since pro-trump forces sabotaged my blog for a couple of days, resulting in a message that read THIS SITE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED for anyone who tried to get in.

It’s stupid, of course, for these neo-fascist hackers to imagine that through dirty tricks they can end all the anti-trump news and information flooding the airwaves.* They can’t, and this past week has been a notoriously bad one for trump (whose name I no longer do him the courtesy of capitalizing). Coming off the (alleged) Kavanaugh bump, which had us all worried, trump now is revealed to be the agent provocateur behind both the Sayoc pipe-bomb attempted assassination of the senior leadership of the Democratic Party, and the Bowers mass murder of Jews who, he believed in his tortured fantasies, pace trump, were inspiring illegal immigration.

One can only imagine the impact these revelations have had on the vast majority of American voters, who are decent, fair-minded people (I exclude the Republican base). The Hill reports that trump’s approval rating dropped a precipitous 4 points in a week, largely on the Sayoc-Bowers tie-in, but also due to the assassination of Jamal Kashoggi, which reminded Americans, in a most troubling way, that trump’s charge that “the media is the enemy of the people” has murderous ramifications, not only in our country, but worldwide. Sayoc, Bowers and Kashoggi all have been albatrosses on trump’s (and Republicans’) necks, demonstrating the sheer awfulness, danger and violence of trumpism.

I plan to watch T.V. on election night until the results are in, and I look forward to the moment when one of the news anchors says, “We can now report that the House of Representatives will return to the control of Democrats.” At that moment, a mighty cheer will arise across America, from the Pacific beaches to the East Coast, as our nation takes a deep sigh of contentment in the realization that trump and trumpism will now be checked. And maybe the Senate will flip, if the Blue Wave is more powerful than anyone now thinks. How amazing would that be!

trump supporters, naturally, will be very unhappy. They’ll be in a fighting mood, like a frenzied mob roaming the streets looking for a fight, and their leader, trump, no doubt will give them reasons to start shooting. He may cry “Rigged election!” He will probably cite “facts” that are utter lies: “this election had more illegal ballots cast than any other in American history!” or “We have evidence that Republicans were harassed at the polling places by Democratic operatives, possibly members of the Black Panthers.” He may insist on multiple recounts, which would place the election results into hiatus. He could do anything he wants—nothing will stop him—certainly not the craven Republicans in the Congress. One thing he will NOT do is graciously concede defeat. And his surrogates (particularly the human scurvy known as Donald Trump, Junior) will be out there in full-attack mode, lying on a massive scale, inventing “scandals” that exist nowhere except in Kellyanne Conway’s febrile head.

Another thing we can look forward to is the Mueller Report. The Special Counsel has been quiet for the last two months (as we knew he would in the period leading up to Nov. 6), but once the election is over, it’s Katy Bar the Door (an old-fashioned saying I like). It means trump and Republicans in general are going to be in roughly the same situation as Londoners were in the Blitz of World War II. Incoming bombs everywhere! Danger, danger! Take cover! Only there will be no place to hide, no shelter in which to protect themselves. All will be exposed: the collusion, the coverup, the obstruction of justice, the financial crimes, the perjury, the lies, the degeneracy.

What will white supremacists like Steve King do then? Hopefully, he will have been voted out of office, but there will remain some truly deplorable Republicans in the Congress, who can be expected to put on their hazmat suits and wade even further into the sewers to protect their fuhrer. In the lame-duck session before the new Congress is sworn in next January, rump Republicans will be capable of huge distractions and may even cause grave damage. But the American people will not be misled. Having just voted Republicans out of office, they will be on the alert for Republican schemes, and will reject them, further eroding Republican credibility except among the most radically ignorant white supremacists, neo-nazis, racists, homophobes and xenophobes who constitute trump’s base.

I’ve lived long enough to see the political pendulum swing back and forth many, many times. One almost gets used to it: Democratic to Republican and vice versa, ad infinitum. But this election feels different. It feels like we came closer to the edge of the abyss than ever before in my lifetime—and then common sense and love of country yanked us back to safety, out of trump’s clutches. That’s what I hope. Anyway, trump’s forces tried their best to take my voice away and they failed. Here’s to continued failure by Republicans until they reject trumpism and return to normal politics.

* * *

*“Airwaves” is an almost obsolete term. In my generation, it referred to the broadcasting space through or over which television and radio programs were sent. My dictionary says its first known use was in 1900. It doesn’t give the precise situation, but 1900 was the year that, for the first time, the human voice was transmitted wirelessly, that is to say, over the “airwaves.”


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