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It’s Tuesday



Guiliani has now admitted and Fox “News” has dutifully repeated that Trump colluded with Russia. At least, that’s the inference anyone with half an IQ would draw from their brand new meme that “collusion is not a crime.” They’re basically saying that Trump did indeed collude with Russia but that there’s no statute preventing collusion.

I don’t know if there is or not, but for Trump’s propagandists to even allow the possibility of collusion after all this time is astonishing. This would be eye-opening or jaw-dropping—take your pick—had it been any other president. But we’re so used to this president and his shills lying, dodging, evading, doctoring and contradicting previous remarks that even when it’s a whopper, we just kind of think “Well, it’s Tuesday,” meaning it’s just another day in the Trump reality show.

“It’s Tuesday” is actually a game we play in improv. Two players are onstage. The first says something completely innocuous, like “It’s Tuesday.” The second totally over-reacts. “Tuesday? Oh my God, the asteroid is hitting Earth today!” And then that person goes on to overreact again, pushing himself into the most extreme emotions and theatricality, in a one-act monologue in which all his dramatic and comedic skills are employed. The game is designed to rouse improv performers out of their/our normal ho-hum ordinariness into uber-heightened stage reality.

If real people reacted in an “It’s Tuesday” way, they’d be considered manic and given psychiatric meds. In a way, Trump has reversed “It’s Tuesday.” In inprov, if a lawyer (Giuliani) had said that Trump really did collude with Russia, the reaction would be ginormous. “Whaaaatttt??? He did? He’s been denying it for more than a year. ‘No collusion. No collusion.’ It’s all he ever says. And now you’re telling me he did? WTF? I can’t believe it. That’s completely insane.” But in real life, when Giuliani says Trump really did collude with Russia, the reaction now is, “Oh, they’re flip-flopping again. It must be Tuesday.” In other words, sometimes “Tuesday” really is just Tuesday.

This discombobulation of our mental state has been termed “normalization.” We’ve gotten used to Trump and his shills telling such unbelievable lies that, if they didn’t, we’d wonder what was up. The question now becomes, IMHO, how we’re going to deal with “truth” and “lies” from our politicians going forward. Has Trump permanently changed the landscape to such a degree that the American people are no longer able to tell the difference between truth and lies, and moreover don’t even care? That would be the ultimate normalization of Trumpism.

But I don’t think we’re there. It’s not foreordained that Trumpian sociopathy is the way of the future for our politicians. Don’t forget, less than two years ago the President of the United States was a very decent, honorable man. One of the reasons we liked Barack Obama was because he was such a splendid role model. We wanted our children to grow up to be like him. I don’t believe things change 180 degrees in a matter of months—not something so fundamental as what we consider to be morality and ethics. Honesty, truth and straightforwardness have been cardinal values among intelligent humans for a long time. Trump is their opposite: lying, disassembling, manipulating. But that isn’t the new norm for what is respectable. If you want to know what’s respectable, think of Barack Obama.

And so here we are: Trump’s shills know that collusion has been proven through events, and they strongly suspect that Mueller is going to say so. So they’re prepping us, the American public, for that day. So what if he colluded? It’s not against the law. And they’re hoping that they’ve normalized their lying so much that Americans will by and large yawn and say, “Well, it’s just another day in this adventure. Tuesday.” They’re betting that there will be no outrage, no over-reaction. But I’m here to tell you that there will be. When Mueller issues that report, when he indicts Jared and Donald Jr., when he details how Trump colluded with Russia and then obstructed justice, most of us will howl. It will be improv-style “It’s Tuesday” and it’s going to be a bloody good show.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    “collusion is not a crime.”
    My take on this is that Giuliani, or whomever is saying this, is taking a very technical, legal position. I believe that legally there is no crime called “collusion”; instead, the legal term is “conspiracy.” But in common parlance, I think that collusion=conspiracy.

  2. I agree. When we talk about “collusion” we’re talking about trump and his family engaging in a conspiracy to win the election in exchange for ending sanctions. That is a crime–it probably constitutes multiple crimes.

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