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A lot of these Twitter and Facebook pro-Trump posts look foreign in origin

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There are many suspicious pro-Trump tweets and posts on social media. By “suspicious” I mean pro-Trump comments that all follow the same pattern:

  • lots of graphic images (stars, American flags, fires)
  • @s and #s referencing pro-Trump things
  • the use of ALL CAPS
  • disgusting, vulgar caricatures of perceived “enemies,” especially women: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi
  • misspellings
  • violent insults
  • a general level of hysteria that seems manufactured to produce outrage

So similar in nature are these posts that it makes me wonder if they’re not all produced from the same source—which easily could be Russia—or at least from the same playbook.

Here’s one example from Twitter.

So Mexico’s President Elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador wants to build a Southern border wall to keep out criminals, drugs, and human traffickers from Central America, but we can’t build one to keep out the same evil elements from Mexico? Hipocritas!Build That Wall!@POTUS

Here’s another:

#MAGA MICHELLE LOVES ICE‏ @Trump454545 3h3 hours ago The EU aka freeloaders still don’t get that President Trump works for us not them!!! Pay up or SHUT UP!!!

And another, this one attacking Maxine Waters:

Michael💛‏ @TrumpTrainMRA4 3h3 hours ago  “ The MAXORCIST “ Seems as though The Poverty Pimp, Maxine “The MaxiPad” Waters and Her Low IQ has cut a deal with her Constituents, HollyHocks of Hollywood… The Gift that Keeps on Giving… @RepMaxineWaters Liberalism is a Disease and the Cancer of America #MAGA

And here’s a truly bizarre one. Who would have thought that the white supremacist neo-nazis of the far right would become the biggest Russia-philes in America?

REALTRUMPBUREAU® #BestPresidentEver #AMERICAFIRST‏ @REALtrumpbureau 4h4 hours ago

#MORELIBERALHEADS SET TO EXPLODE @KellyannePolls: “This president makes very clear that if there is an opportunity for Russia and the U.S. to work together in the furtherance of peace and prosperity around the globe, he will do that.” #BESTPRESIDENTEVER

I have no way of actually knowing who these posts are from. But I sometimes click through the posters’ names to their Facebook accounts, and you’d be surprised how many have no timeline, no friends, no information on “About,” no photos or any information at all. Doesn’t that seem odd? It makes me think that these are fake accounts–phony human beings that don’t exist. Mark Zuckerberg has promised us that Facebook is ending fake posts, and I think Twitter also has, but from what I can tell, they’re not.

There is one other possibility: Despite my suspicions, these posters may actually be real human beings, and American at that. That may be scarier than the possibility that they’re not. The level of anger, rage and sociopathy reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s character, Jack Torrance, in “The Shining.”

If they’re real, then there are a lot of truly insane, dangerous people on the loose in America. They love Donald Trump, they’re irrational, they hate with the fury of a Hitler, and they seem ready to commit any acts of violence in order to ethnically and religiously cleanse the U.S. of their enemies, who are Trump’s enemies. I’m not sure which is the more depressing and frightening possibility: either the Russians are just as active on social media as ever, or Trump’s cult is getting crazier and more violent by the day.

  1. Bob Rossi says:

    Well, these things, at the very least, are all emblematic of Trump and Trumpistas: the use of ALL CAPS; disgusting, vulgar caricatures of perceived “enemies,” especially women; misspellings; violent insults.

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