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Very short post today. After being down for days, my web hosting company has solved the problem and I’m back.

You may have noticed the disturbing headline when you tried to get in: THIS ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED. What happened was, my site came under what my host describes as “brute forced attacks.” These overwhelmed my site’s server, so the web host shut it down (or it shut down automatically) until they could write and introduce new code in order to strengthen the firewall.

What was the source of these “brute forced attacks”? Impossible to say (or so I’m told), but my hosting company could not rule out the possibility that my site was specifically targeted (rather than being swept up in a generalized, broader attack on the servers). I have long suspected that there are individuals on the Right who wish to see this blog perish. It could be people from Breitbart (they regularly threaten me). It could be Trump associates, or people supporting Trump who have some computer skills. It could be Russians, or some wacko white supremacist group. Whoever it is, the Right obviously is in the business of suppressing independent journalism of the kind I produce. They don’t want real reporting of Trump’s crimes and aberrant personality. I personally believe that this recent attack originated with pro-Trump forces. But I can assure them, it will take a lot more than a stupid hacker to shut me down!

So thank you, readers, for sticking with me through this silliness. I’ll have a brand new post tomorrow (Friday) morning. Remember to vote on Nov. 6!!!!

  1. “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”


  2. If Mark Twain were around, he’d be out there campaigning for Democrats, and giving trump hell!

  3. Glad you are back, it’s a challenge to start the day without reading your blog.

  4. Blake Gray says:

    Steve, if you’re going to die suddenly, would you mind posting about it beforehand? I was in the Frankfurt airport looking through obits for you because Bob Henry got me all worried.

    Good luck fighting the hackers.

  5. Blake, ha ha. Nice to hear from you!

  6. Dear Alain, your comment made my day! It’s fantastic to know that people care. Thank you!

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