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The summit: Blah blah blah. Yadda yadda yadda



That pretty much sums up yesterday’s “summit” between BFFs Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. As I predicted yesterday, it was “a nothingburger.” Afterwards, at the joint press conference, Trump boasted about “deeply productive dialogue,” the same way he boasts about Mexico building the wall or how great Joe Arpaio is: empty words, meaningless words, aimed at a single target: his ignorant base.

Putin once again denied any involvement in the 2016 U.S. election. Once again, Trump insulted Germany and Merkel. He dismissed the Russian meddling peremptorily. He said he “raised” the issue. And that was it: Putin goes unadmonished by the president he helped elect, and there is every likelihood Russian agents will again meddle in future American elections.

“Do you hold Russia accountable for anything?” a reporter asked. “We’re all to blame,” he hedged, as he said “both sides” had good people at Charlottesville. “The [Mueller] probe is a disaster for our country. There was no collusion. Everybody knows it.” Lie! “I beat Hillary Clinton easily,” he bragged—she won the popular vote by more than three million. Trump dodged every issue related to RussiaGate. He blamed, accused, deflected, constantly brought everything back to Hillary Clinton!

Once again, Trump accused Democrats of resisting and obstructing. Let me address this, since I am a Democrat who joined The Resistance in September, 2016, two months before the election.

Trump is right: Democrats are resisting. It’s not resistance for its own sake. It’s because when confronted with evil, decent people have no choice but to resist, as the partisans of Europe resisted the Nazis during World War II. And part of resistance is obstruction: not for its own sake (as Republicans obstructed everything Obama proposed, simply because he’s a Black man). We obstruct because, when evil threatens to overtake the country, decent people must do their best to stop it.

Listening to the two presidents, Trump and Putin, after the meeting was like listening to two sleepwalkers, mumbling incoherences. Trump slurred his words and sounded drugged. He rambled and ranted on and on about the election, about Mueller, about Hillary, about the FBI, about his “brilliant” campaign, while Putin stood next to him, looking alternately bored and amused. Both men were anxious to talk about something, anything besides the collusion and the meddling. It never happened! It’s fake news! The Democrats invented it! The fake media exploits it! The Mueller case “doesn’t have a fighting chance in American courts,” Putin agreed with his lapdog.

We shall see.

All eyes remain focused on Mueller. In the next three months, we’re told, he will issue his report. If there is any accusation that Trump, his family or his closest associates were involved in collusion and/or obstruction of justice, there will be hell to pay. Trump’s denials of the last 18 months will be exposed as the outright lies most of us think they are. If Mueller lets Trump and his family and associates off the hook, Trump will be proved right. If the truth is somewhere in the middle, things will be very awkward. Mueller might say, “The president did not break any existing laws. But he showed extreme carelessness, was slow to accept the obvious truth that Russia meddled, and came dangerously close to helping an enemy country.”

In the end, to Jonathan Lemire’s amazing series of questions, Trump said the most incredible thing yet: “I don’t see any reason why” Russia would have meddled, “but I really want to see the [DNC] server.” Fantastic lie. Unbelievable. He sees “no reason why” Russia would meddle? TO ELECT YOU, YOU IDIOT. That was the “reason.” Trump knows it. The DNC servor? NOBODY CARES. He lied to the whole world. And Putin did NOT deny having “compromising material” on Trump. Every time I hear someone say they don’t know why Trump is acting the way he is (as John Kasich did yesterday on Chris Matthews), I want to scream BECAUSE PUTIN HAS THE PISS TAPE!

In a weird way yesterday was a great day for The Resistance. Trump overplayed his hand. This is going to put Republicans on the hot seat. We can use Trump’s traitorous words against him. Maybe, just maybe there are enough sane Republicans left in America that we will win the House and the Senate and then, after January, 2019, we can get moving on the serious work of removing Trump from office and trying him in the United States Senate and, if he’s found guilty, imprisoning him.

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