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Trump steps into Tender Age, tries to wipe it off, can’t. Eeeeewwww



I love it when the Wall Street Journal, which has heavily promoted Trump’s radical agenda and defended him despite his many crimes and misdemeanors, finally decides their man has gone too far.

Such evidently is the case with the jailing of immigrant children, the latest scandal to engulf Trump’s 16-month presidency—and the most potent yet. Even the Wall Street Journal is aghast.

The Murdoch family, through their managing lackeys at the newspaper, have up to now given reporters carte blanche to report on the administration’s scandals in the news section—for which I give them credit. Journal reporters have done as much breaking news on Trump-RussiaGate as the New York Times or Washington Post. Of course, there’s self-interest in MurdochLand–if they tried to crack down on legitimate reporting, they’d lose half their journalistic staff, and all of their credibility.

The paper’s editorial page, on the other hand, has been a train wreck—a discredit to anything even remotely resembling journalism, with such fawning ass-kissers as Kimberley Strassel, Holman Jenkins, Daniel Henninger and William McGurn churning out mindless paeons of praise for their president and amplifying the most grotesque falsehoods manufactured in the Conway-Huckabee Sanders lie factory and passed via factotums to them. The Murdochs seldom if ever permit even the mildest rebuke of Trump to appear in the op-ed pages, so yesterday’s blistering lead editorial–the paper’s, and therefore the Murdochs’, official position–may well signal the beginning of the end of their unwavering support for Trump.

“The GOP’s Immigration Meltdown,” is the headline, with the subhead warning, “Restrictionists may cost Republicans their majorities in Congress.” I love that word “Restrictionists.” We have to call these Republican child-jailers something: “racists” or “xenophobes” clearly is off limits for a Republican newspaper, so “restrictionists” it is. It sounds almost respectable, like a legitimate political philosophy. But we all know that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then…

So the Journal’s editorial board comes out with a suggestion that’s downright Democratic: end ‘zero-tolerance’ until it can be implemented without dividing families.” Until that’s done, the editorial board concludes, “the larger GOP dysfunction” will go on, as “a minority of House Republicans continue to block a compromise that would solve the…problem.”

This isn’t the message Trump is giving or that he wants the nation to hear. His “alternative fact” (thank you Kellyanne Conway) is to blame the Democrats, or a “loophole” in the law, for the jailing of children. Everybody, even the most rightwing Republican, knows that’s a lie. When you have GOP Senators from Lindsay Graham to Ted Cruz repudiating the Trump policy, you know the White House has bitten off more than it can chew.

The Journal’s editorial concludes with more advice that could have come from Nancy Pelosi: “Congress [should] pass the leadership’s compromise that legalizes Dreamers [and] ends the family separation fiasco.” I’m grateful that the Murdochs have finally come to the conclusion that their president is dead wrong on something, but I’m still waiting for the paper to state what is patently, horrifyingly true: morally, religiously, ethically and intellectually, Donald J. Trump lacks the fitness to be president, and ought to resign or be impeached. I guarantee you, that day is coming. A draft of that editorial has already been written. The Murdochs are simply waiting for the right moment to publish it, and with every disastrous word and deed by this president, that moment comes closer.

What’s particularly fascinating about this developing internecine warfare in the Republican Party is how the Wall Street Journal’s newfound courage in criticizing Trump will (or won’t) dovetail with the shriller, more vicious talking heads on Fox “News”: Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto. Will we see this GOP civil war include sniping from one side of the Fox empire to the other? Will Hannity begin talking about “the fake Wall Street Journal”? Wlll Trump? I think that’s just around the corner—by late Fall–and we all should welcome it, just in time for the midterms, which by the way are looking very good for Democrats. The latest RealClearPolitics report shows Democrats leading Republicans in six polls in the generic Congressional ballot (Republicans lead in none)—and the spread is getting bigger and more impressive, with even the Republican-leaning Rasmussen poll giving Dems a four-point edge, while Reuters has it up to ten points. Trump himself is clearly on the defensive; he’s panicking—falling apart on his twitter feed, hysterical, lying double-time, and his enablers on Fox are melting down into caricatures of themselves, with their “child actors” crap. This is killing Trump, and in the dark, cobwebbed recesses of his mind, he knows that the Blue Wave is building!

By the way, remember Trump’s “historic” summit with Kim Jong-Un? Neither do I. Nothing came of it, except a photo op. Nobody cares, not even Fox. It’s like it never happened.

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