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The bombs: Did Republicans just fire the first shot of Civil War 2?



Does anyone doubt who sent the bombs? We may not know who they are, but, let’s face it, we know what they are: Republicans.The targets all were Democrats, or perceived as liberals. The targets, moreover, all have been slandered and smeared by Trump at numerous points: “Lock her up,” “fake news,” “worst president ever” and so on.

We know this, too: the perps are white men, Trumpites, armed and dangerous, paranoid and racist, affiliated with insurrectionist groups like The Proud Boys and the KKK, admirers of Hitler and David Duke, hate-filled, despising people of color, gays and women (whom they have no use for, except for breeding, cooking and housecleaning). They’re  thieves and robbers, bullies and sexual assaulters, cowards and haters of democracy–and now, they’re would-be mass murderers.

These people post vulgar rants on Breitbart. They love Rush Limbaugh. They get off on Sean Hannity, but their favorite television pundit is the handsome, effeminate, winsome Tucker Carlson, whom they see as one of their own, but polished, with a college degree. Individually, these criminals have performed foul deeds on many occasions. One (I hypothesize, but you get the point) set a homeless encampment on fire. Another deals Fentanyl to schoolkids to make extra cash. A third shoots cats and dogs with his R51. A fourth beats up his wife when he’s drunk on PBR, which is most of the time. A fifth graffittis the walls of synagogues with swastikas. A sixth leaves bags of dogshit at police stations. A seventh sends anonymous threats to Rachel Maddow. An eighth and a ninth—buddies—cruise gay neighborhoods on Saturday nights and beat up homosexuals.

And now, a tenth, or more, builds bombs and sends them through the mail to Democrats. These are Trump’s foot-soldiers.

In my headline, I referred to “the first shot.” It was a reference to Fort Sumter. Every Civil War has a starting point; yesterday’s bombs may well have been the start of our next one. The incidents constitute the most violent, widespread assassination attempt on American political officials since the John Wilkes Booth team’s attacks on the Lincoln administration. This is the Big Enchilada, friends.

Well, to be fair, maybe the bombs weren’t the first shot. Credit for that goes to the White-Nationalist-in-Chief, Trump. His twitter feed and public statements have been the gasoline that bred the anger and resentment; the men who sent the bombs merely threw on the lit match. Trump wants a civil war—I’m convinced of it—he believes his side (the angry white men) are stronger, tougher, better armed, more daring, and more numerous than his “enemies”: the media, liberals, people of color, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, Mexicans, “elites.” When the fighting starts, he fancies himself tweeting orders to them, like Eisenhower at SHAEF headquarters directing the invasion of Normandy.

What do they imagine they’re accomplishing, these fake “Christians” who sent the bombs? Hillary and Obama obviously don’t open their own packages. CNN has total security. There’s no way some Breitbart freak in a double-wide is going to make a homemade bomb and blow up CNN. More probably, they fantasize that the bombs will lead to a Charlie Manson “Helter Skelter” scenario. All they have to do is perform a few high-profile assassinations, and the Deep State will come tumbling down. The queers, the Jews, the coloreds, the liberals, all will be evicted from the New America, which will once again be that shining city on the hill, where straight white Christians live in perfect harmony under Jesus Christ. Maybe they’ll let a few Negroes in, to serve as their janitors. Maybe they’ll seize some ACLU and Planned Parenthood employees to pick the crops. Maybe they’ll even let a few fags stick around, to redecorate the houses they seize from the liberals they exile or jail. They can do whatever they want, these overlords, this master race of Nordic ubermenschen. Never mind the beer bellies! Never mind the illiteracy, or the drug addiction, or the diabetes and hypertension, or the domestic violence that rocks their trailers. Never mind the failure of everything they’ve ever attempted, which has led to their shame at being lower-class, while the coastal liberals are making money and looking down on them—literally—by overflying their poverty-stricken red counties at 40,000 feet. If they can kill Democrats—if they can strike a blow for their fuhrer by causing liberal blood to flow—then their lives will have been worth it; their children and grandchildren will bless their names and plant flowers on their graves.

And the rest of us—sane, hopeful, idealistic, peaceful, knowing the real meaning of America—what do we do now that they have struck this blow? We can’t count on the FBI or the Justice Department to get to the bottom of this. They belong to Trump, his Gestapo. He wants this to go on. He wants the civil unrest to start as soon as possible, so that he can crack down, declare martial law, suspend civil liberties, declare himself president for the duration of the emergency, and rule by fiat.

Do I rave? Am I the paranoid one? No. You know Trump’s plan as well as I. You know exactly who and what he is. You know what he wants, and what the stakes are. You know the shit is hitting the fan and everybody’s going to have to take sides. And you know that on Nov. 6, you have a powerful opportunity to Resist and strike the second, retaliatory blow. Anyone who votes Republican at this point supports the political assassination, the wiping out of Democrats. If they deny it, they’re lying.

Good luck.




  1. Bob Rossi says:

    There’s one thing I do disagree with you on: “We can’t count on the FBI or the Justice Department to get to the bottom of this.”

  2. Bob Rossi, well, I was in a pretty bad mood when I wrote that. The neo-nazi thugs are stealing our country and this illegitimate president is aiding and abetting them. I think right after the election Trump is going to purge the DOJ/FBI and stock them with his own white supremacists. I do fear that these agencies will no longer be permitted to pursue justice independently and fearlessly. They will be in Trump’s direct control and we, the people, will never really know what’s happening.

  3. Bob Rossi says:

    Yes, Steve, I do worry about that happening. While I haven’t always been a fan of the FBI (principally when I was dealing with some of their agents in the 1980’s while representing criminal clients), I think that generally they are very competent, dogged, and independent. But as you note, that could soon change.

  4. Well, they appear to have just busted the suspect, so there’s hope…

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