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Random Notes: Kaepernick, FLOTUS (oh, no!) and Kavanaugh



I’m so happy that Nike has made Colin Kaepernick their “face.” Very brave of them. In the Bay Area, where Colin used to be the 49ers quarterback, the decision is quite popular: yesterday’s morning news reported on a brand new poll, taken after Nike’s announcement, in which locals supported the decision by a three-to-one margin.

In less educated parts of the country, predictably, the Nazis and white supremacists are not happy. Here’s Breitbart’s Facebook post from yesterday:

The #BoycottNike movement is exploding on social media over the company’s decision to name anti-America, anti-police, pro-Communist millionaire Colin Kaepernick as the face for the shoe company’s new advertising campaign…

Don’t you just love it? “Communist millionaire.” Ha ha. Breitbart has proof, mind you, that Colin Kaepernick went to Communist School in Moscow, where he was taught by Putin himself. And Breitbart’s readers, who are generally poor hates millionaires, just detests them. Which is why they hate Trump. No, wait…

Of course, the Trumpian nationalists are out there burning their Nike sneakers in faux outrage. They remind me of the poor white trash Christians who burned Beatles albums after John Lennon’s remark about The Beatles being more popular than Jesus. You can always count on this riff-raff to act stir up trouble, especially when they’re egged on by their rightwing agitators like Trump.

I went to Trump’s Twitter accounts looking for his latest rant about Colin and didn’t see anything, but this tweet from Melania made me laugh: “Students – as you head #BacktoSchool, think about what you wish to accomplish this year. You have so much power in your individual voices. Will you strive to #BeBest?”

Two things about it are really striking. First, Melania’s pet “cause” (#BeBest) is the most cynically vacuous as that of any FLOTUS in my lifetime. It’s like an advertising slogan dreamed up by a cereal company. “#BeBest! Eat Cocoa Puffs!” All Melania needs is a little jingle to accompany it. Clearly, this flim-flammery was hatched by her P.R. hacks to make it look like this pampered, self-indulgent woman is interested in something besides herself. Sadly, Melania has never given any indication that she has any interests at all, beyond glamorous clothing, presiding over mansions, hosting luncheons for her “girlfriends,” and hanging out with Barron, who I swear looks more and more gay with every new photo.

He’s wearing J. Crew. WTF? This blog lists J. Crew as the second gayest brand in America. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay: I am, and if Barron is gay, more power to him! But his Daddy is trying to ban transgendered people from the military, I wonder what Barron thinks about that.

The other thing about poor Melania’s tweet is the irony that her husband and his associates are bashing the Parkland students, including the fabulous David Hogg, for their anti-gun efforts, even as she’s urging “students” to express their “power” in their “individual voices.” Melania, that’s exactly what the Parkland students are doing!! Girl, if you had one-quarter of their integrity, you would be celebrating the Parkland activists instead of inventing a fake hashtag. Look, dear, you’re a punch line. Your reputation is in tatters: it’s irreparable, and you won’t be able to begin to restore your standing in the eyes of the American people until you divorce the philanderer, let us know how you really felt when he was humiliating you with all his ho’s and porn stars, and start leading an honest life, the way Jackie O. did after she left Onassis.

As far as Brett Kavanaugh is concerned, I’ll let my exclusive post from yesterday stand. To me, he’s just another angry, white Christian, pissed off that his ruling class is losing their power as America becomes more diverse. There’s a ton of such people; Kavanaugh would just be one more dreary cog in their ignorant machine, except for all the damage he’ll go as a Justice. I doubt that Democrats can stop him from being approved by the Republican majority, but I will warn Republicans that they will see widespread civil unrest if any or all of three things happen for which Kavanaugh is responsible:

  1. Ending gay marriage
  2. Banning abortion
  3. Letting Trump escape prosecution for his crimes

If Brett Kavanaugh is any student of history, I hope he’ll realize how perilous his situation is. He can help to diffuse it by refusing to kowtow to his Republican and Vatican bosses now that he has a lifetime appointment. Or he can throw gasoline on the flames and know that what ensues will be his fault. He can be Stephen Johnson Field, the Supreme Court Justice who’s been called “the worst SCOTUS ever” because of his white supremacist ideology, which included voting for Plessy v. Ferguson which upheld racial segregation. Or he can be a champion of civil rights and freedom, like Earl Warren, William Brennan and even Anthony Kennedy, men who are rightfully celebrated for making America greater by extending liberty throughout the land.



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