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Why we hate the Trump sons



Because they’re spoiled brats. Because they’re snobs. Because they’re tone deaf. Because they’re the poster boys for clueless rich punks who grew up with silver spoons in their mouths or—to use the late Ann Richards’ beautiful metaphor about George H.W. Bush—were born on third base and think they hit a triple.

Because they’re mean. Because we’ve all known bullies like them. Because they feel entitled. Because Junior cut off that elephant’s tail and then posed boastfully with it, as if torture were something to be proud of—not comprehending the animal cruelty he had just committed.

Because they’re snide wise-ass honkeys. Because they’re not even good-looking although they think they are. Both have wide, unflattering hips and recessed chins. Junior inherited his father’s Dutchman’s horse face and Eric looks like a thug out of A Clockwork Orange.

Because they’re think they’re cool fashion icons, as in this sad photo that just appeared in Twitter:

and because they allowed this photo to be posted by a friend of theirs who labeled it “46 47” as in “The forty-sixth and forty-seventh Presidents of the United States.”

Whaaatt? Even as a joke it’s not funny but it has to be taken in the context of their sister, Ivanka, boasting earlier this year that she would be the first female President and that her husband, Jared Kushner, would follow her.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they think this is some kind of banana republic? Do they really lay in bed at night on their 4,000 thread-count sheets, with servants hovering around them, fantasizing about following Daddy into the White House? The hubris is stunning. It would be one thing if they were being facetious about this stuff, but no, they actually believe they have political futures, which is evidence that they suffer from the same delusional megalomania as their father.

Presidential kids have always been targets of the media, of course, but what Ivanka, Junior and Eric are doing with their lives makes them really unlikeable–the worst Presidential spawn ever, people you wouldn’t want to have a drink with. Even Trump supporters don’t like the sons. If they have any fans on the Right, I am not aware of it.

I love the response on Twitter to the stupid photo and the “46 47” nonsense. Here are a few. Enjoy!

Number of days they’ve worked in their whole life

Dick size, in millimeters

How many Russians they’ve met during the election season

Inmate numbers

Revealing their individual IQs is cruel!

That’s the highest they can count

# of days before they’re sent to prison

Number of times they lie in a day

That’s how many kilos of cocaine they snort every year

Number of endangered animals killed

# of tax law violations

Times they blew each other

There are way too many hysterically funny images for me to download here, but here’s a good one:

Beavis and Butt-Head really do look like Junior and Eric, don’t they?

The twitter feed is highly encouraging. It shows that Americans see this president and his klepto family for the embarrassments they are. Check out the feed and have yourself a good laugh. We just got rid of Scott Pruitt, the crookedest Cabinet officer in American history, and we’re going to get rid of the rest of the cult.

Have a great weekend!



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