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Giuliani: “The American people would revolt”



Talk about wishful thinking! Or maybe it’s delusional psychosis. Either way, or both, Giuliani’s lie that “the American people would revolt” if Trump is impeached is a real howler.

Giuliani looks and sounds more and more like a maniac. I used to work in a mental institution where there were adult patients who had become completely divorced from reality. One man thought he was an Admiral. Another saw people whom no one else saw. A woman sat on a bench all day long “knitting” with invisible yarn and needles. These people all were suffering from different kinds of hallucinations.

Often, psychiatrists tell us, such reactions are defense mechanisms to protect the patients from their own internal fears. They make things up, as it were, that will ward off demons and dragons and keep them safe. In Giuliani’s case, it’s impossible to know if he’s actually hallucinating when he tells lie after lie (in the manner of his boss) or if he’s aware that what he’s saying is totally bogus and is just trying to spin. We can’t see into Giuliani’s brain (nor would I want to: nasty place), but it doesn’t matter what his specific motive is. What matters is the complete falsity of his remarks.

“The American people” will certainly not revolt if and when Trump is impeached. Every metric we have available proves that. Democrats have a substantial lead over Republicans in the midterm elections, which are widely viewed as a referendum on Trump (even Bannon admits as much). Trump’s job approval numbers remain well underwater in all eight of the country’s leading polls, while an overwhelming majority of Americans say that Trump’s boast to only hire “the best people” is ridiculous. Only an astoundingly low 13% of Americans believe Trump is “honest and trustworthy,” while a wide majority (51% to 35%) thinks Putin “has compromising information” on Trump. More than three-fifths of people polled “believe the women who have alleged affairs with Donald Trump.” As for impeachment itself, 42% of all Americans “say President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office,” and that was before the shocking events of last week, with Manafort guilty, Cohen taking a plea, Pecker and Weisselberg taking immunity from prosecutors, and Trump visibly melting down in public. I guarantee Giuliani that future polls will find much higher numbers of Americans happy to see him impeached.

So what the hell is Giuliani talking about? The monumentality of his lies and misstatements is almost beyond belief. Trump “doesn’t know anything about obstruction.” Really? Let’s let Mueller determine that. Cohen is “a massive liar”? Haha. Here’s a recent CNN poll:

  • Only 34 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the Russia investigation, vs. 55 percent who disapprove.
  • 58 percent say this is a serious matter that should be investigated, vs. only 37 percent who think it’s mainly an effort to discredit Trump.
  • 56 percent say Trump has interfered with the investigation, vs. only 38 percent who say he has not.
  • Only 37 percent say the things Trump has said publicly about the investigation are true, vs. 56 percent who say they are false.
  • 70 percent say Trump should testify to Mueller, vs. only 25 percent who say he should not.
  • 57 percent say Trump knew about contacts between his campaign operatives and Russians, vs. only 36 percent who say he did not.

Giuliani’s fake narrative may appeal to his boss and to the droolers on Breitbart, but the numbers prove that vast majorities of Americans aren’t buying it. If anything, with each shocking revelation about the extent of the criminality in Trump World, Trump’s negatives reach ever more unprecedented levels.

So, Giuliani, you have it exactly backwards. If and when Trump is impeached (and it’s looking more like “when” than “if”), the American people will celebrate. Your reputation, or what’s left of it, will be in tatters; maybe there’s a game show you can host. The moment the Houses passes articles, the American people will pour out into the streets to cheer our Constitution and praise the rule of law. Do you know when we, the American people, will revolt? If the Republican Party continues to obstruct justice by protecting their criminal leader. That’s when the revolt will erupt: against Republicans, culminating on November 6 and continuing for a generation.


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