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The Asterisk President *



If you’ve done something famous and you have an asterisk next to your name, it means your accomplishment has been tarnished by something bad you did.

Barry Bonds, for example, will forever have an asterisk next to his name, even if he somehow manages to make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He may be the home run king, but he probably took performance-enhancing drugs, with which his name will forever be associated. Bill Clinton will forever have an asterisk after his name, as only the second President ever to be impeached. If you’re a celebrity, in any realm of public life, you do not want that dreaded asterisk next to your name in the history books!

Donald Trump’s greatest fear, we’re told by experts, is that History will record his presidency as illegitimate. When the veteran Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis said Trump’s presidency is “not legitimate” because of the Russian meddling in the election, Trump went on a twitter rage, attacking Lewis repeatedly, at one point calling him “all talk, no action.”

Trump’s personality is dominated by his ego and his narcissism. He hates being a loser, which is why one of his favorite epithets for others is “Loser!” He has repeatedly insisted that he won the 2016 election because of his “brilliant” campaign.

But about half of all Americans think he won because he got help from the Russians. There’s no proof that Putin’s tricksters changed any votes, but common sense strongly suggests that tens of thousands of voters, perhaps many more, were impacted in anti-Hillary feelings by things they saw or heard on the Internet, and voted against her, or didn’t vote at all, thereby handing the election to Trump despite Hillary winning the popular vote by three million.

Trump hates that. He simply cannot stand the thought that he didn’t win all on his own. But he didn’t. He won because of Russian meddling. As an amateur historian, I am convinced that History will put an asterisk next to Trump’s name, and state that his election will always be suspicious because of the Russian activity. Actually, if you think about it, being the Asterisk President is a lot better than being the president who was indicted for treason. Trump may end up being both.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    “He hates being a loser, which is why one of his favorite epithets for others is “Loser!””
    It also shows in his repeated statements such as “The failing New York Times” and “The low-rated [X] Show.”

  2. Exactly! He’s also a bully and an insulter.

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